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Any WWE fans here?


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Hey all. I was wondering if there was any WWE fans on here and if they'd be willing to write a story for me or do a trade. It could star almost any diva you prefer (maybe not Vickie or Kharma lol) and any supporting cast you prefer, I'm not too picky. If possible, I'd prefer it to be allergy based, but I don't like stifiling people's creativity. Anyone up for it?

I'll be your friend, promise bleh.gif

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I'm a WWE fan, but I don't really care for female sneezes, sorry. I know I read a grouping of stories that had a short one about a diva when I searched for WWE stuff a while ago. I think it was Beth or Nattie. Let me see if I can find it.

ETA: Oh, haha...I found the fic I was talking about, but then saw that you had left a comment on it before, so you've seen that one. Sorry. :P

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Ahh i am also a wwe fan but i don't care for female sneeze either D: I do write fics though. I have a wwe drabble thread going on in the stories section but they are all male pairing lol

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I have seen your drabble thread, but was kinda bummed out by the "only male pairings" thing though lol. I keep checking it every update to see if you've changed your mind lol.

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