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Hey lovelies! happy.png

I just finished a couple of back-to-back film projects so I wasn't around much. I have some more time to work on some fanfic-y stuff until I start working on ANOTHER project the beginning of next month rolleyes.gif But blah blah blah, enough about me...

This little drabble is jsut something I whipped up while thinking about the relationship between Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) and Niceguy Eddie. Alhtough I ususally just mess around with White and Orange, 90's era Michael Madsen was pretty f**kin hot! drool.gif

I can't figure out how to post visual aids, so if you're interested you can just google them rolleyes.gif

Anyway, this is for lexilovessneezes... cause she's awesome! biggrin.png All yours, m'dear...


“Dammit Vic, don’t do this; don’t shut me out.”

The creak of wood against the rickety building alerted Eddie to the fact that Eddie was leaning against the door. He clearly had no intention of leaving.

The linoleum remained cold and hard beneath him and he shivered. Fuck all if he didn’t wish whoever had designed this bathroom were in the room with him so he could personally dismember the guy for not having the fucking foresight to install a heater.

Another shiver rippled cold tendrils down his spine. It also managed to incite a crawling tingle in his already swollen sinuses. And he let it all go.

His head tilted upwards toward the glaring florescent lighting above the sink. Nostrils twitching, he was ready to get this thing the fuck over with.

“hh-ng’EISCH’uh!” First sneeze. His head snapped down viciously, causing flashbulbs of pain to burst behind his eyes. A buzz of tingly sensations raced down the bridge of his nose. Shaking his head not unlike an irritated dog, Vic managed another gulp of air before a quick glance upward brought about another harsh crescendo.

“igh- NNCHH!” He pressed his hand sluggishly beneath his nose, effectively shortening the sneeze, but not doing much in the way of volume. Muffled shouts from outside, clearly Eddie’s, were not doing his head any favors. His mouth opened to tell Eddie to shut his fucking mouth, but all that tumbled out was another vicious sneeze.

“Eugh…ETSCH’UE!” Painful and drawn-out, the pain emanating in waves from his throat was the only thing keeping Vic conscious. He vaguely heard a key turn in the lock. A blurry mirage was on him in seconds, propping him up against the cold tiles. Warmth emanated from the man’s hands, chasing away the intense cold his surroundings. He smiled, because he knew whose hands were roving his body.

Eddie. From every shitty prison on the west coast to a slightly shittier gas station bathroom, it had always been Eddie.


Short, but a hopefully decent attempt at writing some sneezy Mr. Blonde. Yes, in the movie he WAS the crazy one who cut off that guy's ear but I really wanted to soften him up a little with Eddie. And I just love how cute Vic and Eddie were when they were wrestling in Joe's office.

Agh, I'm gonna shut up now... hope ya'll liked it! smile.png

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I love you I love you I love you l love you (for the last "i" I used a lower case "l" and you cant tell tehe)

Anyway! IT WAS AWESOME. Did I mention that i love you??!!?!

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I can't believe this only got one comment....?!?!?! I have never seen anyone on this site describe things this well. It's not just the sneezing.... it's everything about what you wrote. I absolutely love the last two sentences. I really hope you keep writing things...... I'd like to see this continued but anything at all would be great. I'm still really new to this site so I can't see your profile to see other things you've written but I really hope I come across your work again.

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Drawn to this because of the title, and wow - very, very impressed. I don't know what it is, but I just love your descriptions... they're wonderfully exact and just, gah! So lovely. I'll have to look around for more of your stories here. Brilliant job!

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D'aww, thanks you guys! I feel so spoiled right now wub.png

I'm so glad everyone likes this little excercise in doofishry. I just reread it and ERRORS, the ERRORS fear.gif I will correct them now though.

Thanks for reading folks .- you guys really made my world! <3 I'm still writing btw, I can just never finish anything, but as always, I'll be around smile.png

EDIT:...or not. I can't seem to edit the damn thing :/ MURRRH

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