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It has been almost a year since I've had a cold, which for me is a new record. Generally, I get sick several times per year. This afternoon I woke up from a delicious nap with a scratchy throat and a slight tickle in my nose. I'm killing the orange juice trying to put it off but I'm guessing that's just a myth. I've always found that I can hold off feeling like crap until the first sneeze. Anybody else under the weather? Misery loves company.

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Not under the weather, but sorry to hear you're coming down with a cold. Perhaps you can keep us updated, especially if this one becomes a real sneezy one. Don't want you to fell bad, but would love to hear about your sneezes if it gets down to that.

I share the same with you...I usually don't feel crappy until the first sneeze...then it all goes south.

Hope it doesn't do you in too much...feel better. Maybe you should zycam it now. Take care, and let us know how you're doing. Thanks.

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I hope you feel better soon! I'd actually gone five years without getting a cold untill this year so I deifnitely can relate. Btw if I could ask a related question, I think I remember you posting a while back, about using two boxes of tissues in a day during a cold(I remember only becaue the number stuck out to me ;) ) I was just curious if that record still remains? Thanks

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I also wish you well and hope you let us know if your cold becomes sneezeworthy.

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