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Old movies with handkerchief scenes?


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I'm actually asking this for a short fetish-related story I'm writing. :blush:

Just wondering if anyone here knows if there are any old or "classic" movies (can be more modern, but needs to be fairly well-known) that have scenes of a man using a handkerchief to sneeze or blow into, or just to wipe his nose. If the only examples anyone can recall are ladies, I suppose that could work too, but I'd really prefer a male example.

Unfortunately I'm not too knowledgeable of old films. Can anyone help me out? :D I'll be forever grateful. Thanks a bunch!

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hi, not m but a f hankie scene, pearl harbour, (cannot remember the characters names) but Kate Beckinsale leaves her hankie behind at a cafe and Josh Hartnett takes it back to her (think its @ 55mins 30 secs into it). Been me, think i would have kept it lol.

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I would consider Mary Poppins as a classic, and there is a great scene where Mary, Bert, Michael, Jane, and Uncle Albert are having a floating tea party up in the air. Then Mary tells the kids it's time to go, and they float down towards the ground. Uncle Albert is really sad the party is over, and begins to cry. He takes out a large, white handkerchief and sobs into it. He blows his nose and carries on... I remember watching this over and over when I was little!

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