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Balance Lost on Balance Beam


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In high school it was fun to watch the girl's gymnastic competitions.

One day a pretty senior was performing on the balance beam. She had her routine down pat, but then disaster struck. She had to sneeze.

She tried valiantly to stifle, but as she did, the intensity just built. She tried twitching her nose, blinking her eyes rapidly and anything else she could think of to try to derail her oncoming sneeze. The harder she tried to stifle, the more intense her buildup became until the “dam broke” and her pent up sneeze echoed through the gym.

She lost her balance and fell to the mat, but suffered only a twisted ankle and bruised thigh. She burst into tears as she was helped up and led away. Some of the boys were chuckling, hooting and snickering at this poor girl’s misfortune. She must have felt her senior year and gymnastics future were ruined by a sneeze. She moved away and I’m not sure if anyone has heard from her.

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