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Blade's Drabble Thread!


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Obviously I've been cursed with a bit of writer's block. To help this, I'm taking the drabble challenge! WOO :) It will probably be all Psychoshipping and Thiefshipping, but I might throw in some Loki here and there.

A/N: If a drabble has the note: Alternate Universe, it means that in the drabble the Yamis and hikaris have separate bodies.

Disclaimer: I don't own!!! Please don't sue me! I have no cash!


Characters: Yami Bakura and Yami Marik (Psychoshipping)

Note: Alternate Universe

   "But Bakura... I thought you loved me." Yami Marik pouted, and took a step towards Yami Bakura.

   "Typically, but not whed you handcuff be while I'b sigk!" the white haired, handcuffed, teen growled while pulling uselessly at the restraints. "Heh'ttshah! Ah'etshOO! Heh'tsshh! Dabbit!"

   "But Bakura... You're sexier like this." the blond haired yami purred and took a few more steps closer to Bakura.

   "What? I look horrible right dow!" Bakura yelled hoarsely. Marik just slid closer to him. "What the hell is wrong with you Barik?" Marik giggled madly at Bakura's congested attempt at his name.

   "I think sneezing's sexy." he murmured. Bakura blinked in surprise. Of course, this was Yami Marik, so it honestly wasn't too surprising. 

   "Heh'CHSH!" Bakura sneezed suddenly and Marik leaned in closer. "You have some interesting kinks Marik."

2- Science Fiction

Characters- Yami Bakura and Marik (Thiefshipping)

Note: Alternate Universe

   "Why are we watching this again?" an annoyed Marik asked, turning slightly to look at Yami Bakura.

    "This is the most violent thing on TV right now." Bakura replied, his eyes glued to the screen, which showed some planet called Alderaan being blown up or something. Marik sighed and decided he might as well make the most of this time. It was the first moment in weeks he'd been able to truly rest, and he could feel it. His throat felt like Egypt's deserts, his head was pounding nonstop, the room was spinning at an unnatural pace, and his nose felt completely stuffed up. He shivered and leaned closer to Bakura. 

   Bakura looked down at him, feeling heat radiating off the teenage tomb keeper. "Marik? Are you ok?" he asked, trying to get a better look at him. 

   "Mmm." was the only reply he got. The tomb robber raised and eyebrow at the blond. "Hih'tchew!" Marik sneezed into one hand and sniffed, trying to act fine. Bakura smirked and picked up Marik, bridal style.

   "You're going to bed. Star Wars can wait."

3- Frightened

Characters- Yami Bakura and Yami Marik (Psychoshipping)

Note: Alternate Universe

   "HA! Did you see them run?" laughed Yami Marik. Bakura laughed with him, as he remembered how fast the kids had run away. For some reason he wasn't enjoying it as much as he usually did. Frightened kids were usually the funniest thing in the world, but today he felt...wrong. Not 'I feel bad about what I've been doing' wrong, but something didn't feel right.

   "Let's go scare more kids!" grinned Yami Marik. Bakura simply smirked and nodded. The sadistic blond began sprinting down the road to the next group of kids. Bakura started after him, but sneezed instead. "Hih'Tsh!" The world spun suddenly, and he found himself staring at the ground. 

   "Well what are you doing down there Bakura?" 

   "That bloody beat from yesterday got me sick." Bakura groaned.

4- Fake

Characters: Yami Bakura, Marik (Thiefshipping)

   Yami Bakura sat at his hikari's desk and stared out a nearby window as the teacher droned on about history. Most of it wasn't correct anyways. He sniffed and rubbed at his nose. He'd thought it would be fun to replace Ryou for the day and fool everyone, but there had been one slight miscalculation. Ryou had a cold, therefore, when he took over, he became sick instead. So far, nobody had noticed he wasn't Ryou. 

   The bell finally rang and Bakura dragged himself out of the classroom. As soon as he was out, he finally aloud himself to sneeze. "Ih'Tsshh! Heh'Tchsh! Heh...HEH..." he squinted his eyes shut, waiting for the last one.

   "Bless you!" a voice called from behind him. He lost it. The tickle was still there. When he was turning around to glare at whoever it was, someone suddenly hugged him. 

   "What the bloody hell?" he yelled, finally losing it. Until he looked down and saw that the person hugging him was Marik. "How did you know it was me?" Bakura asked, shocked.

   "I could tell by your sneezes. And you're not a good actor 'Kura."

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Oh, very good! These are cute.

Frightened kids were usually the funniest thing in the world

Ahahahahaha~!! XDDD

Please keep up the good work!

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A/N: Thanks for your reviews! Ok, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I'm going to camp for a week and half and won't be able to update :( The good news is that I have a lot of writing time and be able to make a HUGE update when I get back :) 

On with the (very short) drabbles!

5- Pencil

Characters- Marik and Yugi, surprisingly no shipping. Just random fluff.

   Marik stood in front of his locker, digging around in it to try and find a specific item. The item was eluding him though, and Marik was beginning to wonder if it was even in there. "Lost something?" a very annoying voice asked behind him. He turned slowly to face Yugi. 

   "I don't have a pencil." Marik stated, keeping his voice emotionless. Yugi smiled in his own gullible way and handed him one.

   "Here you can borrow mine. Just return it to me when you get another one." Yugi told him. Marik nodded and then quickly inhaled. 

   "Ih'Xngt!" he snapped forward quickly, sneezing on the pencil. Yugi blushed. 

   "On second thought, keep it. I'll get another one." Yugi told him and scurried off.

6- Squint

Characters- Marik and Yami  (Thiefshipping)

Note: AU

   It was another sunny morning in Domino City. Marik had just woken up, but hadn't opened his eyes yet. 'Maybe if I keep my eyes closed I'll be able to go back to sleep.' he thought and rolled over. Suddenly something was on top of him. The tomb keeper struggled momentarily and finally opened his eyes. He squinted from the sun, and attempted to shield his eyes, but his arms were pinned to his sides by Bakura. His nose twitched from the sudden light.

   "B-Bakura get...Hih...get off of m..IH'XSH!" he sneezed to the side quickly. "Ih'shEW!" 

   "Bless you." Bakura laughed.

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I think, more than anything, these make me laugh. They're so funny~! XDDD Thanks for brightening my day!

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The last one was so funny~ and so cute!! Even though I don't know Yu Gi Oh very well, I really enjoy these. Keep up the goos work!! :D

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