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My boyfriend accidentally participates in sexy sneeze time


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My new boyfriend has no idea I have this fetish. So you can imagine my delight when the following occurred one day out of the blue:

It was a particularly early morning, like 5:30am, and my bf and I had woken up much too early and were just lying in bed all sleepily-like. Most mornings when I’ve been awake for about 15 mins or so, I’ll have a sneezing fit of anywhere from 5 - 10 sneezes or so which come quick and easy, but this particular time was different. This time, I’d had a tickle building in my nose ever since I’d been awake; I had one of those really irritating, super tingly sneezes stuck in there, and it was driving me crazy. Hardly aware of what I was doing, I went through all my usual sneeze triggers…closing my eyes, hitching, open mouth inhales with nostrils flared, slow exhales out of my nose, twitching my nose, spinning my nose ring, but it just wouldn’t come. My boyfriend finally noticed the funny faces I was making and asked me if I was okay. I told him I had a sneeze stuck in my nose.

Then, we had the following conversation. It was completely innocent on his part; he seriously had no idea about how it was affecting me, but I went completely crazy:

Him: “Want me to tickle your nose and help you get the sneeze out? Come here, I’ll blow on it.”

Me *embarrassed but intrigued*: “No! I already have a tickle in my nose, it won’t help.”

Him: “Well, I know that if we tickle your nose, you’ll finally sneeze. Tickles cause sneezes.”

Me *horny, surprised and enchanted*: “Okaaaayy….”

He then proceeded to blow into my nostrils, which intensified things but didn’t quite make it happen. I got really close, though. He then told me to tickle it with a rolled up tissue and gently encouraged me verbally while I induced several violent sneezes. It was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me.

Needless to say, the gentleman got mad smooches that weekend.

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Great ob's! Kinda makes me wish you were my girlfriend ;) hahaha :) I hope that we, and you, get more ob's like this in the future.

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What the Mouse said. :yes: Hoo boy hotness. And quite well-written, at that! Excellent job :) Good to have you around!

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