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Okay guys. So this is loosely based off Fayberrysneezes fic about Kurt and Blaine helping a sick Quinn and her daughter. She had Blaine and Kurt talking about when their son would be sick. So here's this story. I hope everyone enjoys!!


It had started yesterday. Kurt had come home from rehearsal; his lead as Pinnochio making him rehearse 6 hours a day, and his throat had been sore. Not unusual, because of how much singing he had to do, but annoying to say the least. Taking a sip of his, what was this, 4th bottle of water?, the brunette had walked in and found Blaine and Graham, their three year old son sitting on the couch.

Blaine had been working from home lately, able to compose music to stay with their son who didn't have school on Friday's. They were in the middle of Cars 2 when Kurt had told Blaine he was going to lie down.

Now it was Saturday morning.

And everything ached. His whole body hurt, his head felt completely stuffed and his nose was runny and stuffy at the same time. It also itched. Badly. Blaine was still asleep, his head of curls buried into Kurt's side.

Woozily, Kurt sniffled again and felt the tickle in his nose grow worse. Scrunching his face up, he grabbed the sheets of the bed that were around him and let out a constrained sneeze.


Sniffling more, he rubbed at his nose with the back of his palm.

"Hutshhhh! Ugh." Kurt grimaced and picked up a tissue from the bedside table, pressing his nose into it and giving a small blow, finding no relief.

He was about to blow again when he heard Blaine wake up. "Mmm. Mornin'." he mumbled, his voice thick with sleep.

"Bmordig." Kurt said, making a face at how he sounded.

"Heh....Hehishhh! Hit'schhew!"

Blaine's brow instantly and his palm flew up to Kurt's forehead.

"Baby." Blaine cooed, frowning. "Looks like someone caught themselves a bad cold."

Kurt barely had time to answer, his nose tickling madly.

"I guess s-h'ISHHH! Hitishhhuh!"

Blaine had thankfully put a tissue to Kurt's nose, feeling the slight warmth from when Kurt blew into it instantly afterwords.

"Egxcuse be." Kurt groaned.

"Daddy? Papa?" A little voice came from the door, sounding just as stuffed up as Kurt's. Blaine instantly got up and picked their little boy, whose curls were a mess and whose cheeks were flushed with a fever and nose was red and runny, up into his arms, taking him to the bed.

"Papa I dod't feel good." he mumbled, his tiny hands rubbing at his raw nose.

"I know buddy. Daddy doesn't feel to good either. Maybe you could take care of eachother." Blaine suggested as he wiped his little boys nose that was nose twitching.

"Huhshooo! Hutschhhh! Hutshuuuuh!" Graham sneezed into Blaine's shirt, his stuffy nose exploding onto it.

"Bless you little man! Here, lay down with Daddy and I'll get you both some medicine okay?"

Walking to get some childrens tylenol and regular tylenol for his boys, he discarded his shirt in the laundry room, grabbing a clean tshirt and putting it on as he walked back in, seeing Kurt in his old Dalton sweatshirt and Graham cuddle up next to him, both their eyes drooping.

This was going to be a long day.


R&R! Will update soon!! :D

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This is like one of the cutest stories i have ever read on here holy crap!!! :D


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omg <3 ive been wanting some kurt for sooooo longgg.......... THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU twitchsmile.gifuhhuh.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

now, if youll excuse me, im going to go dance around my room

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yes it was my story you were talking about at the beginning! but you know what would make me totally not be mad? if your sickies got a get-well visit from my faberry girls at some point...just sayin' :)

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Ok, so I admit, I've never seen Glee and up to now, I didn't have any clue at all who Kurt and Blaine are. But thanks to your story and google, I'm now a little bit wiser and actually feel like I maybe missed out on something by not watching Glee.

But apart from that: I'd love to see the story continued <3 :) The title makes me hope to see some more contagion going on somehow.... *whistles innocently*

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Wow! Thank you guys so much!

Wannabeblessed: Haha, I really like that idea. wink.png

Hope you guys enjoy this part!


It was nearing 3 in the afternoon when both Kurt and Graham were asleep. Soft snores were filling the house, their congested sniffles making it harder to sleep, but somehow they managed.

Blaine had been lying with them till they had both conked out. Deciding to get some lyrics finished, he got up and went to his office. Not even 2 minutes into writing he felt the blossoming tickle in his nose and sinuses. Trying to hold it back he scrunched up his nose, rubbing at it.

Soon it became to much, his nose tickling furiously.

"Heh...Hx"NGXT'huh! H'TSCHH! Huchhh!"

Wiping his now very suddenly stuffed up nose with the back of his hand, he continued to write.

"Hi'TSCHHH! Hug'SHuh! Hihhhhh h'ISYTCH'uhhh!!"

Blaine groaned, his throat starting to hurt as well. Taking the handkerchief he kept in his pocket, he put it to his nose and blew softly, not relieving the pressure or tickle that was in his nose.

About to blow again, Blaine heard his son coughing and instantly walked back to his and Kurt's room, finding Graham red faced, mucus all around his nose.

"Oh buddy." Blaine cooed, seeing Kurt was still asleep. Picking his son up, Graham curled into Blaine's shirt.

"Papa...by doze...idtchy..." he mumbled, his little pink nose twitching as he rubbed it into his papa's shirt once again.

"Humppphxgbt! Hutishh!! Paba...heh...heishuuuh!" Graham sneezed miserably into Blaine, Blaine feeling his shirt get drenched in snot.

"It's okay Bud. If you have to sneeze then...thehhh..he'ISTCH'uh! Hishhh! Hut'ISTCH!" Blaine snapped his head as far away as he could from Graham, sneezing into his elbow.

"If you have to sdeeze, thed sdeeze ogkay?" he mumbled as Graham sniffled again.

"Paba sigck?" Graham asked, rubbing at his nose and eyes. Blaine nodded and took him back to their room. Upon entering, Blaine couldn't help but laugh.

"Heishhhhhew! Hu'tishhhhhh!" Kurt sneezed into his crumpled tissue, his nose red and chapped, his eyes dull and hair a mess.

"Hey Daddy. Seebs ligke everyode caught this code." Blaine chuckled, taking his handkerchief out and wiping Kurt's runny nose, Kurt in turn taking Graham who was now falling asleep again.

"You're sigck too?" Kurt asked sympathetically.

Nodding, Blaine pinched his pinkening nostrils, his eyes fluttering shut.

"Hmmpphhh'uhh! Humpshhhhh'uh!" he stifled, woozily getting into bed and coughing. "Ugh. B-By doze is so ihdtchy." he mumbled, rubbing it against Kurt's shoulder.

"Mmmb. Bide doo." Kurt agreed, letting his raw nose nuzzle with Blaine's, his nostrils twitching much like a rabbits. The sensation became to much and both parents sneezed, Blaine into his arm and Kurt into Blaine's shirt.



Laughing, they both laid back and cuddled, waiting for Graham to once again wake up.

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HO-LY SHIT! THAT WAS SOOOO CUTE!!!! I could just totally picture exactly what this would look like in my head oh my god.

You're a fantastic writer please continue! :D

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