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Hello dears, thought I'd drop by and point to this (http://www.bbc.co.uk...cials_Olympics/). Acted single from Patsy (Joanna Lumley) at 13:20. No build up or similar but there's a joke about it straight after which you'd need to watch the previous few minutes to get.

iPlayed, so someone may want to clip this for non UK users.

EDIT: Clearly I've forgotten how to embed.

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AAAAHHHHHHH! Please somebody clip this so I can see! Please!! :heart: I'll love you forever.

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I meant to post about it last night, but when I couldn't find it on YouTube laziness took over. Not at all bad, and it does remind us of La Lumley's wonderful sneezing while hiding scene in that British sex farce film of about 40 years ago whose name escapes me, where unfortunately she is hiding in bed when she sneezes twice, quite simiarly to her current style , interestingly .

It's "Don't just lie there, say something" [1973] A rare film vehicle for Lord Rix. Happy days!

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Oh, my God. Thank you SO MUCH! :wub:

I'm surprised really, it was quite a well-acted sneeze (lovely sound). I had always feared that if they ever were to make Patsy sneeze, it would be one of those horrible fake-sneezes just to go along with her exaggerated character. I'm quite pleased.

Oh. Oh. Well, in that way too. :lol:

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Thank you so much for mentioning & posting this :D i am really keen to watch this episode ( though not home until tomorrow... so annoying waiting). Just out of interest ( apologies slightly off topic) but what's the episode like in general? I've read some reviews that weren't very positive- it would be shame if this has lost its spark.

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