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Cartoon Sneezes<3?


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I....Am a huge dork, (And proud of it!) I discovered my fetish through cartoons. Hoping I'm not the only one? ^^; My first experience was an episode of Inspector Gadget... I just remember him having a cold, and the villain was called Dr. Stench, and Gadget mistook him for a real doctor, and kept asking him to help cure his cold :P

The sneezes were actually pretty fake sounding, but that didn't stop me from loving them! <3 And the buildups were cute as well. I haven't seen the episode in quite a while, and am trying to refind it...

Anyone else seen this episode and loved it?

[bonus side note: Don Adams did Inspector Gadget's voice, he was also Maxwell Smart in the Get Smart series... Why wasn't there a sneezy Max episode!? xP]

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I haven't seen the Inspector Gadget one, but I definately found out about my fetish through cartoons! My big one was the Alice in Wonderland sneeze.

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Yeah! Dork Power! Lol. I had a huge thing for Ben10 sneezes. *blushes* One of the few cartoons to do more than one cold episodes.

I also remember doing some early d'awww-ing over cartoons that had hurt/comfort-ish scenes. Can't remember specifics, but I'm pretty sure the little thing for h/c came before the actual fetish.

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