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Handkerchief-using types of people


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Handkerchiefs have become very much part of my fetish over the last five or six years, and in my current job I have realised that I see a lot more handkerchiefs carried by people of my own age than I used to. This got me wondering if people with a certain background or occupation use hankies much more than others.

I grew up in the South of England, near London. I have a vague memory of seeing a couple of handkerchiefs in my school days, but very few. My interest in handkerchiefs was not really developed then- but I think I would remember if I had seen lots of them (I have one memory of seeing a girl on the school bus pull out a blue hanky to catch a sneeze, that has stayed with me vividly).

I then went to university, and I don't remember seeing a single handkerchief carried by a student in my undergraduate days. Then I went to a different university to study for a PhD, in a scientific subject. Here things were different- I soon noticed that a couple of the other PhD students I met always seemed to carry handkerchiefs- they would take them out without embarrassment when they needed to sneeze or blow. I met a few other grad students who used them, all male, with the exception of one girl who I saw with a beige plain handkerchief.

After that, I got a job as a research assistant, which is what I've been doing for the past couple of years. Here, I couldn't quite believe how many handkerchiefs I saw. It seems like almost half the young male researchers in my department use handkerchiefs- often colourful or patterned ones- as well as many of the older male academic staff (and one older woman). I've even seen a couple of the young men who are less geeky and more 'cool' pulling out colourful, check handkerchiefs... something I never expected.

Is there something about these generally middle-class, academic, more or less geeky, young men that means they're more likely to use handkerchiefs? I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts, or if you've seen similar groups who seem to have a tendency to use them.

P.S. I use hankies myself, but I started using them as an adult because the fetish got me interested. So I can't say why so many of my colleagues started to use them, and still do.

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I think it's a bit of hipster culture and love of retro that's big in current geek life. It's the same thing as listening to vinyl or riding a vintage bike, etc. Carrying a handkerchief is another way of representing 'cool' (plus it's environmentally friendly and sexy as all hell!)

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agree with dusty15, also its meant to be quite gothic, and i think some more traditional lower-income families still use them just coz they're use to them

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in my experience, there is a certain type of British lady (in 40s and 50s, often blonde, elegantly-dressed) who sees the handkerchief as a smart accessory. So they will often use coloured handkerchiefs, eg of the Atishoo variety, and more power to them. Great when you spot using one on a train!

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I'm not your stero-typical handkerchief user, trust

me lol. :)

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Sadly, I live in a country where handkerchief use is such a rarity that it's difficult to identify any common group characteristics. I am encouraged by the hipster theory, and I'd really like to know where I could meet one of those 40 or 50ish British ladies!

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