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Finally not a lurker anymore!


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Oh hai.

So I've been a lurker here for...little over a year or so and have finally plucked up the courage to sign up and de-lurk.

I've had the fetish for as long as I can remember; I suspect I've had it since birth. I have no idea in the slightest exactly why I have the fetish, but even after being a sneeze fetishist for the past eighteen years of my life, I still view myself as a total weirdo. I have never told anyone I know that I have the fetish; it's likely one of those secrets I'll take with me to the grave.

As for introductions, I'm an eighteen year old soon-to-be University student from the UK. I'm aspiring to become a fantasy-fiction writer once Uni's out of the way. I love music, mostly within the metal genre and am a keen practitioner of Mixed Martial Arts. Oh, and I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to gaming and roleplaying. :D

I hope that through this forum I can learn to accept my fetish and hopefully make some good friends in the process.

It's great to be here and I look forward to meeting you all ^^

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Welcome to the forum! As someone who will also probably take the secret to their grave, I hope you have fun here and make loads of fetishy friends :D And you'll only be as weird as the rest of us :lol:


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Welcome! Thoroughly approve of the music choice and the hobbies. Hope you find a Uni with a good Role-playing society. Made some real lifelong friends at mine and wouldn't trade it for the wolrd. Am still regularly throwing dice with them twenty-six years later. And now I've made myself feel old, I'll just say welcome again and hope you enjoy the forum!

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Welcome to the forum, to me a long time to join as well. :)

Fantasy Fiction sounds awesome as well :)

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Welcome! Also, glad to have another video game nerd to talk to :) (If you ever wanna talk, of course.) (I'm not forcing you.) (Promise.) (>.>)

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Also, glad to have another video game nerd to talk to (If you ever wanna talk, of course.) (I'm not forcing you.) (Promise.) (>.>)

N'aww, 'course I do. Just gotta contribute as much as I can to get myself validated so I can use the chatroom ^^

Won't be too much of an excruciating wait I should imagine. :)

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