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This is definitely not the best thing I've written and feels kind of like pieced together drabbles but whatever. There can never be enough of sick Sam out there. This is gen but there is one scene that's marginally 18+ so I understand if it gets moved. As for season setting, I picture it after Scarecrow Season 1, but I deliberatly tried to leave spoilers and info out so it could fit in anywhere.

P.S. I love comments *wink, wink

“Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine.” Dean may have sounded a little harsh, but after the last incident he knew Sam would probably want to ‘talk about it’, and that was not going to happen if he had any say in the matter.

When complete silence ensued Dean felt a pang of guilt, but was caught off guard when he glanced over to see Sam pawing at his forehead.

“Tell me you didn’t have… you know… another… thing?”

Sam looked over confusedly for a second before realizing what Dean was getting at.

“Oh… No. Just feeling off, don’t worry about it.”

Don’t worry, yeah, cause that made Dean not worry… not.

“Off how?” Dean tried to make eye contact but Sam just turned to look out the passenger window.

“I don’t know. Just off…okay… not a big deal.”

The truth was Sam had been feeling off all morning. His head didn’t hurt per say, more like ached, and despite the constant feeling that he needed to clear his throat, it never seemed to make a difference.

Now Dean’s mind was swirling. Everyone had ‘off’ days, but for Winchesters that could mean serious danger. Sam hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, head in the papers, but that was normal. Maybe it was nothing.


Sam’s breath had been hitching off and on for the last few minutes and Dean wasn’t sure if he was amused or annoyed by it. Sam’s brow would crinkle up and his left nostril would twitch. Then there’d be a hiss as Sam’s lung sucked in air, and nothing.

“Seriously, are you embarrassed to sneeze around me or something?” Dean almost laughed as Sam’s face scrunched up again.

Finally a slow breath was let out and Sam scrubbed his palm against the tip of his nose.

“No, it just won’t come out.”

“Have you tried looking at the light?” Dean asked, like it was the most obvious solution in the world.

Sam ducked forward just enough to be able to look up out the windshield, and it seemed to do the trick.

“hUR’ETSh’uh!” Liquid spots splashed against the dashboard.

“Dude, I said look at the light, not cover my baby with your germs!”

“Sorry.” Sam sniffed before rubbing an index finger under his nose. That had made his nose feel so much better, even if it had scraped a bit at his throat.

“Next stop, I expect some serious disinfecting on your part.” Sam understood Dean was only half serious and rolled his eyes as he cleared the mess with a napkin.

“Bless you by the way.” Dean gave Sam a small half smile before tousling his yawning brother’s hair. “Now get some sleep, I could use some shut eye myself in a few hours.”


“Ugh.” Sam coughed roughly into his sleeve before opening his eyes. “Where are we?”

“Close to the border. You feeling all right?”

Sam wasn’t sure he wanted to admit how badly he felt. His whole body ached, it’s not like this car was quite designed for someone his size though. That still didn’t explain the worsening headache, sore throat, and the tingling that was slowly filling his sinuses.

“You were snoring.” Yeah, he was busted.

“Probably just a cold.”

“You want to call it an early night?”

“It’s only mid afternoon. I thought we could make it by sundown.” A shiver ran down his spine and he reached to turn the heat up a little. As he did so, a hand intercepted Sam, reaching up to feel his forehead before he had time to swat it away.

“I’m fine Dean.”

“Your temp says your not.”

Before Sam could argue he was doubled over by two sneezes squelched between his fingers.

“And your nose agrees… you lose.”

“It’s not that bad.” Sam grumbled to the side.

“Let’s see how food goes.”

“Fine.” Sam turned away again as he muffled a few coughs into his shoulder.


Lunch/Dinner went about as well as Dean expected. Sam tried to get himself to eat, but mostly pushed food around his plate, and couldn’t help cringing as the coffee slid painfully down his throat.

“Told you to go for tea.”

“I’ll be in the car.” Sam got up and felt bad for leaving Dean hanging, but if he had cleared his nose at the table, he’d have no chance of arguing with Dean, not that he had a shot anyways.

A quick escape to the bathroom meant Sam was able to shove some tissue into his pockets as well as clear out some thick strings of mucous from his nose.

Back in the car Sam wondered what was taking Dean so long. Just as he started to drift off he heard the door open and felt a bag hit his lap.

“Went next door.” Dean explained as Sam rubbed at his eyes.

The first thing Sam spotted was lotioned tissues and he could have sworn he was hearing the hallelujah chorus.

“You didn’t have to.” Sam looked guiltily at his lap.

“I know.”

A few minutes of silence.

“I’m sorry I… snapped… earlier.”

“I know.” Dean’s eye sparkled as he looked at his not so little brother.


“Hey, since we’re probably going to crash here for a couple of days I got us a handicapped room.”

“Don’t give me that look, it’s on the first floor and they have a ton more room.”

“Don’t they have only one bed?”

“So, we share a king, at least we’ll have room to check our supplies.” Both new what the other wasn’t saying. Dean felt better if Sam was safe and close when his guard was brought down by sickness, and Sam turned into a clingy heater anyways so it was a win win.

Dean hadn’t been kidding, the room was massive; plenty of room to line up their weapons for cleaning. There was even space to lay out the trunks inventory. If they couldn’t hunt at least they could organize and restock. Bags in tow, Sam shoved their clothes into the drawers while Dean used the bags to tow stuff back and forth from the trunk.

