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Amy Rose's Dilemma


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Here is something that was requested on here. I already made this story and it makes sense for me to post it on here. The person I made this for agreed to let me post this. Well, here it is smile.png. Enjoy for those who read this! biggrin.png

“Are you going to do anything Eggman?” Rouge the Bat was complaining to the bald doctor. It had been 3 months since the unusual events of coordinents 000 (for those of you who don’t know what that is, what this is saying is basically its been 3 months since the last episode of Sonic X, the anime show ^^) and the beautiful bat was getting incredibly bored. Besides Dr. Eggman working with his robots Bokkun, Decoe, and Bocoe (his clumsy minion robots XD) in numerous robot projects, nothing exciting has happened. Rouge had been moving from place to place, and eventually found Eggman’s new base he had built. Without the need for danger, Eggman allowed her to live in his base on the condition that she would do something for him later. Rouge agreed…of course planning to backstab the doctor, but he didn’t need to know that. She did what she wanted and no one would stop her.

Bokkun, the smaller robot that looked eerily similar to a dark chao, came up to her with a present. Rouge, unknowing to his pranks, opened the gift and found that it was a trap. Dr. Eggman to had forbid Bokkun to make any explosions in his base, so Bokkun had to improvise. Finding some leftover pepper from the kitchen, he had set a trap inside the wrapped present so whoever opened it would let out black pepper in every direction. That way, no matter which way the person was, they’d get a blast of pepper around them.

Bokkun watched as Rouge did exactly what he expected her to do. Rouge had to look really close at the small handwriting of Bokkun, which surprisingly was very legible and easy to read. However, she made the mistake (which Bokkun was hoping she’d make) of opening the present right in front of her face instead of lower around her chest. As she opened it, the pepper in the present spewed out in all 4 directions, and one of those directions led right to Rouge’s face.

Her eyes watering, Rouge began to wriggle her nose, hoping that she wouldn’t sneeze. Waving her hands around, she managed to make the pepper that missed her swirl around…unfortunately more pepper swirled right under her already peppered nose. “hih…hiiih…” She rubbed her nose, not caring that she could literally see the black pepper all over her hands. This just made her nose turn redder. “Hiiiih…haa…HAA…” Tilting her head back, her nose controlled her now instead of her usual complete dominance. She absolutely hated this feeling of loss of control.

“Haaa…HATCHEW! ISHU! Hi…HiTCHO! HiTSCHEW!” She tried to catch the laughing little guy by stepping forward, but her eyes were watering so badly she couldn’t see that the pepper cloud was still very much in the air. She had walked right into it. Bokkun laughed his head off as Rouge again tried to control her nose, but having so much pepper already torturing her nose was just too much to handle. Her nostrils flared and her nose was swaying slightly back and forth, the tickles so great she felt like her nose had a mini-tornado inside it…which in all truth wasn’t that far fetched. The pepper with every sniff she took did look like a mini-tornado inside her nose, swirling around and tickling every part of her feminine nose. No matter which way her nose twitched, moved, or swayed, more pepper would get inside and the pepper already in her nose would tickle more and more.

Bokkun finally realized that the pepper cloud had disappeared. As much as he would like to see his handiwork, he knew once Rouge stopped her sneezing fit, she would come after him. Judging by how much Rouge was fighting her nose, it was shivering more and more, and when it began to scrunch up, Rouge knew she had lost her battle against herself.

“haa…hah…haaaah…” In a last ditch attempt, she put her finger to her nose, but that couldn’t deny it. She only managed to hold back her sneezes for a few more seconds before the pepper finally accomplished its task. Her first sneeze literally exploded from her nose, a massive feminine sneeze that was so forceful that she fell backwards and landed on her wings. Before she could cry out in pain, one sneeze after another forced itself out. She sneezed 10 times before her nose finally stopped being so sneezy, and by that time it was so red that even rubbing it almost hurt.

Making her hands into fists, she charged down the hallway where Bokkun disappeared to. She wanted to fly, but her wings hurt, and she didn’t want to use them if they were going to not work right. As she turned the corner to get to another hallway, she slammed into Eggman’s large stomach. She was running so fast she managed to make him fall backwards while she got thrown back a few feet, barely managing to stay upright.

“Eggman! Your little black troublemaker mocked me…with something.” That sounded pathetic, especially to her own ears, but Eggman chuckled.

