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My New Manga Idea

Graham Cracked

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Lately, thanks to some of the ideas here on me asking how I can get inspiration, I've been drawing quite a bit. I've also wanted to get back into drawing my own comics/mangas here and there, some I might move to become more than just quick drawings and into a legit webcomic or even more. My idea is pretty much a day-to-day story of someone with the fetish trying to fit in and telling those close to him/her. (Yes, that cliche has been done to death, but bare with me, I have tons of ideas for it xD) I was wondering, since the site was pretty much my 'coming out' if you would, if perhaps I could mention it or have something of a similar likeness? It won't revolve solely on the website, it would just be a place for the character to feel most comfortable about it. Also, I'll take any ideas on a possible title ^^

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...okay, no one else has commented, but I'll gather the courage to do iiiiit.

Well, in my opinion you should feel free to use the site or something similar. I mean... I'm not an owner, obviously, but... I don't think they have anything against it? And if someone is afraid of "being found out" after the forum gets into a webcomic, they should sometimes use google for stuff that has nothing to do with sneezing and realise that we still pop up all the time (especially if there's the word "fetish" in the search). This forum is far from private, though people use it for private things...

What would become of the comic if the artist is not allowed to make the character go to websites they like? It's a solid part of the real world and so it should be allowed to be a part of a real life portaying fictional story, right?

Okay, only my opinion. And yes, there's things like... dA groups but... you know, not the same thing as a real, active forum.

Anyway, if you do this comic, I'm sure I'd like to read it.

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