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So, a few minutes ago, my roommate came in from the hallway and sat down at her desk, and almost immediately, she sneezed. I'm sitting on the futon right across from her, so I had a clear view. She gasped, brought her hand under her nose, and sneezed her typical (and adorable) half stifled, "Heh-mpt-CHEW!" Then she gasped again, her hand hovering, because she never sneezes just once. But the second sneeze went away! I could tell she was literally right on the verge of it, and then - bam! - nothing. She burst out laughing, and I did too, albeit nervously. I said, "I hate when that happens!" and she replied "Yeah, it's the worst!"

Feeling courageous, I continued. "Do you ever have that happen where you're about to sneeze and someone says bless you and it goes away."

"Yeah, that sucks!" she said.

We continued to laugh about it. Then she said, "Did you know that when you sneeze, your heart actually stops beating for a second? That's why people say bless you. Because, even in this day and age, cardiac arrest is not a good thing!"

I'm not sure if that's actually true, but it was a great conversation all the same!

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As far as I am aware, that's a myth (about the heart stopping beating)

Adorable obs nonetheless :)


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