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Girlfriend noseblowing obs :)


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This is the same girlfriend that was mentioned in this post as being sick a week ago tonguesmiley.gif I was talking to her before school yesterday morning. Right before we had to part ways...

Me: I haven't had a kiss from you in more than a week!

Her: Yeahh, well I didn't wanna get you sick!

Me: But it's been a week now! You aren't sick anymore.

Her: But I was still, like, sneezing yesterday...

Me: *mindsplosion*

Me: Oh - well - that's okay.

Her: Really.

Me: Yeah, I don't mind.

(We kiss.)

Just typing it out gave me another mindsplosion. She said the word. She said the word! The first time I heard her say it! And now, furthermore, I know she does actually sneeze! It's the mini-victories like these that keep me keeping the faith. smile.png

Now to the obs, sorry for the delay. (Note: though I've said I haven't heard her sneeze yet, this is not the first time I've seen her blow her nose, but it was the first time I got to watch it up close.)

That night (meaning last night) we were hanging out at my house watching a movie/fooling around periodically. I realized from sitting in several semi-awkward positions on the couch that the things in my pockets were bothering my butt, lol, so I took them out, and one of the items was, of course, my trusty travel pack of tissues (Kleenex). I put them on the side, and, maybe 15-20 minutes later, she says, "Wait, can I have one of those tissues?"

Shrewd move, zneeze. cool.png

This is WAY better than her having to leave the room to blow her nose. Of course I oblige. That's what they're there for! Not me, but to offer girls! Girlfriends especially! I gave it to her, and she sat up a little bit so I leaned back to get a nice side-view. Two hands, several short blows rather than a few long ones, with random sniffles in between. In the middle of it all she said, "Attractive, I know."

All I said was, "Very."

Little she knows... smile.png

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That's what they're there for! Not me, but to offer girls!

You're a genius. From now on I'm Always carrying tissues in my pocket ;)

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