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Collab? Maybe?


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I see people doing collab stuff pretty often on here and I'd like to give it a try. I think I'm a pretty good writer but I have a lot of trouble convincing myself to get stuff out there. It would be really cool if someone could help me out by collaborating with me on a story.

I really want to do more original story stuff, but I'd be willing to do a fanfic as long as it's for something I really know well. I prefer male sneezing but I'll be flexible for the sake of getting some more writing experience.

Maybe this will just go ignored, but if this sounds like something you'd like to do please please please let me know. I've mostly done drabbley stuff so far and I really want to get some actual stories out there even if they're just one-shots or something like that.

Again, I really want to do original stories. I have some ideas I think are pretty good, but I'd accept some suggestions.

Hello? Anyone out there?

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Spoo- If I start listing off all the things I've been an obsessive fan of before, it's gonna go on foreverrrrr. I mainly want to collab because even though I know a lot of stuff I potentially could use, I feel like if someone wasn't there to help me out I'd forget something important or go ooc. I guess on your definition of "familiar with". Suggest something and maybe I'll know it.

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