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[[[As I've began work on my manga idea, I've been rewatching my past favorite anime once again, one of which being Ouran High School Host Club. I thought of a scenario like this a while back, but I just recently finally decided to write it. It might be a little short in comparison to my other stories, but it'll at least be completed xD]]]

The expensive school was at a steady pace on this day with the most recent snowstorm blanketing the courtyard around the large building. Inside, the students were busy with studies and trying to keep warm, drinking gourmet hot cocoa and tea. In the main lobby, however, one common sight was still quite active. The Host Club. Consisting of seven members, six obviously male and one that seemed quite feminine, their job was to please any woman willing to swoon before them. And they took their jobs quite seriously, though some a bit more serious than others.

Sitting on the couch, the red-haired twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, were surrounded by adoring and squealing girls. Kaoru was resting on the lap of Hikaru, a cold cloth on his forehead and a scarf around his neck. Hikaru looked down to him with great pity to make the girls all blush at the sight.

"B-Brother...I'm sorry..." Kaoru said, his voice raspy. "I got caught up in the snowstorm a-and..."

"Shush, Kaoru...you're burning up..." Hikaru responded, adjusting the cloth.

"I don't want you getting sick...please, I'll be fine..."

"I'm not leaving you, Kaoru...I'll never leave your side..."

Away from the madness of fangirls, the blonde 'King', Tamaki, kept a watch and a smile at the sight. He held a hand to his chin as he spoke to Kyoya, the dark haired, four-eyed accountant.

"We got lucky, didn't we?" He said with a smirk. "Just when things were going slow for us, Kaoru pulls through in the clutches."

"Meaning there happens to be a few ladies with a thing for weakness." Kyoya replied, pushing his glasses up.

"Exactly~! Who would've guessed?!" He exclaimed with a beaming smile. "This is something I'll need to remember."

He kept a watch for the girls still watching as another girl caught his eye. It was a dark haired girl that seemed to look either tired or uninterested behind her small glasses. She was sitting close enough to get elbowed by a few of the fangirls, but never seemed to look up from her notebook. It confused him a bit, as he wondered just why she'd sit so close without reacting.

"Maybe she just doesn't want to be bothered from her favorite spot?"

Tamaki jumped, looking down to the brown haired 'boy', Haruhi, a little scared at how she knew what he was thinking.

"Don't be surprised, everything you think of is written all over your face," she sighed, walking over to the twins with a tray of tea and some medicine.

"Wait...huh?" He stammered a little, still confused. He waved off her odd moment of ESP before watching as she delivered the tray to them.

"Here you go, guys," she said, placing the tray down at the table in front of them. "Get better, Kaoru..."

"Th-Thanks, Haruhi..." Kaoru responded, weakly reaching for his tea and medicine.

"Awww~ Haruhi, you're so caring!" One of the girls shouted as the rest of them continued watching the twins. Kaoru sat up a little with Hikaru's help and took the medicine, groaning at the taste before drinking the tea, jumping in Hikaru's grasp and sputtering the drink a little.

"Ahhh! Hot!!" Kaoru shouted, startling the others around him.

"Kaoru! Are you ok?" Hikaru asked worriedly, holding him up.

"N-No...not so cl-close..." Kaoru stuttered, trying to push him away, starting to blush. His nostrils flared only slightly on his petite face before he shot forward. "Hee-Kchuu~!!" he sneezed into his scarf, groaning slightly.

"You're getting worse, aren't you?" Hikaru said with a small sigh.

"I-I'm...n-no, I- Hek-Tchu!! Kchu!!" He sniffled hard against the cloth of the scarf, his face paling more. The girls surrounding him whined in pity, finding Hikaru's care of Kaoru adorable. Even the girl at her notebook seemed to respond, looking up with a small blush forming.

"Kaoru...let me take you to bed, please..." Hikaru said, starting to push him up a little.

"I-...I'm not sure I ca-- Tchuu~!!" Kaoru whimpered softly. Hikaru groaned a little and looked up to the girls looking to them with sadness in his eyes.

"Can we please be left alone? He needs his rest..." he requested, causing the girls to whine.

"Wait, what's he doing?!" Tamaki blinked at Hikaru's actions, eyes widening as the crowd began to disperse.

"Being a considerate brother perhaps?" Kyoya retorted for Hikaru's behalf. "Isn't the well-being of our members more important than the task at hand?"

Tamaki looked to him, thinking more about the girls then Kaoru. He looked back over, noting just how pale he was going, then sighed, head falling in defeat. "I guess..." he whined.

He looked up to see the rest of the girls move away, some to their studies once again, others to talk with friends. Even the one girl at her notebook stood up and started for the hallway out of the lobby. However, something was odd about how she left. As she did so, Kaoru went into a brief, but loud sneezing fit. As he did, she seemed to slow down, even stop, as if waiting for something. And once he quieted, she started walking again. Tamaki tilted his head at the behavior, mildly intrigued.


