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G-Gah... Parents...


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I am sat here, bright red, after a small confrontation with mum and dad.

I went to have a shower, only focusing on my Art homework, to finish it, completely forgetting that I had this place open in an incognito window.... unfortunately, the name showed up at the bottom taskbar of Windows..... Dad takes the laptop.

I come back, half an hour later.

Me: "Um... Can I Art?" *actual words*

Dad: ...Can you.... Art? I don't know about that... *reads things at the bottom* Sneeze Fetish forum...


Dad:*laughs* I know.

Mum: If I handed someone the laptop, I wouldn't leave porn open. *laughing*

Me: I-It isn't porn for you! *briiight red*

Luckily, they already knew about it.... it would have been a mite awkward if they didn't...

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It must've been really awkward having your parents knowing you had the window up. I've never told my dad about the fetish (my mom knows but she doesn't pay too much mind to it) , but seeing his attitude towards fetishists in general when I tried to start telling him by implying such a thing makes me wish he was the sort who would make fun out of it.

From reading your post, I'm guessing your parents take the fetish in with good hearts. I also understand that even though they're probably trying to be accepting and make light of it, this sort of situation can be very embarassing, my parents like to embarrass me all the time, and in my expiriences, hugs usually help a lot hug.gif

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Oh wow! I'm glad your parents are so comfortable and accepting around you! They sound absolutely wonderful!

When I was younger I considered telling them. I told my father once (which is strange because I get along better with my mother ^^; ), he found it strange and promptly forgot it. Which I'm very glad of. Aside from that I never told them.

That exchange is absolutely hilarious though! If possibly terrifyingly awkward XP

*sends hugs!*

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I understand how insanely embarrassing it must've been for you, but wow, they were surely laid-back about it! :)

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You are so lucky that your parents took it so well. I would surely freak out if i would be exposed this way, whether they take it well or not!!

But good for you.. Now you dont need to hide anything from them.. wacko.png

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omg that would be so embarrassing! D: i would hate that

if my parents know, which they might since i was so stupidly open about it when i was younger, i DO NOT EVER want to know, because when i get older its going to turn more awkward if they know O_O

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I don't even dare to imagine what would happen if I were in your situation... :S

But it's cool that your parents are so open about it. (I mean, my mom treats "porn" as a tabooed word.)

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I would be been mortified if something like that happened to me - especially with my parents. Kudos to you, and your parents, for taking it so well.

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