After three rounds Dean found Sam still on the floor next to the drawers.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah,” Sam rubbed his temple. “Just a bit dizzy.”

Dean pushed his brother’s bangs back, giving him a chance to get a solid temperature reading.

“Definitely above 100. You think you’re okay for a shower before I sentence your butt to bed?”

Sam gave a liquidy sniff before using the furniture to push himself upright, as Dean kept a safe distance just in case.

“Listen, if you need help, you know I’m here.”

“Yeah, hih…thanks.” Sam’s breath hitched and he reached out, bracing himself against Dean, as he was wrenched in half by two massive sneezes.

“Jesus… bless you!”

“Thanks…sorry.” Sam removed his hand from Dean’s shoulder and rubbed at his nose.

“Come on, shower.”

Dean led the way into the bathroom and got the water ready while Sam stripped down.

“You sure you got this.”

“I’ll be fine.”


“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Getting in bed.”

“Not like that you’re not!”

“Dean.” Sam whined, sniffling against his hoodie sleeve. “Wet hair is not going to make me worse.”

“Not chancing it.” Dean came out of the bathroom and rubbed a towel roughly against his brother’s shaggy hair.

“You do know I’m not a kid, right?”

“You’re still my kid brother… and now you can get in to bed.”

Sam eased under the covers he had already folded back, and tried to get comfy. The bed wasn’t bad, it just didn’t ease the ache in his muscles as much as he had hoped. And he still felt cold, damn flu. Curling up, he tried to settle in for an uncomfortable night. His body had other plans though as coughs forced their way through his already sore throat.

When Sam was finally able to open his teary eyes, he was thankful for the steady outstretched hand holding a cup of green goo.

Dean could hardly handle the pleading eyes as the cup was returned to him.

“If I could take this from you I would.”

“I know.” Sam’s voice was shaky and much lower than normal.

“You want company?”

Sam nodded against Dean’s cool hand and unintentionally whimpered as it slipped away, muscles semi relaxing again only once Dean was seated on the bed.

A watery sniff barely managed to save Deans hip from the drip slowly escaping Sam’s nose and Dean managed to shove a tissue against the offending orifice just in time.




“Bless you.”

Dean mopped up around Sam’s nose before handing him another tissue to blow into.

“Thags. Ugh, this sugks.”

“I know bud, it’ll get better.” Dean stroked his fingers softly along Sam’s scalp until they both were able to drift off to sleep.


“You okay?” Dean sat up from his reclined position to get a better view of Sam who was sitting along the edge of the bed and he could barely make out the words “M’Fine,” from the hacking sounds coming from his brother’s lungs.

“M’hm, sure you are Tiger.” After shoving a handful of tissues over, Dean got up and retrieved more medicine.

“D’nt wadt it.” Sam snorted into the tissues.

“Are you really going to make me shove this down your throat?”

“hi’NGXSHT!” Watery eyes poked out from behind the tissues.

“Fine. Can we at least get you in the shower again, maybe clear some of this gunk out of you?”


“N’GTSHHH, heh… u’G’SHTSsss, M’PFShhh.”

Dean tried to ignore his emerging hard on hoping Sam wouldn’t notice. Too late.

“Are you seriously, hih, getting a ha.. ha’GTSHHhh…snff… hard on from this?”

“Well maybe if you’d quit sneezing and ramming your ass into me this wouldn’t be happening.”

“Not by fault you idsisted od gedding ind widh be.”

“Oh, blow your nose already. You almost fainted on the way here, that’s just what I need a sick and concussed brother.”


“Will you just put that laptop down already?”

Sam rubbed his forehead before answering.

“I wadt to helb.”

“You can help by resting and getting better.”

First Sam had tried to help by reading off a list of inventory for Dean to check for. However, Sam’s voice wheezed and cracked so much that Dean decided maybe he could clean guns instead. That worked great until his brother had his hands full and had to sneeze, shooting snot rockets that left trails of slime down his face, which Dean so graciously cleaned off. The computer research, Sam’s latest task, was clearly doing wonders for the pounding headache he had. Apparently something Dean had said finally made its way through since his brother set the laptop to the side and relaxed his head back, eyes slowly shutting. Or not.


“Bless you.” Dean pushed a tissue into his brother’s hands still clamped firmly over his now raw dripping nose.

After a quick blow Sam finally lowered his hands and met Dean’s eyes.

“Thanks, and sorry for… you know… being a disgusting useless mess.”

“How many times am I going to have to say this, it’s fine, it’s not like it’s your fault you got sick. As for being disgusting, have you seen some of the fuglies we fight, you don’t even come close. Now, give me that laptop and get your ass over here.”

Dean moved his arm to allow the now compliant Sam some cuddle time.

“Oh, and bless you.”

Sam pressed his twitching nostrils firmly into Dean’s side before stifling three ticklish sneezes against him.

“Ewwww.” Dean couldn’t help but to fake disgust and got a well deserved punch in the leg for it.

Sniffling, Sam closed his eyes and relaxed into Dean, thankful for the tissue gently being rubbed against his nose.

“Sleep well Tiger.”

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*checks calendar* IS IT MY BIRTHDAY TODAY?

this is amazing. you write everything that i LOVE. i don't even know where to start. :heart: GUHHHHHHHHH

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Thought I commented on this before, oops - very, very cute! Yay for early-seasons Sam. :)

PS. I think the first SPN fic I read was one of yours, from ages ago!

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