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Sneezes from the past month (m)


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So I just wanted to give an update of the sneezes that I have observed over the past couple of weeks.

About 2 weeks ago. A guy that I wrote an ob about back before the holidays sneezed again in one of my classes. Generally nice looking, skinny and kinda short with a straight nose. He was sitting in front of me and i saw him stifle twice.

HIH-NNNKT, HIH-KNNT into his sleeve. He then shook his head to try and shake off that post-sneeze daze lol.

Then there was an older guy in one of my classes, i would say mid forties dark hair, slim, with a straight nose that has sort of open nostrils if that makes any sense LOL. He obviously was having some nasal issues, im guessing from a cold but he was breathing very loudly and wetly as i could hear that his nose was rather stuffy. During the middle of classes as a handout was going around he handed me a copy and imediatley afterward let out a silent stifle. He then rubbed some hand sanitizer on his hands which he does often so im guessing hes a germophobe LOL. Later he let out another stifle while i was talking and then blew his nose. I cant help but stress how "open" his nose was. By open i mean sort of dialated i guess due to whatever was irritating it. LOL It was just something that kinda caught my eye.

The last ob is actually not of a sneeze but a potential sneeze situation. I have a professor that i have never seen sneeze before but has a very sneezy looking nose. His nose is very aquiline sort of like adrian brody. The tip of his nose has that line going down it like some noses do and both the nostrils and the tip are very soft looking and flexible looking. The other day i went to talk to him about an assignment and he seemed to be fiddling with his nose more than i had ever seen him do: rubbing it and scratching the inside of the nostril and such things. He did this alot in class later that day. I was hoping he would sneeze but it just didnt happen. Oh well. maybe one day, still got half a semester to go.

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