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Hi all! smile.png

I saw Rachiella44's request for a Walking Dead fic and I've been looking for an excuse to write one tonguesmiley.gif I just didn't think anyone else on the forum watched the Walking Dead so I kinda just kept my ideas for Rick and Shane sneeze!fics in my head. But since a few people have expressed interest, I went ahead and wrote a kind of long-ish one-shot for you lovely folks! biggrin.png

Rachiella's idea really inspired me and I've been writing this little piece on and off all day. Major kudos to her for the prompt smile.png

And thanks to anyone else who reads my fluffeh nonsense! heart.gif And those who actually take the time to comment blush.png I seriously love this forum and the cool people in it! :3

Disclaimer: The Walking Dead is a show created by AMC. Not me. I own nothing but the lovely laptop I'm posting this story with.

I'm rambling again so, yea, onto the fic! ENJOY! smile.png


The soft pink of morning’s light glowed softly on the horizon, inviting the day ahead. The dusky light also heralded the beginning of the day for those who have survived the zombie apocalypse. People wandered slowly out of their tents, ready to face another day of living a life which was consistently, sometimes only, fueled by fear.

“Hey, who’s turn is it to guard the prisoner?” Rick shouted, bouncing the butt of his .45 idly against his leg. God, it’s gonna be hot today, he thought, squinting into the sun. Beads of sweat were already beginning to trickle down from his forehead, despite the cool morning air.

Glenn looked up from under the hood of the car, Dale’s face still obscured beside his. “Dunno,” he shrugged, “it’s Shane’s turn, I think.”

Dale’s face came into view, head shaking. “No, it is not Shane’s turn to guard anything.” He wiped his hands on a dirty cloth hanging on the side view mirror. “We’re guarding this man from Shane. Shane’s the only one who wants him dead. We can’t let-”

“Hey,” Rick frowned, “has anyone even seen Shane today?” His eyes flicked briefly to the watch strapped to his wrist. “It’s almost nine already. Shane’s usually up by five…Dale? Glenn?”

“Haven’t seen him.” Glenn shrugged. Dale only grunted, returning to his mechanical duties. “The less I see of that man, the safer I feel…”

Letting an irritated sigh signal the end of their conversation, Rick turned to Glenn. “I’ll find Shane. Until then, you and Dale just keep an eye on the kid ‘til I get back, alright?”

Glenn nodded vigorously and Rick started a path towards Shane’s tent. He smiled as Lori waved to him from a picnic table, peeling potatoes for breakfast, Carl beside her. Continuing past them and a few other members of their meager group, he did not stop walking until he reached the door to Shane’s tent.

He pulled back the tent flap and blinked in surprise. He honestly did not expect Shane to still be in his tent. It wasn’t like him to still be asleep this late. “Shane?” Voice barely above a whisper, he continued forward, laying a hand upon the other man’s shoulder.

“Shane?” Louder now, he gave his shoulder a firm shake.

Shane gasped in surprise, hand scrambling for his pistol. Rick’s hand landed atop his as soon as his found the gun. “Shane! It’s just me!” The gun was pointed at Shane, although Rick had no intention of firing it.

Shane released the gun with a shuddering sigh. “Shit, man, don’t do that.” He ran a hand over his head. “You know I don’t like bein’ scared like that. What’d you come wake me up for?”

“People were wondering where you were.” Rick sat down in the fold-out chair beside the bed.

“Really? So, first I’m the enemy and nobody wants me around. Now, everybody cares about where the hell I’m ahih-at.” Shane brought a hand to his face as his nostrils flared, “Shit, hang on… Euuh-HihNGSHUH! ASHHH’ue! ECKxxch!” A thin trickle of mucous dislodged by the stunning violence of his sneezes was quickly wiped away.Damn…Sorry about that…”, he sniffled and blinked in surprise, rubbing at the bridge of his nose.

“Bless you.” The chair squeaked slightly as Rick’s weight shifted. “Shane, we do need to talk…”

“I know, Rick. Will you close the tent flap, though? I went to bed last night with a huge-ass headache; hasn’t left yet. The light outside‘s killin‘ me.”