“Humph. Judging by your nose, I’d say Bokkun got you pretty good…too bad for you, I sent him away to deliver a message to a fellow scientist…and business partner for buying machine parts.” Seeing Rouge’s rage build up, he grinned his famous grin. “Instead of taking it out on Bokkun, why don’t you do something useful? I haven’t been clueless, you’ve been bored out of your mind. You don’t think Bokkun and my other robots are just as bored as you are? The only reason why I haven’t been bored is I’ve been overworking my mind and causing huge amounts of brainpower to come into this new attack I’m planning on. Why don’t you figure out a way to NOT be bored? Don’t take it out on my robots…no matter how annoying they can be.”

Eggman’s eyes (and his glass surrounding his eyes) narrowed as he knew just how irritating Bokkun could become. Rouge huffed away from the evil genius, an idea formed in her mind. Maybe it was because her nose was still itchy, but she remembered how much fun Bokkun had when she was helpless to stop herself sneezing…so maybe that would cheer her up out of her boredom. Someone to make sneeze…an interesting idea, but who would it be? That and the fact that I’ve never done anything like this before…wait a minute…yes I have.

Rouge thought to herself this as she made her way out of Eggman’s base and flew off into the sky. She had plenty of tortures before…mostly they were waving things she stole at the people’s faces that she was stealing from, but that was the point. If she could do that with no problem, making someone sneeze? Piece of cake for someone like her! All what she needed was a person to do this to…she couldn’t decide between doing it to her own rival, Knuckles, or another hothead, Amy Rose. She shrugged in midflight, knowing that whoever she did this to, she wouldn’t be bored any longer…

Knuckles and Amy Rose were actually talking to each other. Sonic had run off on his own again, and Tails was busy tinkering with his own inventions. Cream and cheese were off in the garden, making flower necklaces for everyone, which meant that Knuckles and Amy were free…to have a full-blown frustration rant on both sides.

“Who needs Sonic anyway Amy? It’s not like Eggman will attack us now.”

“I need him! Sonic is my boyfriend, and I won’t allow him to run off again! If he is gone for too long again…it will make me mad.”

“Like you are right now?”


Knuckles knew when to cool it down when it came to Amy and her personal business…and he knew that this was her way of showing worry…by taking her anger out on someone else. “Alright Amy, you are right…I’ll be busy guarding the Master Emerald. I don’t think Eggman will attack, but who knows about any other enemies. I’ve been slacking off too much anyway. It’s my…”

Amy had calmed down a little bit, but she was still annoyed. “Yeah yeah. I’ve heard you say this before Knuckles. Go on ahead and do your duty…I’ve got more important things to do, like watch out for my boyfriend. SONIC!” She started running, carrying her huge hammer from seemingly out of nowhere. She ran off into the distance, disappearing completely after a few minutes. Knuckles mumbled something about how someone so pink could be so foolhardy, but then he too ran off, going for his home, Angel Island.

Rouge the Bat was still high in the air when she saw Amy running with her big hammer. “Huh…this aught to be enjoyable…” hearing Amy yell out the word Sonic again, the bat laughed to herself. “Time to follow her…knowing her, she’ll run until she’ll drop.”

As Rouge took to flying closer to Amy, Rouge made sure she was still out of Amy’s vision. No need to get discovered yet. Over 4 hours passed, and Amy was still seemed to be running strong. Rouge was just about to have second thoughts, her wings were screaming out at her to give them a rest, when all of a sudden Amy collapsed. Her body couldn’t handle running for that long at that kind of pace. Rouge smiled to herself as Amy’s hammer disappeared, a sign that she really was completely exhausted. Flying down to where Amy collapsed, she found the pink hedgehog slightly snoring as she had literally run herself to sleep.

Picking up Amy, Rouge giggled as she playfully plucked a strand of grass and waved it on Amy’s nose. Rouge giggled louder as Amy’s small nose twitched, trying to get away from the source of the tickle. “This is going to be fun.” Rouge flapped her wings, checking if they were ok for takeoff, and noted that even though they were incredibly sore from her long flight, they would manage another flight if it was short…good thing Rouge knew exactly what she wanted to use on Amy…if Bokkun had that much fun doing one sneeze inducing thing…how much more fun would she have with multiple? Laying Amy on the ground, confident that she wouldn’t wake up any time soon, Rouge went to get the things she had in mind…

Amy woke up slowly, groggy eyed and feeling more heavy than usual. Yawning, she leaned forward to get out of what she thought was her bed…it felt so soft…but something was wrong. She couldn’t move! Her sleepiness shattered in momentary panic, she looked at her arms and legs and found they were held back. She couldn’t see what was holding them back though…her hands looked absolutely fine, and her legs had nothing out of the normal either…a familiar feminine laugh sounded behind her. “How’s it going hun? Feeling stuck?”

