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No sneezing but-.. awww <3 xD


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So, I try and make friends a lot of foreign people, because I like experiencing other cultures and stuff~. So I've gotten to know this Chinese guy (we'll call him A), and I went to his dorm to help him out with some homework today.

So, A had just gotten back from China (because he went there for the holidays, then came back here to study abroad again), and he ended up coming back with a cold xD. I feel bad for him, since the time difference is killer, and it looked like jet-lag was still killing him.

So A kept coughing and sniffling the entire time, and patting his chest afterwards, and making these soft little "unhh" sounds, as if in annoyance or relief. The first time I asked him, "Are you all right?" and he nodded. And another time, I asked him, "Are you feeling okay?".. I think he may have been misunderstanding me, because eventually, after like, the fifth coughing fit he was like, "I go home, and I came back sick."

Then he proceeded to blame it on the temperatute/weather, and show me the medication he brought from China xDDDD.

He was always polite and kept turning away, but the coughing would always catch him off guard, in mid-sentence. He would end up sputtering and reeling back from me LOL. He's tall, and I like Asian men, so it was a wonderful time for me xDD. I don't want to get sick (since I can't afford to miss school), but it was just so cute~.. Poor thing.. (sympathy, "awww") xDD.. Though I do feel sorry for him. It's gotta be rough, coming back to a foreign country with a cold ^^''

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