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As we all know, with spring comes a pleasant mix of surprises, as well a few things we already knew. ohoho, now what am I saying? the hot guy you know has allergies is beginning to look a little disheveled when he comes in on warm days. the girl who sits in next to you is constantly rubbing her nose.

agh okay I give up on the poetic "spring is evil" campaign. so long story short, it seems that I have allergies and they are doing me no justice. I would love more than anything to just rid myself of a nose right now. because every waking moment, I either have to sneeze, sniffle, or rub my nose, and it drives me totalllyyyyyy insane. it's annoying as heck. maybe some people think allergies are fun, but I assure you that they are not. not even for a fetishist like myself because to be quite frank, I don't turn myself on (as dashing as I am). even right now I really need to sneeze but my sneezes just keep getting stuck and they have the utmost resolve to stay lodged in the back of my nose and not come out. and then when I know it's coming, I'm in a situation that would make me embarrassed to sneeze AND IT'S SO ANNOYING. and ohmyholygod I have to sneeze now and it still refuses to come out.

last Friday was a wonderful sunny day, perfect for a day in the park if I didn't have allergies. my aunt decides to kick my brother and I out of the house to play tennis instead of taking refuge in a pollen-less safe environment. well that was fine for the first hour and a half. lord knows, maybe chasing a ball makes pollen go away. past that point, I had a rather very long drawn out fit of at least 15 sneezes. I don't even know how to spell my sneezing. probably something like "hih'IHchHEW," not very unique, but not the generic high-pitched "hih-chew" sound either. more like a cough if anything, because people usually don't bless me, or they bless in a questioning manner, or they ask "was that supposed to be a...sneeze?" depending on the situation I stifle silently by pinching my nose. although more often than I'd like, the sneeze comes quicker than my hands can get to my nose and I end up making this gross sound. and now my voice is all hoarse and generally gross-sounding. and when I don't sneeze (which is like 90% of the time) my nose fills up and I need to blow my nose but I haaaate blowing my nose in public, even more so when I'm with people I know. I'm one of those people that hide in a bathroom stall to blow quietly. but everybody knows you can't get anything out with a weak little dab. graceful and nose-blowing DO NOT mix.

in all honesty I hate allergy season. :( all the suffering sure ain't worth a few allergic guys. especially since allergy-suffering guys among my friends are far and few between.

I take back my description of this. it's like 90% rant and 10% actual self-obs. pollen can go shoot and bury itself. unless I suddenly grow immune to it, in which case it can come back and haunt my wonderful friends. and handsome strangers. mwahahaha this selfish bratty snob.

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I'm right with you all the way. Spring is definitely unpleasant. Here's hoping for rainy days to suppress the pollen.

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I feel your pain, dear. I've been suffering for a while as well until I went back to a Claritin in the morning and a Benadryl at night but lately my allergy meds have been knocking me out cold so I can't win either way...


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Hello Emily, thank you for sharing your experiences. You write colorfully and I enjoyed reading about your... misery??? No, that can't be right. Well, I hope things get better. Feel free to update. Thanks.

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