Spitting out the word Rouge, Amy got fire in her eyes. “What do you want with me?” Amy found Rouge’s finger touch her neck, sending a shiver down her whole body. Amy gulped as she realized that Rouge was completely in control.

“As you can see…or can’t see…I made it so you can’t use your arms or legs…or more importantly…your hands. You see, I’m really really bored. Nothing special has happened in so long I’ve been itching to steal something from someone…but no one has any jewels that have caught my attention…sigh…so hard to find good jewels these days. In order to compensate for my boredom, I need to have some fun…and what better way to have fun than to make someone else suffer…it was purely by chance I found you first…you want to know the best part? Judging by how mad you were and screaming your ‘boyfriend’s’ name, Sonic won’t be able to stop me…now…say ah!”

The first thing that Amy thought of was “what the?” before she felt something…on her nose. She saw Rouge’s face grinning, but that was the last thing she remembered before her mind went into a complete focus…on her nose. Right on her nose was a long white feather, which Rouge was twirling in a circular motion all along Amy Rose’s small nose. Each circle she drew on her nose made Amy sniffle, her nose twitch, and made Rouge’s grin just a bit wider. Rouge could almost feel the nose get ticklish…she could most definitely see it. Even Rouge’s own nose couldn’t help but give a twitch or 2 as she watched Amy Rose fight her sneeze.

“Sto…hah…stop Rouge! It…hah…it…ha…haaa…” Rouge stopped moving the feather, but left the tip of the feather right on top of one of Amy’s nostrils, making the itch not go away entirely. Rouge smiled and pretended to shiver, making the feather vibrate along the top of Amy’s nostril, making the urge to sneeze skyrocket, but when Rouge stopped moving the feather, the sneeze stuck. Amy’s eyes watered as the nagging itch grew larger and larger…she needed to sneeze so badly!!

“It…it tickles so…much…”

Rouge decided to have just a bit of mercy…she moved the feather and continued to move it this time, taking the tip of the long feather out of her nostril but moved it back to tickling all around the nose…Amy sniffled, her nose scrunched up around where the feather tickled…and she finally felt the sneeze come on strongly.

“Haaa….haaaa…hah…Hichew!” Rouge laughed out loud, the sneeze so different from what she expected. All that movement from her nose and a tiny feminine sneeze like that? Better tickle it some more and see what happens!

For the next 2 entire minutes Amy was tortured by Rouge this way, tickling her nose with this single long feather. “Haa…hah…haaa!” was what Amy did before Rouge cruelly made the feather stay still, making the sneeze false start over and over again. Amy had her sneeze false start 15 times before she finally felt the feather tickle a very sensitive spot. “HAA…haah…AAH…haichew!”

Amy had 3 more of these tiny sneezes burst out of her when Rouge swirled the feather around each nostril, the nostrils flaring up and turning red as the feather stirred around the inside of them.

“Hichew! Haatchew! Ha…haaah…hitchiew!”

By now Amy’s nose was running slightly, tiny bits of feathery fluff were trapped in her nose as the feather left behind some of itself. Rouge smiled. She never knew this kind of torture was so fun! …why didn’t anyone try this more often? It was a great way to get out of boredom!

Amy sniffled 3 times, trying to get the tiny feathery fluff to tickle her nose enough to sneeze, but she couldn’t quite get the sneeze to come out. It false started, the sneeze was SO close to coming out she could see her nose trembling under her cross-eyed eyes…but the sneeze couldn’t quite make it. Sighing in frustration, Amy didn’t even realize that Rouge had walked behind her and picked something else up. Amy still didn’t know where she was…and now that her nose wasn’t completely under torture tickling by Rouge, she had a few seconds to think clearly about some questions. Where was she, and did Rouge say something about boredom? What did that have to do with anything?

