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painful sneezing (M)


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So I was playing with the thought of, well... uhhh... blushing.gif


So, here's Lucas and he's somewhat actionesque when he's not fulfilling my fetishy fantasies. In addition to a most miserably sneezy, messy cold he has a couple of broken ribs. This of course is not a good combination...





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Oh my god, thank you for this! :D I've fantasized before about a guy being sick and sneezy with broken/bruised ribs...I tried to write a bit of a scene once, but I thought no one would enjoy it and/or would think I was being cruel. And I did feel a little cruel writing it...hmm, though maybe I'll revisit the scene sometime. You've inspired me!

This is beautifully done, by the way! You're so good at those tortured/pained expressions. :zippy2:

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oh my holy good lord that was so AWESOOOOOME

how many more times am I gonna die and go to heaven because of this forum?

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YAY! You posted it! :D Now stop blushing, it's lovely! :hug: I still don't know what it is, but I just can't get enough of this scenario. I should feel bad for him, but I don't...

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Is is weirdly specific to say that broken ribs + illness = a particular kink of mine?

I don't usually go in for grumbling, but when it's angry, resentful, weirdly badass grumbling? All kinds of yes. Thanks so much, Shiny!

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The poor guy, with his poor ribs and red nose and utter mess... I really feel sorry for him (almost...aaevil.gif ) Thank you for posting this, I've never thought about a scenario where someone sneezes while he has broken his ribs, but the hurt/comfort me finds this new train of thought very intriguing.

And as a general note: you have a very unique way of drawing messiness, which I keep admiring in all your works. worshippy.gif

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Awwwww... :( So cute/sad. I don't like to see people in pain in real life... but I'm okay with a fictional character hurting because it's nnfff. I want to take care of him. :heart:

I like what he says at the end, "Is there any other way to get this stuff out of my head?"

I can empathize with him right now. I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen and sweet Jesus it hurts when stuff like this happens.

Also, hot feverish mess. <3333

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Is is weirdly specific to say that broken ribs + illness = a particular kink of mine?

It is for me too! I've seen it in fic a few times, but never in art, and this made me so happyyyy.

It's BEAUTIFUL. Really nice work.

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Ow, ow, ow. You need to take better care of yourself, Lucas, dear. :twisted:

Damn, you are sexy when you're evil, pig. Tasty stuff. <3

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Brilliant! I love it! Especially because he says "fuck," too! And like Ouroboros said, I should somehow feel sorry for him, yet I really don't. Your artowkr is truly amazing, pig! Thanks for sharing!

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