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Cold or Allergies?


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I have no idea what's getting to me this weekend--either a mild cold or allergies--but something is making me sneeze. It's a little early for allergies but we've had a mild winter so I guess it's possible that I'm getting an early start, but I'm leaning more towards a cold just because of how I'm sneezing. They're these single, big, almost scream sneezes that totally take over. Plus, they're taking forever to build up into an actual sneeze and I almost always have at least one false start. It'll start with these tortuous, gasping breaths. Hehhh...Hahhh...Ah-Ahh...HAHHH!!--nothing. Then the process repeats itself until I finally sneeze a monstrous HAHHHEHHH'TSCHHEEW!! They always come in singles and I'm sneezing like that two or three times every hour. I almost always sneeze in multiples so I don't know what this is all about.

I really hope it's not a cold. I just had one a couple months ago and I'm not ready for a repeat.

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