As she thought of these questions, she heard Rouge’s footsteps behind her, and for a second, Amy thought she heard Rouge’s breath hitch. Matter of fact, that was exactly what she heard. Rouge was readying the next item she had brought with her…and she nearly made herself sneeze while doing it. Luckily for her, she brought her clean hand over her nose so she didn’t let her nose sneeze. Before Amy could say something, Rouge recovered from nearly sneezing and slapped a tissue in front of Amy’s face. “Here Amy…blow. Your nose looks really red…can you forgive me hon?”

Amy felt the soft tissue on her face and instantly blew, trying so hard to get the fluffy irritants out of her nose, but then, when she opened her eyes and looked at the tissue, something was very wrong…weren’t tissues suppose to be white? Why did this one look…black…

She sniffed as she realized exactly what she had done…now she had 2 glaring problems. The tissue was covered in black pepper, so when Rouge put the tissue on her face, Amy allowed the tissue to land on her nose and didn’t even think twice about things. That sniff was a huge problem too…for obvious reasons. Amy still had the tissue on her face as her nose started to shake and wriggle from the pepper on both the outside of her nose and the inside of it, just like Rouge from before, she tried to hold in her sneezes, but unlike Rouge, Amy couldn’t handle it for very long…the pepper was just too strong smelling, and combined with the tiny fluff from the feathers…she didn’t stand a chance.

“Haah…haaaah…hA…HAA…” Rouge stepped back, eager for things to get going. She laughed as she saw the tissue on Amy’s face suck inwards with Amy’s hitched breaths, making the pepper even more torturing for Amy. “HAAA…HAAACHEW! ITCHEW! HI…HIT…HATSSHEW! HESHOO! Haa….haaaaa…”

By this time, the tissue had blown off Amy’s face, leaving behind a trail of loose pepper as the tissue shot into the air. Amy couldn’t move as she saw the pepper grains rain down on her face, once again covering her nose with the black little specks. Now that the tissue was out of the way, Rouge could see Amy’s nose become even redder as the sneezes built up inside her nose again. Nostril’s flaring and her whole nose trembling, Rouge could see the movements from her nose move the pepper on the outside of the nose…Rouge couldn’t help but turn away to rub her own nose, for it too began to itch from just the familiar sight of this trick. She turned around just at the right (or wrong) time too…Amy released her held in sneezes.


That last sneeze forced the pepper and whatever was tickling her nose into the air and Amy sighed in relief as she felt the itch in her nose completely disappear. “Sniff…this isn’t funny Rouge…SONIC WILL KICK YOUR BUTT WHEN HE FINDS OUT…”

Rouge smiled and laughed. She knew Sonic was far away at this time…there was no possible way he could know about Amy right now…she was bluffing, and the look in Amy’s eyes, even though they were determined, were teary from the sneezing she had already done, so it was even harder to take her seriously. Amy saw Rouge in front of her now, and the bat taunted her by moving slowly, picking something off of the ground, and then slowly bringing that object to Amy’s face.

Amy shook her head and tried to get away. Rouge was holding one of the biggest flowers Amy had ever seen. It was wide, an astounding purple color, and…Amy could see the yellow pollen completely covering the inside of the flower. Rouge smirked as her free hand grabbed Amy’s moving head, making it stay in place, and Rouge crept the flower edging right for Amy’s nose. Amy could smell the sweet scent of the flower, and she had never been so grateful in all her life to not be allergic to flowers…but with her nose so irritated and sensitive…just the smell of the flower was making her nose tingle and the itch returned.

The sneezy tear forming in one of her eyes made Rouge go forward for the kill. Stuffing the big flower on her face, She tickled one of Amy’s feet to make her take a gasping breath. Amy had been so ticklish on her feet…that’s why she normally always wore her shoes…Amy didn’t realize that her shoes had been taken off just for this purpose…Rouge had planned every small detail. It worked exactly like she planned.

The pink girl started to laugh and take in multiple gasping breaths with the flower on her face, making the pollen get sucked into her nose in astounding amounts. It didn’t take long for the pollen to do its work. Instantly more sneezy tears formed in Amy’s eyes and Rouge felt the flower move as she heard Amy breath irratically again. With this kind of sneeze, it felt so different…she felt congested. Rouge watched Amy’s chest heave as she tried to get enough breath to sneeze…and she succeeded.

