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Officially Signing In! Glad to be here!


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Hey Everyone-

I have been a member of the forum off and on for about a year or two and have recently decided that I'd like to be more active so it's kind of like saying hi to everyone for the first time. When I discovered the forum, I was pretty relieved that I was not some one of a kind abnormal anomoly in the world, but that many shared this secret with me. Over time, I have even been able to relax my thoughts on the fetish and although I haven't told anyone I know about it yet, I really don't see it as being difficult to understand anymore. Of course, I still worry a bit that others will find out and this very personal secret will get out before I'm ready to tell others, but I don't really wonder if there is anything wrong with me anymore. Such a better place to be.

A bit about me: I work pretty much full time as a musician in the Twin Cities area. I'm a trumpet player that teaches privately, gigs (plays shows/ concerts) several times a week, and am part of a really cool Jazz Cooperative in Minneapolis that anybody would be welcome to come check out if you live nearby. I also do some producing, composing, recording, and web design as time allows.

Everyone drop in (to this thread) and say hello if you like. I imagine I will be interacting with many of you frequently in the future.


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Welcome (sort of) to the forum. :) Am glad the forum helped you come to terms with the fetish.

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