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One of the many tales of my constantly sick bandmate...


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Hey guys! I've been lurking around here for about 2 years now, and I finally decided to stop chickening out and jump in the mix. laughing.gif

I'm in a band with a few of my closest friends, and one of them is just kind of in a perpetual state of being sick, along with having pretty bad allergies. So, I definitely have plenty of stories to tell in which he's tortured me with his beautiful sneezes, but I shall tell you one of the most memorable ones.

There was one time he had just the most extremely sneezy, sniffly, terrible cold I've ever seen him have, (which is pretty bad when it's him you're talking about) but he pushed himself to come to band practice anyway. The most heart-melting thing about seeing him sick is that he pretty much acts like his usual smiley, funny self to an extent, but his sense of humor gets just a tad bit snarkier, and you can really just see it in his eyes when he's miserable. So he just pushed through and set up his gear, sniffling and sneezing all the while. The rest of the guys noticed and made many remarks such as "You look like you're dying", "Are you sure you can practice today?" etc. and he just replied to them as if it was no big deal, sounding stuffed up beyond belief. "I'mbb fide, just kihdd of sick, it's alright though."

He greeted me normally. "Hey! How you doidggh?" I had to look at him with sympathy, he sounded so stuffy that it made my heart hurt.

"I'm doing fine, but you sound miserable...are you sure you're okay?" I asked, feeling bad for reminding him but I couldn't help saying something. If it weren't for the fact that he was busy tuning his guitar, I would have walked right over and hugged him.

"Yeah, doh worries, I'mbb good. Thadks." He looked at me and smiled wearily, and then turned his focus back to tuning.

As practice progressed, his sneezes and sniffles worsened, and he was starting to paw at his nose more and more. I deliberated over asking him if he needed a tissue, but I didn't, because first of all, he's always seemed kind of bashful about blowing his nose in public, and second of all, this happened to be the one day I didn't have tissues in my purse. gah.gif But then, coincidentally right after I finished my thought, he quietly asked "Uhh...would there happed to be ady tissues arouhdd?" Needless to say, I was pretty angry with myself, hahaha.

One of the other guys said, "I don't know, there's toilet paper in the bathroom." Which made me cringe, as the toilet paper in that house is like sand paper. Ouchhhh...

He sighed and set his guitar on his stand and pressed the back of his hand to his nose, but then it seemed to trigger something, as his eyes shifted upward and his breath hitched for a good 10 seconds or so. His eyes watered, his face even flushed a bit, and his expression was just the absolute epitome of helplessness. Then he finally started sneezing like crazy into his elbow. "Hkk-shh...! Hh-ETCHSCHH! Hkkshuu...h-...h-HEKTCHH! Hh-AAKSHUUH! Gaaahh, snot all over my nose..." He groaned with a dry laugh, and quickly but discreetely ducked out of the band room and ran down the hallway to the bathroom, sneezing all the way there. "Hh-ETCHH-uh! Hh-EKSH-uuh! HKCHSHUUH! HAAHKCHSHUH!"

The sound was eventually drowned out, and I sat down and just tried to collect my brain. dribble.gif Then he came back, still sniffling and rubbing his nose, with teary and bloodshot eyes. He pouted his lip out, and for the first time of the day, he whined rather pitifully. "Agghhhh...my nose hurts..." Ack. My heart hurt. Those puppy-dog eyes were just heart-wrenching.

Later, he had snuck off to the bathroom again, and we ended up all just taking a quick break. I walked out of the band room to get some water from the tap on the fridge, and could hear him just having a major attack from the combination of his cold and his allergies, sneezing, sniffling and blowing his nose like crazy. "H-KKSHUUHH! AKKSHUUH! ...hh-HEKSCHU! *snfff* Hh-heKTSCH! *snffff* *kkkkssschhhhhh* H-AKKSHUUHH! *snff...snnkkk* H-EKKSHUHH!" I just...can't even describe what I heard. He was a complete mess. I stood there just listening like a complete dope, and I actually had been standing there filling my water cup for so long that it had been overflowing all over the floor for practically ages and I didn't even notice! heh.gif

He stumbled out of the bathroom and saw me sheepishly cleaning up the gigantic puddle of water all over the floor. He kind of froze in his tracks a little at the sight, and so did I. He seemed taken by surprise, and also probably rather appalled that I had heard him sneezing and blowing his head off. But I don't know who turned redder, me or him. Most awkward few seconds of eye contact ever, hahaha. But he started to just laugh nervously, and he simply commented "That's a lot of water...what happedhd there?"

"I...I don't know, I just...I was filling up my water glass and started spacing out..." I stuttered, laughing nervously along with him and throwing away what seemed like the thousandth paper towel, as I finally finished cleaning up the minor catastrophe.

He smiled as if that amused him quite a lot. "You've seebmed a little spacey today, you okay?"

"Yep!" I answered instantly, feeling paranoid about rousing any suspicion, even though I'm aware this fetish is something most people don't even think to accuse people of having.

"Alrighty theddh, if you say so...but if adythigg's botherigg you, you cadd always tell be, y'kdnow." wub.gif He pat me on the shoulder and started walking back to the band room. Unngghh. So you say, but there are some things I'm sure you probably would rather not know.

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Eeeeep, my post cut off before I could finish somehow, and I can't edit yet. I'm really sorry to double-post! Sheesh, I just joined and I'm already livin' on the edge, hahaha. tonguesmiley.gif

But anyhow, then we went for coffee afterward (he insisted that he was up for it) and he sneezed this incredible triple into his elbow. "Hatsschh! Ekk-TSCHH! Hh-AKSHUHH!" His eyes peered up from above his elbow, and he held it there, looking rather embarrassed. "Uhh...are there ady ndapkinds or sobethigg?" I immediately sprung up from my seat and grabbed some, handing them to him. He said a soft "Thadk you..." and being in public, he just crumpled it up and wiped at his nose, and also looked around and once he thought nobody was looking, he sheepishly wiped off the inside of his elbow. D'aww...

Anyway, I'm pretty much done. I just felt like I should include that last part...heheheh. Hope this was alright for a first obs, I shall post more soooon. happy.png

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Alright for a first obs? How about beyond spectacular!? This is some drool-worthy stuff! The bit about your overflowing cup was hilarious- I can imagine I'd do the same if I was in your shoes. Can't wait to hear more about this sneezy boy....he sounds incredible. Thanks for the amazing, well-written, detailed obs! I'm jealous you have such an awesomely sneezy friend :P

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Oh, balls!


Can I borrow your bandmate for a while? *gives puppy eyes* Please?

Damn... poor guy. That would make some yummy caretaking... :doc:

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That's so cute that he said that to you at the end. I laughed when I read about you contiuing to fill your water cup without noticing it was already full, sounds like something that could happen to me and I would have been just as embarrassed! x.x

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Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it. tonguesmiley.gif There is more to come including both what else I have seen, and what else I will see, as he's also sick right now...

I'm glad I started posting, it really helps to get all the explosions of giddiness out, haha...especially to people who appreciate it. heart.gif

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Oh ff-... How much luck do you have to have on your side to have such a bandmate? Guh, adorable. x33

Seriously... Where can you get one such guy, tell me and I'll immediatly run to get one for R.L and I... LoL

Seriously, you lucky girllllll~

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Yes. Fully appreciated, thank you so very much. :drool::D Really, REALLY hot, and excellently described! It's incredibly awkward-delightful to have that kind of person in your life, I'm sure... Hoo. ^_^

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