The oval of light shining against the back of the tent grew smaller as Rick zipped up the entryway. A look of worry etched itself across his forehead. “Shane, it’s not about that. I didn’t come here to fight.” He sighed, directing his eyes to the ceiling of the tent before looking back at Shane. “I just want to know if you’re okay.”

“What do you mean by that?” Shane sniffed, again swiping a hand beneath his nose.

“You remember last week when we pinned that walker off on Herschel’s pond? And then fell through the ice?” A shiver coursed through his body in remembrance of the biting cold of the frozen pond.


“Well, last night I went to bed with a sore throat. Now, I’ve got chills and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fever.” Rick rubbed again at his arms, which felt devoid of warmth.

Shane looked away, nose wrinkling briefly as another niggling tickle flitted across his right nostril. “Why are you tellin’ me this?”

“Because I’m sick, Shane. Lori’s pregnant and Carl’s still young. I can’t get either of them sick. Especially not Lori. I can‘t jeopardize the baby‘s health.” Rick rose from the chair, pacing the length of the tent.

Shane rubbed a hand across his forehead, a gesture that was only partly due to his blistering headache. “Are you askin’ me what I think you are?”

“It would only be for a couple days; at least until I’m not contagious anymore. I’m not gonna spend all day in here or anything. I have my duties to the camp, same as you have yours. I’d just be spending the night.”

“What are you gonna tell Lori about why you’re not coming in at night?” The burning tickle that had assaulted him earlier flared violently and Shane turned quickly away from his new bedmate. “HUHReish! huuh-IgnxxxSHT! Hiih-uh… Well, shit. God, he probably looked ridiculous, mouth hanging open, fist held loosely to his face…

A sudden ray of sunlight flooded the tent and his eyes fluttered, as the tickle graduated from an annoying tease to an eminent disaster. “HEH-IIIIISH’UH!” The sneeze exploded outward, snapping him forward at the waist. The force of his sneeze fed the agony of his headache, ripping spears of undiluted pain ripping through the entirety of his skull. Once the black splotches of unconsciousness had faded from his vision, he saw Rick was now seated beside him on the bed. A warm hand was soon splayed across his forehead.

“That’s what I was gonna tell Lori, Shane. That you were sick and needed somebody to look after you. God knows you’re too stubborn to take care of yourself. And, bless you, you're burnin' up.” The hand on his forehead moved across his head, as if smoothing back the hair he no longer had. Shane was tempted to let Rick continue, until he realized that Rick had said he was sick.

“I’m not sick.“ The sentence was said with an air of finality. Shane rose from the bed and wobbled over to the chair Rick was seated in earlier. His move from the bed had caused a shift in his congestion. Another itchy tingle traveled down the inside of his nose. Another fit was eminent.

“Really, Shane? You’ve always been stubborn, but this?” Rick walked over to where Shane was sitting. Crouching down in front of him, Rick placed both his arms on the armrest of the chair. “That’s another reason I wanted to stay with you. We’re both sick, so if both of us keep this to ourselves, no one else will get sick. Hell, no one else will even know we’re sick, if we do this right.”

“I’m fine, Rick. You can stay here for a couple days ‘cause you’re sick, but I’m not.” He shook his head, both in defiance of being ill and to hopefully dispel the fuzzy prickling that was growing stronger in his sinuses.

It was Rick‘s turn to shake his head. “Shane, being sick doesn’t make you weak.”

“Yes it does. If I was sick, I couldn’t protect the camp. Therefore, I’d be worthless.” The tingle was spreading…

“No. It means you were putting so much effort into protecting the camp and making the group safe that you didn’t put any of that effort into keeping yourself healthy enough to fight this.”

Oh, dammit… “Rick, m-move.” His breath was already starting to hitch on its own volition, feeding the intense burning as it filled his nose completely.

“Not until you admit you’re sick.”

Well, he couldn’t say he didn’t warn him. “Huhr-ASKCH’UE! Ngxhshh!” He tried to stifle the second sneeze as Rick tumbled back from the chair. The stifle only served as a delay, as the sharp prickle pinpointed itself, increasing his need to sneeze. “ehhg-HEH’CHISH’nn! Eck-NGGSHUH!! They were becoming wetter, more intense. Shane felt a hot liquid sluice onto his upper lip. “HESH-ISH’ue! Ahh-hihr- REIXXCH’uh! Shane’s hands were pressed firmly against his nose. Rick stayed seated on the floor, debating whether or not Shane was finished yet.

