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Perfectly Unexpected Moment


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Today is an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous day - sunny, comfortably warm, and lots and lots of blooming flowers. I was sitting outside for lunch at work to enjoy it, and about ten minutes before I was going back inside, two guys come out with weed whackers. I didn't take a whole lot of notice of them at first, but I looked up now and then when they talked. One of the guys walked by me, leaving the other to do what he was doing.

Minutes passed. Then, five or so minutes before I got up, the guy who was left stops working and looks around for a minute (presumably to see where the other guy went). He was about average height, not all that tall or anything, stocky build, blond hair cut really short. I couldn't get a very good look at his face since it was scrunched up against the sun.

I'd turned back to taking a drink, only to look up one more time and see him snap forward at the waist with a quick "Hht'kchshh!"

I think I stared for a minute, caught totally off guard, and then promptly looked away with the bottle of ginger ale against my mouth. It was just one, but it was so completely out of the blue, I couldn't get it out of my head. Sorry my obs are always so long, by the way. ^^;

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Not too long by far, anyway. :) NICE. What a lovely lucky coincidence! Hehehe, a weed allergy. I find that especially hot for some reason or other.

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