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Ok guys, so I'm thinking of writing a Princess Princess sneezefic with shounen-ai between Tooru and Yuujiro, because it really pissed me off when they didn't get together!! So I'm taking it into my own hands (even though I'm not the strongest writer XD) and I need to know who everyone likes better, and whether it should be an allergy or cold fic. I'm personally leaning towards Yuujiro, because he's like the sexiest bitch ALIVE, but I want to know what everyone thinks. :) So... PLEASE RESPOND MY DISAPPOINTED FANGIRLS!!!!

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I LOVE Princess Princess! :wub: I'm sorry but I totally go for Tooru. :D Mikoto and Tooru are my favorites and then Yuujiro. You should totally do an allergy fic! :D I prefer allergy fics to cold ones but either way I'm totally excited. :D I saw your drabble of them and I love it! :D Looking forward to more Princess Princess. :D

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