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"Sneeze" as a DrawSomething word.


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I am one of those who save every funny/ epic/ deep/ pretty picture to their iPhone, so I have to delete unimportant photos every now and then in order to have a bit of free memory.

So, I was looking at pics at my camera roll and I noticed one that was... unknown to me. It was taken on DrawSomething game, on that part you have to choose between three words. The middle word was "sneeze".

I just knew I didn't take that one myself, cause I would remember I had the opportunity to draw something like that!

But my best friend, who does know about my fetish and often sends me amusing text messages on that subject uses my iPhone quite regulary, in fact much more then I do. I guess she just found it amusing to show me the "S word".

My question is: Did you guys ever got to choose between "sneeze" and two other words in DrawSomething or Draw my Thing? And was it the word you picked to draw?

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I don't even have an iPhone, let alone play games on either the computer or my phone, but that sounds both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. Oh God, if people knew and started leaving me "presents" like that I would die from embarrassment!! :lol:

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i don't have an iphone but i have the game on my ipod touch. i came across "sneeze" VARIOUS times and just being afraid of people finding out the feiths (even though my friends would never think of it as anything) im just too shy to even draw something that would be fetish related >_>

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Yea this has happened to me multiple times and I will pick something else if it is a game with my friends but if I don't know the person then I will be. More than glad it showed up.

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