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im lucky to be dating a fetishist!


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we met back in late august and its been a perfect SFF match(she's a member here too but not gonna say who she is though lol)...she's primarily a sneeze/caretaking fetishist but she can produce the most incredible honks ive ever heard!...they can range from goose-like short honks to deep long blasts that i think were just waiting to be appreciated by the right person...luckily im that right person w00t.gif the first time we talked on the phone after talking back n forth online for a couple wks, she ironically had a cold and started sounding stuffy (she has the cutest stuffy voice ive ever heard) so i suggested that she blow her nose not expecting her to do it on the phone and the next thing i hear is "SHNK SHNK!" and her giggling saying those are just her soft honks since other people were around her at that time....she really tries to avoid blowing her nose around anyone else since according to her its obnoxious...but its music to my ears...im the lucky only one that shes comfortable doing it around and doesn't hold back any from me which she can get really loud giving medium to long length blasts...she honks loudest with both hands on her nose but is good enough to honk pretty loudly with just one hand too...shes such an amazing person..we've clicked instantly on every level and have been together happily for a couple months now, hoping for years to come with her!...im all around the happiest ive ever been with anyone

P.S as im typing this she has another cold and gets them every month or so with allergies in between so i get a good amount of obs all the time that i just haven't posted because i wasn't sure if i could...but im posting this with her permission lol

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coolw00t.gif I hope you 2 will have a nice time together

thanks! its been an amazing relationship! we're always trying to tie it into our days as much as possible for each other and its been incredible

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Is she a handkerchief user?

as far as i know...she isnt...but if thats all thats around then she might use one

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actually yeah!...i was talkin to her the other day..she was still at work waiting on a ride home...she starts to sniffle a little bit and get stuffy...i don't think anything of it because i could hear a lot of people in the background and she never blows her nose around people..next thing i hear is "shh...sSHH...SHHNK" ending in a low pitch dry medium volume honk and im like twitchsmile.gif whoa baby i didnt expect you to do that that there!!...she said in such a cute voice "yup...only for you baby...i knew you would like it"...needless to say i loved it

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