“You said something about aspirin?” Shane asked, eyebrow raised, hands still plastered over his nose.

A smile spread the length of Rick’s face as he rose from the floor of the tent. “I’ll go get those. And I’ll see if Herschel has some Kleenex up at the house.”

Shane waited until he could no longer hear Rick’s footsteps to allow himself to smile behind his hands. Hell, maybe it’d even be nice to have Rick do his bidding for a change.

~~~~~~ Fin. ~~~~~~

Ta-da!!! heart.gif Hope you guys like it! biggrin.png

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THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! I agree with Icky! I agree with Icky! I agree with Icky! Please continue this! Please?! I'd love you forever and ever and ever!!! PLEASE?!

BYE! :bleh:

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Oh, DAMN you, Walking Dead for doing what you did Sunday night. That was f*cking shameful. And mean. And ARGHABLAHNRHHGUH!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?! …not cool :/

Rant over. And damn it all if I wasn’t trying to make this thing a one-shot, but it won’t leave me alone. I literally dreamed about it last night :/ As the muses and bunnies have demanded, I shall continue! rolleyes.gif I’m also continuing this in an effort to erase last night’s episode from my mind. chair.gif

@Rachiella44- I will totally marry you! kiss2.gif And we shall live in the land of sexy zombie survivors. Last night’s episode did not happen. Period. Shane is still gonna be our best man. Oh, and Rick, too. Dale shall also be present.

@ickydog2006- Ack! You guys have convinced me! heart.gif Any yes, they are so cute together! I may stick with friendship or do slash, not sure yet… tonguesmiley.gif Thanks for commenting though! happy.png

@Bubbles- Ah, Bubbles, my love! biggrin.png I’m still working on Unsettling, but this fic just kinda ate my brain rolleyes.gif I’m glad you like this, though! Thanks again for commenting on my silleh stories! mf_laughbounce.gif


The rest of the camp had fully awakened, with everyone moving with ease through their daily assigned responsibilities. A car started a half- mile down the road, carrying Glenn’s whoop of delight. Lori and Carol giggled at some indiscernible joke while making lunch. Sounds of pre-apocalypse life were almost foreign to him now, but welcome nonetheless. He smiled as crickets leaped out of his path, as he neared the steps of Herschel’s house. He stopped as the door creaked open, and Herschel stepped out into the crisp daylight.

“Ah, Rick, just the man I was hopin’ to see.”

“Really?”, Rick asked. A breeze ruffled through the porch, rippling the soft notes of a wind chime, and perpetuating an unwelcome prickling sensation to take up residence in the back of his sinuses.

“Yea, I got some bad news.” Herschel rubbed nervously at the back of his head. “Seems Maggie somehow picked up a case of the flu. No tellin’ how. She’d been sick a few days ‘fore she told me.” His hands shifted to his hips. “Now, I told that girl to tell me whenever she gets ill like that, but she didn’t listen. ‘Fore I found out she was sick, she was over fraternizin’ with your camp just about every day. So, I guess my question is, any of your people been sick, or even feel like they’re comin’ down with somethin’?”

Ticklish spirals traveled down the length of his nose. “A-ah, couldn’t say Herschel.” He pressed a hand to the underside of his nose, feigning deliberation. “No one’s really come to me about feelin’ poorly. If anyone does though, I’ll be sure and send ‘em your way.” He nodded quickly, in the hopes that the conversation would end quickly.

“Alright, well, just get the message out to your group.” Herschel gestured toward the house. “And tell ‘em that, well, since Maggie started this, your sick are free to stay in the extra room, or even in my room, while they recover.”

Rick only nodded. He was fairly certain if he opened his mouth, a volley of sneezes would not be far behind.

“Thanks, Rick. See you around.” He waved a hand in retreat, closing the door behind him.

Finally. “Hht-tsssh! Isck’ue! ISSHT! Tsch’oo! Exchsht!” The last sneeze, although relatively soft, managed to scrape viciously at his throat. He rubbed at his neck in annoyance. It was odd, though. He usually sneezed about six times in one of his average fits. As for the tissues, this was going to be more difficult than he’d previously imagined…

As soon as Rick pulled back the flap into Shane’s tent, Shane rose. “Well?” He asked, hand still hovering beneath his nose.

“I couldn’t get them.”

