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My friend is sick


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Has anyone else noticed that everyone has a cold?! It's killing me!uhoh.gif All I can hear in class is wet sniffles and sneezing (I am enjoying myself though). Last week, I noticed a boy in class, he's average height with wavy brown hair and a stunning smile, was sniffing really loudly (even more than usual and he constantly seems to have something wrong with his nose) About 10 mins into the lesson, I hear a sharp intake of breath and he sneezed really cutely. I can't spell it but it had a "sshhuu" at the end. He did this about 3 times and each time I died.biggrin.png

Anyway, my friend has a cold. I've never seen him with a cold before so obviously I was ssooo exited!! He's about average height with dark long ish hair. He sniffed a bit and his voice sounded all blocked up which was so cute. I texted him saying that he annoyed me with his germs which led to a full conversation about me admitting that he's cute when he 's ill. I sort of had a panic attack when he started asking why? because he knows I have a fetish. To be honest, I have dragged it out a bit but I was horrified in earlier!! He caught my eye and sniffed purposely! Then, when he walked past he started milking it. Haha I'm not too worried though. *sigh* Oh well, it has been an experience and I know not to go OTT now xxbiggrin.png

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omggg That rocks,. But wow, you admitted your fetish? your BRAVE. Especially to a guy. o_o

Cudos to you.

but that sounds awesome. its a big plus when the sneezer is a cute guy!

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Haha god no!! I admitted that he was cute ill but that's as far as it went. I was scared in case he put 2 and 2 together though. He knows I have a fetish but not what it is so he probably thinks I was just pitying him but it was pretty scary xx

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