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Yes yes same character over and over again... but i just like him that much! biggrin.png Not only do I really enjoy these "evil mastermind" types, but there's also a lovely voice actor, and the overall design is so neat.

So here's the poor devil again:




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Bwahaha! Oh god, his expression in that last panel... :rofl: Oooops indeed.

It's so lovely to see you enjoy your new art toys. :heart:

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/saw the link when entered this section

/read the "code geass" part while completely ignoring all other words



Goodness Pig! It's always so fun to see how you draw Lulu like this :D

All his expressions

his noseblow

And the MESS twisted.gif

So evily delicious. Perfect for an "evil" mastermind hurrrhurrhurr

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  • 11 months later...

yes this is a very lovely peice, i wish i could make something that good looking tonguesmiley.gif but did you guys really have to resurrect 10 topics that are years old? lol

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