“I know you’re always talkin’ about ethics and shit, Rick, but I honestly didn’t think you’d have a moral conundrum over stealing a couple boxes of Kleenex…”

“It’s not that. Herschel met me outside before I could even get in the house.” He sniffled, as congestion from the previous sneezing fit settled comfortably into his nose and throat. “He said that his daughter, Maggie, has the flu and has been hangin’ around our group. Our trip into Herschel’s pond probably didn’t do us any favors.” The sixth sneeze materialized suddenly, as he snapped an elbow in front of his face. “Ixxxchsht!

The next sound he heard was a steady snickering in the corner. “What?”, Rick snapped, glaring at his former partner.

“You still sneeze like a girl.” Shane ducked a pillow that flew in from Rick’s side of the tent.

“At least my sneezin’ isn’t loud enough to attract walkers.” The pillow was returned to Rick in a throw that was clearly aimed at the other man's privates.

“That’s cause we were shootin’ ‘em with guns, not cause I sneezed.” Rick was all too eager to return the favor. The pillow smacked Shane squarely in the nose, triggering an insistent ticklish sensation that spread throughout his face. He blinked rapidly as the burning spread to the tip of his nose. "Rick, truce."

"Bullshit. You pulled this before when we were still at the academy together. You call truce, I let my guard down and then you-"

"Hrr-ESCH'uh! HISH-ngh! HEP-Shxxxsh!" The last sneeze was painfully stifled against the back of his wrist. Shane watched Rick rummage around in his bag, extracted a faded T-shirt.

"Here. I haven't worn this shirt in years. I figure you'll put it to good use." He smiled, trying to wipe at his nose without the other man noticing.

"Rick, you're just as sick as me. You need this, too." He held the T-shirt out and gestured for Rick to take it. Rick merely stared at his outstretched hand, making no move to retrieve it. Shane rolled his eyes. "Alright, better idea." Shane's head disappeared benath the bed and came up again with a grey wifebeater. "If we're not gonna get tissues, you may as well take this. I'll use your shirt and you use mine, alright?"

Rick smiled, accepting the garment. "And here the rest of the camp and I thought you were incapable of diplomacy.You've been holding out on us, Shane."

"Ha ha, funny...asshole." But his smile was persistent.


And that's part two, I guess heh.gif Anyway, hope you guys liked it and I will try and continue this as the muses allow, but who knows, seeing as their are some other fics I wanna work on/ finish up. Thanks again for all the encouragement! hug.gif

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Hmm... cute, stubborn, sicky guys in a tent being all adorable together. Do I like this? Uh, hell yeah! Please keep going with this!

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Dances up and down excitedly. I knew with the way things had been going they'd do that stupid episode but really, so soon. This fic renews my happiness. Can't wait for more. I can totally see hershel catching shane sneezing and thinking ' god no, out of all the people to catch this it had to be the person I dislike the most, now I almost feel sorry for him. ' And while my head is buzzing with ideas I also picture ricks fever spiking and shane realizing he's feeling way worse than he's letting on. Feel free to use all or none of my ideas. I'll totally love you no matter what you do with this fic (as long as you continue it, lol).

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I did NOT see this when you first posted it up. :omg: I'm so glad I read it now! I loooove this story. Especially how you incorporate the accents into the words. A lovely touch, if you ask me. :D Though I'd like to see more, I'm perfectly content with reading these two parts over and over again. :wub:

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My dear, you are a genius. And I completely agree with absolutely everything ickydog2006 said. Also, I was so furious with Sunday's episode! I started screaming at the TV and everything! MAD!!!!!!!

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! More! More more more more more more more more more! Definetly more. I can't wait! Update soon!

BYE! :bleh:

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Hi, folks! School has started up again for me so updates are gonna get slower L I’m trying to continue this though, out of spite. Yes, I am still fuming over last week’s episode…I’m not bitter, no, not at all rolleyes.gif