“Huh…huuuh…HUSSSHEW! HISSSSIK! Ha…haaaah…HaSSSiew!” Amy’s nose seemed to be getting tired…her sneezes were getting softer, but there was no denying these sneezes sounded different…Rouge shuddered as the flower flew away from Amy just like the tissue did…and it was dripping with the spray Amy released. Her nose now was running, her eyes were watering, and she was sniffing, trying to retain a small amount of decency by not allowing her nose to run in front of Rouge…

Rouge’s large ears gave a flick. She heard the familiar sound of…Sonic? Rouge turned around and took off, leaving Amy right there. She may have been a bad girl, but she wasn’t completely cruel…she was going to tell Sonic where Amy was…lying to him of course, saying it was one of Eggman’s robots that did this to her, but she had to admit, she enjoyed this and it definitely made her get out of her bored state…but what happened next made Rouge stop in midflight. The dusty ground casted a cloud of dust when Rouge took off, and the dusty cloud surrounded Amy. Rouge stopped when her large ears picked up Amy’s breath hitching. Turning her head back, she saw Amy’s nose suck in all the dust that it could…Rouge realized that this time, Amy was trying to sneeze…probably to make a loud sound to alert someone where she was. Amy couldn’t see that Rouge had stopped…she thought the bat had left her alone.

“Ha…hah…haaah…” With more and more dust being sucked into her nose, the irritated nose scrunched in retaliation. It definitely didn’t like that another thing was tickling it…it moved and scrunched so much that Rouge couldn’t help but giggle…what irony. Rouge started to flap her wings and take off when she heard the first loud sneeze. So that was what dust did to Amy…a huge fit of sneezes that are loud enough for someone to hear…no doubt Sonic will hear this…hahahaha! This is the most fun I’ve had in months! Amy, I’ll have to steal a jewel and give it to you for making my life snap out of boredom. See ya later…you sneezy hedgehog.

As Rouge turned and flew into the distance, she saw the blue streak of Sonic storm towards where Amy was. Amy was on her 20th sneeze in a row, the dust still wrecking havoc on her sinuses. Just 20 seconds later, Sonic zoomed into the place where Amy was trapped in…and couldn’t help bursting out laughing. Amy had sneezed 4 more times in those 20 seconds, and seeing her boyfriend laugh at her torture…it made her mad.

“SONIC! Ge…ge…ahh…GET ME OU…haaaaah…OUT OF THI…thiiiih….HITCHEW! ICHO! A…CHO! ACHOO! ATCHEW!” Sonic burst apart what he saw holding her back…Rouge had been clever. Hundreds of clear strands of what appeared to be fishing line strapped tightly around Amy’s legs and Hands, and even more lines surrounded Amy’s arms so she couldn’t use her elbows to scratch her nose either. Amy’s nose was so red you couldn’t even tell what her normal nose color was…and combine that with her deeper pink flushed face and watering eyes, Sonic couldn’t help but hug her.

“You ok Amy?”

Amy’s heart stopped…Sonic was hugging her! Her inner fangirl squealed and she fainted right there, making Sonic shrug. Picking her up and running full speed, he reached Tail’s workshop and dropped Amy off on a nice bed. Meanwhile, Rouge went back to Eggman’s base. She looked so happy that the doctor instantly knew something had happened…he smirked, not even wanting to know what the tricky sly bat had done…

Rouge retired to her own place in the base, sleeping heavily from the long exciting day she had had. Who knew causing sneezing was so…thrilling for a master thief like her? That was the last thought she had before she completely drifted off into oblivion.

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Ppssffhahahahhhaa, I love Rouge, such a sneaky jewel thief~ <3


I also love Shadow, damn, he is fun to torture.

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...i just have to say.....I'm speechless. This story was absolutely great. The false starts of both Rouge and Amy were so great! thumbup1.gif I can't wait for another story like that.

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@Daisoku-:D I love Bokkun XD. He IS cute and I also like the crush he has on Creme...too bad Rouge knows about it ;). Thank you for commenting on this! Shadow...he would be an interesting guy to tease :evillaugh:

@thePokeFan599-Thank you! :blush: There is more to come, just from different characters ^^.

@Doctor-Thanks! I'll definitely try to :)

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@thePokeFan599-Thank you! blush.png There is more to come, just from different characters ^^.

Awesome, like Blaze? who

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Thank you for commenting again Pokesneeze :). I'm going to attempt a story with either Cosmo, Blaze, or Shade, but I don't know how I would do it exactly ^^;. I'll think of something though.

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