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Ob from one of my best friends.


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So a few days ago, I hung out with one of my best friends (we'll call her M). So we were going to a fair that was in town for a while like we do every year so i arrived at her house and then we were gonna take her car from there so this is how it went down from here:

Me: "Hey M! :D"

M: "Hey Ryder! Uh just the heads up, im probably going to be having sneezing attacks the whole time..i have a cold soo.."

Me: "Oh ok..well don't sneeze on me or ill kill you" (jokingly of course lol)

So anyway throughout the whole time we were hanging out she kept announcing that she had to sneeze really badly (sometimes it didn't happen) Her sneezes aren't attractive (to me at least) since they are like cough-like sneezes but they're ok i guess. Also she's one of those girls that do the "hand-wave" thing to get the sneeze out or whatever lol

so at one point (when she's driving) she sneezes and then she feels a 2nd sneeze coming on so she's all like "no i don't want to sneeze again! Ryder, say "bless you". (me with having a blessing phobia i was about to rip my insides out >_>) but for her, apparently if someone says bless you a few times before she sneezes, the sneeze will go away (i don't know why she would want that to happen but ok lol)

So anyway i was literally facing her saying bless you a few times and the sneeze went away and she gave like a sigh of relief and was like "Thanks." and im like "no problem hehe.."

Yeah so she sneezed a lot during the hangout and i even asked her if she took anything (like any cold medicine) before she left and she's like no..and im like oh god you'll probably regret that later.

She probably did. It's been about a week after we hung out and she just texted me today saying she had to go to the doctor because she has a sinus infection.

The only enjoyment about being around her when she has a cold is her stuffy voice. idk im a sucker for stuffy voices. it's cute lol

also since i've known her since middle school and we hung out so much, we like always got sick together. like one of us would get a cold and then like a few days later, i or she would end up getting a cold lol i was kind of hoping i would get her cold (im one of those people that don't mind getting a cold) but i didn't lol i have an unusually strong immune system lol

Gah sorry it's so long..im done now xD

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