@pinknose- I totally plan to keep going for as long as my brain spits ideas out at me ^-^ The two cute guys you speak of are the two main guys on the Walking Dead. If you’ve never seen it and don’t mind a LOT of gore, it’s a definite must-watch. Just don’t watch past the second-to-last episode of season 2...don’t ninja.gif

@ickydog2006- Great minds think alike… I was heading toward them being found out and Herschel having to look after Shane, the guy he despises. Guh, we are wicked! devil2.gif I’m glad people who watch the show are enjoying this! biggrin.png I’m really trying to get the characters to sound “right”.

@Spoo- Aww, thanks for swinging by and leaving such a lovely comment! wub.png The show is set in Georgia, so I tried to incorporate a Southern accent. Side note: I’m from Texas, so Southern accents aren’t really a problem for me. I’m glad you like it! biggrin.png BTW -do you watch the Walking Dead… ? Just curious J

@Rachiella44- Oh, girl, screaming at the TV is nothing. I was on my Spring Break and hanging out at my Dad’s apartment, which he rents with 3 other guys, and I started screaming at the TV and woke everyone up rolleyes.gif They heard my screams of agony and rushed in only to find out I was fine, just bitter and jaded and crying “Shaaaaaaane!” into the couch.

@Bubbles- Hey you! hug.gif More you shall have! biggrin.png Thanks again for commenting! J

Here you go, another flaming pile of Walking Dead fanfic! Oh, slight mess warning at the end of this update... but it's only a mention so it should be okay... but yes, FIC!


As the pale purple of evening descended the farm, Rick rubbed at his aching eyes. He was glad night would fall soon, despite the heightened walker risks. Even the weak light still remaining was bothering his eyes and feeding the headache he’d acquired a couple of hours earlier. Just a minute ‘til he reached he and Lori’s tent. Then maybe two minutes to grab a couple days worth of clothes and other supplies. Then…

“Hey.” Lori smiled, embracing him warmly as she stepped out of their tent. “Haven’t seen you all day.” Relief instantly flooded him as her hands worked their way at his scalp, dulling the pain with pleasure. “Carl’s asleep already, so we have the evening to ourselves.” It took every ounce of self-discipline he had to pull himself away from her as she leaned forward to kiss him.

“Can’t tonight.” He slid past her into their tent. Just a few things and he’d be set. His nose gave an uneasy twinge as he realized that Lori had lit a handful of candles for warmth. The scent, which would be considered pleasant on most occasions, was not setting well with his overly sensitive sinuses.

Lori’s eyes narrowed as he grabbed a bag, arms crossed over her chest. “Where are you going? And what’s the hurry?” ,she asked, coming up beside him. “Walkers?”

“No.” He rubbed the back of his head in shame. Would all this pretending really be worth it? “I have the night watch tonight with Shane. I just came back here to grab a few things before headin’ out again.”

“You’ve been avoiding me, us.” She gestured to their sleeping son. “Rick, what’s wrong?”

“Nothin’s wrong, Lori. I just have more responsibility as the leader of this camp. The people out there-” He pushed open their tent flap, revealing a shantytown of tents and barely glimmering fire pits. “-need me to show them I can protect them; be it from walkers, other bandits, predators, hell, take your pick! You and Carl are not the only people I need to defend anymore!” His voice rose unintentionally, scraping at his already sore throat. He swallowed hard, both for effect and to alleviate some of the pain.

Carl stirred on his cot-like bed. “Rick, if you wanna avoid us, fine, but at least have the decency to let Carl sleep. God knows he doesn’t get enough of it! Besides, doesn‘t every child want to wake up in the middle of their parents‘ argument?”, she hissed. “Get your stuff and go, since that’s obviously what you want.”

Rick tried to breathe through his nose, but found it impossibly clogged. He sniffled instead, while gathering a bag with a couple days worth of clothes, a razor, and his guns. “I’ll see you and Carl, tomorrow.”, he said simply, before leaving the perfumed warmth of the tent.

Unfortunately, however, the lazy heat of the tent clashed dangerously with the cool, evening air, reigniting the crawling itch already dormant in his nose. So much for making it all the way to Shane’s tent without one of his ridiculous fits.

