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Catching a sneeze just in time


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This obs happened as I arrived at work one day a couple of weeks ago.

My walk to work only takes about 15 minutes, but it was raining lightly and most people I passed were looking rather damp and grumpy. Maybe because of the moisture in the air, my nose began to feel a little tingly as I got near work; I pinched my nostrils gently between two fingers as I didn't even want the possibility of sneezing in front of anyone in the street.

I got to work, and soon enough was heading to my office with a mug of steaming coffee in my hand. I closed my office door, and with my free hand I extracted a couple of books from the shelf that I needed for work- as I did, I felt my nose start to tingle again as I breathed in, like the sensitive feeling in the nostrils when a cold is just starting.

I was carrying the books back to my desk, and suddenly the tickling sensation in my nose grew- I realised there was no stopping it, a sneeze was rapidly building up. I had a folded white handkerchief in my left pocket, but my left hand held the books and my right hand was still clutching the handle of the coffee mug. Everything happened in a few moments- I hurriedly put the books and the mug on my desk, as my eyes started to close and I inhaled involuntarily with a gentle "Huuuuh-" as the sneeze took hold. I could barely get the handkerchief from my pocket and didn't have time to unfold it, so I brought the folded square to cover my nose and mouth just as-


Even muffled by the cotton of the handkerchief, the sneeze was louder than I expected, and a little wet- but it felt good and cleared the tingling feeling in my nostrils. I blew gently into my hanky, before re-arranging it and putting it back in my pocket. Sniffling just a little, I sat down at my desk and took a long sip of coffee, wondering if anyone nearby could have heard my big sneeze...

Hope you liked! I'll try to get back to the rhythm of writing more obs soon. :)

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*grins* I don't know how you write such Great obs- but... I'm glad that you do.

Very cute, especially trying to wait unti hands were free. :blushing:

I could completely picture and hear that in my mind.

Bless. ;)

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OMG, that's adorable x3

You write very well~

ANd your sneeze sounded adorable x'D

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Wonderful observation - self observations are special ! - but one question remains in my mind. Why would someone who is obviously a gifted sneezer be embarrassed about sneezing in front of others?

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