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Totally silent sneeze!

Joal 555

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So last Wednesday, I was standing in the queue at the bank. Immediately in front of me, a woman (perhaps in her 20s) was standing sideways on so I could see her face clearly. Suddenly she puts an extended finger under her nose and sneezes a completely silent stifle.

Maybe she didn't want it acknowledging, but I can't resist in such a situation (yes, I'm bad) so I said "bless you". She smiled and said "thank you" so maybe she didn't mind after all, I dunno.

Anyway, a bit later, while I was being served, I heard the sound of another female sneeze (much louder this time, so a different person) and another woman said "bless you". I was in the middle of my transaction so I couldn't turn round to see what was going on :( (I could hardly say, "excuse me while I turn around to identify the sneeze I just heard......" :P )

Must go to that bank more often......

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I am a sucker for having to bless, nice obs thanks for sharing

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Ooh I love silent stifles. Hahaha "Excuse me while I turn around to identify the sneeze I just heard." :P

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It is nice to have couple of moments brightened on the places which are kinda boring. Like a nice, wet fit on Annual European History Convention.... :)

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