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As you may or may not know, I have recently fallen for the lil' cutie known as The Once-ler...

And.... Guh, he is such a fetishy guilty pleasure. Just look at his lil snub noooose <3

But anyway~ I doodled him some, and decided to try some fetishy art... innocent.gif

My drawing style changes a lot, just a warning.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy <3





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:D Great job with these!! I like how you artstyle is with all of these drawings, and you got him to look like Once-ler :)
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Yesssssss, sneezy Greed-ler ('Least what green suit Onceler is called over at Tumblr)

I especially like the third one! :D Your art is very cute, I'm glad there's other fans of his here. Still, very nice x]!

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Greed-ler, yes<3 I was going to call ti that, but I figure nobody would know!

Gahdshgjgdfwngfjds Tumblr! I must follow yooou~

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As I told you via text, I LOVE THESE. ;A; Ohooo, I love how you draw Greed-ler (or, Douche-ler...I'm still giggling over that. We should make it a thing. o.o) with that gorgeous snub nose of his.<3 And the pre-sneeze face...ohooo, too freaking cute. It's all too freaking cute. ;u;

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