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What to reply to someone commenting on your cold


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So I happen to have a cold right now, and I also happen to melt into puddles of goo when a man comments on my cold in any shape or form. The problem is, when I am melting, I'm unable to answer anything intelligible other than like "Sorry".

For example, tonight I was playing video game with a friend and we were using voice chat, and I sneezed and coughed a few times, trying to be as far away from the mic as possible, but failing. Here's a run down of some of the comments he made and my stupid answers:


Him - What was that?

Me - A sneeze, sorry!

Him - Are you getting sick?

Me - *melt* yeeeeaahhh...

Him - Oh yeah you had a sore throat yesterday, that sucks, I'm sorry.

Me - *melt* s'okay.

[insert akward silence]

- Later on -

Me - [said something random]

Him - You do sound sick, I can hear it in your voice.

Me - *melt* Sorry!

Him - Why are you apologizing? *laugh*

Me - I'm Canadian. (MY ONLY GOOD RETORT!)

- Later on -


Him - I heard that one

Me - Sorry!

Him - Don't apologize! I just feel bad for you.

Me - *ultra melt* Aerrrhmblblbl...

- Later on -


Him - How long have you been sick?

Me - *melt* rrrhmm.. 2 days?

Him - Aww. I hate being sick.

Me - *stupid giggle*

So what should I answer to stuff like that? What do you answer when someone says "You do sound sick"? I mean, on the one hand I LOVE IT when a guy comments and notices (I'm weird), but on the other hand, I freeze and panic and I sound like an idiot, or I sound like I'm annoyed or don't care. Ugh. So. Complicated.

Help! tonguesmiley.gif

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I'm exactly the same. I like to have it noticed and feel like someone cares but I'm embarrassed by it at the same time. Which is why I usually deny being sick unless it's so obvious that I can't. I wish I had some good advice but just reading about your experience was making me melt!

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just reading about your experience was making me melt!


Maybe try to stop worrying so much? I know it's easier said than done, but this friend of yours sounds super-caring, so I don't think he'd mind if you sound, to quote your words, "like an idiot". You never know, he might even find it cute!

Perhaps you could say something like "n'awww, it's sweet of you to care, but I'll be fine"?

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Perhaps you could say something like "n'awww, it's sweet of you to care, but I'll be fine"?

See, that's the problem, I'd be afraid that he would think I'm telling him to stop commenting, because really, I don't want him to stop lol. That's the main problem, answering something normal, but that will encourage him to continue. I'm thinking that if I had prepared answers for most of the usual comments, I could whip them out automatically instead of freezing :P

But yeah I definitely need to stop worrying so much hahaha. And I was utterly shocked that he was so caring and kept talking about my cold and telling me to feel better soon. I would have NEVER guessed he'd be like that. He's more of a super sarcastic, dark humor kind of guy that likes to tease everyone (no meanly). So I didn't even think anything when I started playing with him, I figured he wouldn't notice or if he did, he would comment once and move on. But he kept bringing it up, and I kept melting to the ground until I was bubbling on the floor.

It was a very, very nice surprise, as this hasn't happened to me in a long time. But yeah, I need to find a way to sound like a human when it happens. Gnn!

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Maybe something like, "It's okay, as long as it doesn't actually hurt I don't mind so much" or, "It's not that annoying, as long as I don't have to go out in public like this"? And then laugh, and make it sort of a joke. Maybe from there you could talk about other times you've had to go out in public with cold symptoms. Or you could talk about liking being able to take sick days off, or something. Hopefully those could encourage some discussion!

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This sounds so freaking ADORABLE!!

I'd try start a conversation about it, he gave you plenty topic starters. Try to squeeze bits of conversation out of your mushed brain if that's possible! :laugh:

Cute story though!

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I don't know if I can be much help...:D

If someone says that to me I tend to just freeze and be like, Oh-look-I-need-to-do-something-over-there-far-away-from-you-gotta-go-bye.

Him - Why are you apologizing? *laugh* Me - I'm Canadian.

HEEHEE! I love this. ;D

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Orionbob: Those are so good! I'll put them in my "don't think, just say this" folder in my melted brain. Thank you!! :heart:

Pearlised: I missed all of those golden opportunities! I really need to train my brain not to turn to mush when it happens, lol.

Purple!: That's exactly how I felt, except it was more like Oh-look-I-need-to-do-something-over-there-far-away-but-keep-saying-those-things-no-wait-don't-wait-yes-do-no-don't-omg *dies*

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Little update:

I played with him again yesterday, and though there were a lot less comments (thank god, I could focus on the game a bit and stop playing like a distracted moron), he called me "sickie" a few times, and asked with a concerned voice "Are you still sick?". To which I of course replied "Yeeeeeaaaaaaah".... *Silence*

We played until waaaaaaaay too late and went to bed at 3am, so this morning he emailed me: "I have a DOTA hangover" (DOTA is the game we play). I replied that we should take it easy tonight and that I might go to sleep early this time, and he said: "You need to get healthy though so rest up!", and later, when he mentioned playing tomorrow or Friday: "Hope you feel better by then!".

It's so much easier when it's an email hahaha.

Oh, and I was able to talk about the cold a bit! One time, he coughed, so I said "Are you getting sick too?" and he replied "You probably got me sick, sneezing all over me through the mic". I controlled my mushed brain and answered "Maybe you should take a sick day tomorrow so we can play more DOTA" :P

I'm getting there!!

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I'm glad my suggestions might be useful! And it is a lot easier when it's email, isn't it? When it's real-time confrontation the only possible thought is the sizzling sound your brain makes as it melts, but other stuff lets you take a step back and breathe for a second.

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I totally know where you're coming from, but I have to say... THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I love how attentive he is to your sneezing. I say don't worry about being awkward, and relish in it. Then report back to us so we can continue to melt. :D And I think it is beyond adorable that he called you "Sickie."

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Ahhh - I love this! I'm really enjoying living vicariously through your experiences smile.png It's definitely the best when comments like that come from someone you like but wouldn't expect them from.

I've definitely experienced that feeling of ambivalence, though. It's like: I want this to continue indefinitely, but how can I handle the awkwardness??

I usually can't deal with it any better than you have, at the moment of truth. I really like Orionbob's suggestions!! I'll have to try to remember those. But maybe if you don't feel bold enough to pull that off, you could try something like, "Yeahhhh, I think I'll survive" or "I think it's getting a little better." That could be an easier middle ground.

Thanks for posting this! :D

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Eegh, such a stupid remark. "You sound ill." "You sound as though you have a bad cold." If a stranger said that to me, at work for instance, I'd just shrug and say "I'm all right." If a friend did, I'd make a joke out of it. "I know, right? Aren't you sorry for me?" Something like that.

And :hug: for the way you made this self-obs all nicely wrapped up in a discussion! (I'm trying to learn to play DotA too. Maybe one day I'll see you OUT THERE. "Radiant Victory!")

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