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Olympic sneezers and noses


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Ok, I am in love. Missy Franklin who won gold last night for the US in swimming has a great nose. I would love to hear her sneeze. Go Missy!!!!

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What I wouldn't give to see Tom Daley (Team GB diver) or Kristian Thomas (Team GB gymnast) sneeze. It'd be bloody marvelous ;)

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I would KILL to see Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, or Chad Le Clos sneeze....oh my goodness *_*

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Man, these people are gorgeous! Okay, im probably breaking a rule here because these guys are all from the SUMMER olympics, but I would absolutely DIE if Apollo Ohno (Winter Speed Skater US) sneezed. He's just so beautiful.....

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Don't care about noses at all,but here are some athletes I would like to see sneeze:

Saori Kimura - Japanese women's volleyball player

Sheilla - Brazilian women's volleyball player

Jaqueline - Brazilian women's volleyball player

Fabiana de Oliveira - Brazilian women's volleyball player

Sérgio Sasaki - Brazilian gymnast

If I remember other athletes,I'll post again later.:)

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You'd think swimmers would sneeze pretty often. I know I do when I go swimming! All those pool chemicals drying the nose out...

Michael Phelps would be a dreeeeam. And you just know he'd make this cute face right afterwards, or maybe even laugh a little.

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