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Something Very Small That Has Been Concerning Me

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So there's a really cute guy in my English class and I've been having one of those really tacky first grade-like crushes on him for quite a while. I managed to find him on Facebook and he accepted my as a friend. Today, while trying to work up the courage to at least write something on his wall to simply say "hi" (I'm still to shy to speak to him in person), I found a picture of his parents and to put things nicely, they aren't the prettiest pictures in the gallery. For a better description, his father looks like he's old enough to be my grandpa and the mother looks like a knock-off Barbie doll. Now, whenever I even just think about his name, I get this eerie mental image of his parents. I feel bad because I've never met them and they're probably really nice people but it just feels... creepy. I most definately do not want to give up on a guy who make me feel like flying around the school for a dumb reason and I know that I probably should have worked up a bit of nerve to speak to him in person before posting this. The real question here is, what should I do about what's going on right now?

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This is just my opinion on the situation.

I think that when you really like a guy, who is family is or what they look like really won't matter at all. So his parents look a bit mix-matched, that's alright, try not to think about. I'm not sure but one of them could possible be a step parent. If you'd like to think of it in those terms to make you feel better than go a head. Just try to forget about it, becuase its not his parents that are important, its him right? ^_^ Anyway, as for the facebook thing. I feel that facebook...is very impersonal. If you send him a message he might forget to respond...or not see it..or not realize how important that message was to you. I recommend you try talking to him in person first. If you keep things natural and try not to make it seem like you are to intrested in him at first you'll be able to strike up a converstantion without to much awkwardness and get to know him better. (You can take things form there once you know him more, and feel more comfortable with him. Make him a friend first.)

You could do the same thing on facebook...but people tend to overthink facebook. He might start think its werid that you talk to him on facebook but not in person. I'd feel that way....(People also have the tendency to underthink facebook as well.) Anyway, just do your best to treat him like everybody else, yet show him that you are willing to be friendly. Sometimes guys take it weird when a girl 'likes' him in a certain way...they might avoid you a little if you do that. But if you act like yourself and don't gush to much he'll like you more too.

Sorry I don't have much advice.

Don't worry about his parents...and act natural around him in person so you both feel comfortable with each other and can start talking.

Try just saying hi...or asking about assinments if it helps (even if you don't need help lol). This will make him feel like you are apporachable. Then, talk to him more casually with unschool-relate things to make him see that you are intrested in his company. Keep going from there and you will open new doors.

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yeah what royal flush said was pretty on. When i have a crush on someone.. all i can do is stare at them from the corner of my eye. So i tottally know how you feel.. i wouldn't have the courage to say something to him either. but if he's in a class you have everyday.. well, a simple "hey, what's goin on" or something can't hurt. And then you can start saying hi in the hallways and stuff too. And maybe, "Ugh, i hated the english homework!" or something to get him to talk with you or even laugh with you... but wait till he's like, alone to say that.. cus if he's with he's with friends or something, he would be less likeley to respond.. but i suppose you already know that. considering we're close in age.

so good luck. I hope i helped maybe a little bit... and for his parents.. try not to think about that too much.

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