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This summer, I'm volunteering at an art school for people with disabilities. Today was my second day, and one of the women who works there was showing me how things work in their facilities. She's probably five years older than me, but she's shorter by probably five inches. At one point she sniffed and said abruptly "I have to sneeze", then stared at her hands, which were covered in paint. She rubbed her nose on the back of her hand instead, then walked away quickly towards the sink. I was a little caught off-guard and stopped watching, assuming I could avoid any more on-topicness for the rest of the day.

But then, later, she came directly up to me and said "Now that my hands are clean, I want to sneeze, but it's stuck in my nose!" I just laughed awkwardly and pretended like I had a reason to walk away, but of course people asked "What did you say?" and she kept repeating herself, and the rest of the staff teased her. I left the room at that point and didn't see what happened though - having that much happen out of nowhere is too awks for me. xD

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