Hh-knxxght! Nxt! Nxx’uh! Hnghch!” Spikes of pain split through his sinuses, as each sneeze was viciously stifled against an upraised arm. Shane didn’t move as he entered, despite the fact he was still sneezing. Although, since he was inside, he decided stifling would not be the best course of action. “HEHT-chh’ue! Ignssht! ISH-tt! “Egsxxsh’uh!…ugh!” He shook his head, trying to dispel the general feeling of achiness and disgust. His bag landed on the floor of the tent, and Rick looked to Shane for approval of his bag’s resting area.

Tendrils of worry snaked their way into his stomach. “Shane? Shane?! Get up, man, this shit’s not funny.” He placed his hand on Shane’s shoulder, as he had earlier, except Shane did not move this time. Heat radiated from the other man’s skin. A pale complexion, save a sickly pinkish red around his cheeks and nostrils, added to his concern for his friend.

“Shane can you hear me? Wake up!” He shook the man harder, until Shane’s eyes fluttered open.

“Rick?”, he rasped, coughing violently.

“Shit, shit, shit! Hang on…” Objects were strewn about the tent as he searched for a water bottle. T-shirt, no. Gun, no. Boots, no. Water bottle, yes.

He fumbled with the opening of the bottle, all but shoving it into Shane’s mouth. Shane drank for a long time, chugging over half the bottle without really thinking about it. “Rick?” Shane asked again, panting. His eyes were glazed with the delirious confusion of either those who have taken several narcotics or the dangerously ill. Rick knew Shane was in the latter group.

“Yea, yea, Shane, it’s me.” Rick stepped forward, clasping the other man’s hand. Picking up one of Shane’s T-shirts, he prepared to go down to the creek and turn it into a kind of cold compress for his forehead. Whatever the case, he knew he had to get Shane’s fever down.

“Rick, man, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me here.” Shane’s grip on his arm tightened. “You can’t leave me again. You can’t do that. I mean, I though you were dead and…” He trailed off in a shuddering breath and for one horrifying moment Rick thought he was going to cry. Luckily, it was just a sneeze. Or three.

“HIH-IZZZXH’UH! ISSZSH’UE! EX-SCHHT!” Shane’s body pitched with each sneeze, fully at the mercy of each explosion. A small pool of viscous liquid pooled in the divot above his lip, and Shane made no effort to deal with it, merely leaning back on the bed, clearly exhausted.

A furrow of worry etched its way onto Rick’s brow. Oddly, enough, it was because of the sneezing. Shane had never been sneezed like this. In the seven years they’d been partners before his accident, Shane had always sneezed only once: one loud, sinus-scraping sneeze and it was over. Rick had been more inclined to ticklish fits of six or more smaller sneezes. It was kind of funny, really.

He was ripped from his memories by the sound of Shane coughing again. Although the cough was dry, it was persistent and Rick handed him another water bottle, making a mental note to both gather and boil more water for Shane.

Halfway through the second bottle, Shane stopped, nose twitching, as another set of sneezes came upon him rapidly. Rick grabbed the bottle, but not before Shane released a harsh double. “EGH-NGHSHUH! HEP-ISCHT’UE! Rick heard the wince in the last sneeze and winced himself as a wetness blanketed the back of his hand.

“Sorry, man. I didn’t mean to.” At that moment, Shane had all the charm of a puppy who knows he shouldn’t have peed on that man’s shoes, and Rick could only forgive him.

“Doesn’t matter; we’re both sick anyway.” He smiled. “I’m gonna get us some more water and get you something cold to put on your forehead. I’ll only be gone a minute, but you stay here, alright?”

Shane nodded, complacent, and that set off alarm bells in itself. Shane never listened. “You’ll be alright here for twenty minutes?”

“Yea, man. I can’t go anywhere, even if I wanted to.” He leaned back, closing his eyes. “I’ll just be here.”

“Hang in there.” Rick said, before stepping out into the night.


Fine, SF editor, you win. I'm trying to edit font and stuff and you're determined to be mean. *sigh* You. Win. :(

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YAY!!!!! AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you me dear. And this is so wonderful!

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This. Is. So. ADORABLE!!! Shane and Rick and sneezing and uuuhhh! Too cute for words! I'm so happy I have your story so I can pretend that what happened on the show didn't actually happen. Update soon!

BYE! :bleh:

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