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A humble birthday wish (well, not so humble)


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Just gonna start of by saying that I for some reason feel a little bad making a request, it feels so, eh, bossy? x) and it's even worse when it's in the topic of my birthday comming up x) ah well, now, with that being said;

So, my birthday is comming up in less than a month now, and I'll be turning 18 (the 23'rd of February) (omgomgomg *BREATH* omg) haha and I (god it feels so selfish, I am so sorry haha) wanted to wish for a fic that is kinda like "The Virus" (on the forum here, such a great fic, loved every letter, every word lol) and / or 'Cats & Dogs' (not 100% sure to the title, but you'd recognize it if you've seen it) wink.png

To be more specific, I'd love to read some kind of fic that has to do with some 'evil power' making a virus or something and seeing it spread somehow, it can be 18+ (as I am turning 18 haha) but doesn't have to (it doesn't really matter much lol) wink.png I'd prefer it to be a "F" fic.

woah haha I sound really demanding, I am so sorry about that :3 it wasn't intended at all haha :3

Ah well, thank you so much for reading smile.png

(oooh and, it does not have to be released at the 23'rd at all, it was just a guiding point haha)

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Awww look here my story gets a mention :cryhappy: I'll have to update that for you as a small birthday present :bleh: My motivation has just plummeted recently, I've had a lot going on :lol: I seriously do intend to keep updating though! (I'm sure no one believes me when I say that now...:P)

And you're not demanding at all! :D:hug:

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aww haha thank you so much happy%20crying.GIF it's gold in the form of text haha wink.png

oh and yeah, I know kind of what's going on, and I wish you the very best, life can be really hard, but better times awaits in the future wink.pnghug.gif

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