Sitting beneath a large window, the girl was writing in her notebook, a small smile on her face and the tiniest hint of a blush filling beneath her glasses. She appeared to be almost fascinated by what she wrote, biting her lip a little with what she would reread and with each page turn. She sighed a little contently, shutting her eyes, trying to think of what to write next.

"Find some inspiration back there?"

She jumped and quickly shut her notebook at the sight of Tamaki leaning against the wall next to her, arms crossed and a smile on his face.

"H-How..." she started, a blush vast on her face. "How did you get here that fast?"

"That's not your concern, my dear~" he said with a mild chuckle before leaning over to her to try and see her notebook. "May I see what you've written?"

"Huh?" she pulled away nervously. "Wh-Why? I don't let strangers read my stories!"

"Ah, I see~" he smiled, bowing softly. "I am Tamaki Suou...and you are?"

She paused, looking at him for a moment, grip tightening around her notebook. "R-...Rin Tomiya..."

"Alright, now that we aren't strangers but acquaintances, care to share a read?" He asked once again, holding out his hand.

"No! Why should I let you?" She shouted, her blush turning redder. Tamaki merely sighed and pulled away a little.

"Fine...I am probably over-jumping some boundaries here...I was just a little curious about how you didn't join the crowd earlier today. Obviously something that took all of your attention away from was probably genius."

She looked up to him after he finished talking. She brought herself to stand up while still leaning against the window behind her. Looking down, she sighed a little and shut her eyes.

"I was just...not that interested in what you guys were doing..."

"What we were doing?"

"You plan these things out, don't you? To make the girls wild?"

"Heh...most of the time we do, but what the twins were doing were completely accidental."

She chuckled a little, still blushing a little. Holding her folder close, she started to walk away from him.

"Sure...you were happy to see the crowd, though, weren't you, Tamaki?" She looked over to him briefly, pausing mid-step. "Anything to make those girls happy, right?"

He remained silent as she spoke. She shook her head with a half smile and started walking again. The walk was familiar for him as it seemed like she was waiting for something. He thought briefly, trying to remember what she paused for before, before smiling a little to himself.

"Well, if you ever have the desire to show me your story, just come back here. I'll be w-..." he paused, faking a small hitch in his voice and bringing a hand to his face beneath his nose. Almost instantly, that brought her to a pause in her step. "Hih-...nhh...I hope I don't catch what he has...I get into horrible fits..." he said with a smirk, especially when she turned to briefly look over her shoulder. "Anyway, we both should get to our classes, shouldn't we?"

"...Yeah," Rin responded, almost with disappointment. They both started back for their destinations, Tamaki silently planning his next change of the abandoned music room.

[[[Like I said, shorter story, and sorry if it's a bit of a slow start, there's much more to come in the next chapter ^^;]]]

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This has "fantastic" written all over it~!

I LOVE Ouran! LOVE IT~! And this idea is original, and will be a lot of fun >:3

You're handling the characters quite well! Especially Tamaki with his "~" after he speaks xDDD. Makes me laugh~ (since I'm addicted to them ^^'')

Hopefully some sneezy Tamaki in the future~? ~_^

Either way, looking forward to this!

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HNNNRRRGGGHHH TAMAKIIII @_@ I love where this is going. First the twins (which is absolutely D'AW! They're just that way in general lol) and Tamaki's fake hitch? Oh dear, he's going to mess with the poor girl. Anything for the ladays! B-) Looking forward to more! :3

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Eeehhhh this is so good! Oh wow, what a great start to my day. Always love some sneezy ouran, especially from the twins and tamaki :P can't wait for more!

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THIS...IS...AMAZING!!! I am so extremely intrigued right now, I can't stand it!! Don't keep us waiting too long girl, this is getting good. :P

Oh, and LOL TAMAKI!! XD I can't wait to see what he does with this knowledge...such a tease you are Oina~ <33333

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I loooooooove this!!! Kaoru is so cute already, and you made him so much lskfjals;dfjkcuter with a cold and a fever and a scarf and so much ADORABLE. I feel a little bit bad for the girl, knowing Tamaki's out to mess with her (unless he actually were to catch Kaoru's cold wink.png). XD

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Oh this is too good! Just like Tamaki to exploit this... interesting little development. >:] I'd love to see where this goes.

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ERMAGERD!!! :yay:

It has been absolutely FOREVER since I've read anything Ouran. Man, I need to re-watch this awesome show. :laugh: Love what you have so far! Can't wait to read more. Poor Kaoru, and hellooooo, Tamaki. :naughty::heart:

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Oh my goodness! That was so adorable, I could fangirl-squeal for hours... Unfortunately, if I did that, I'd wake everyone up...

But still, this was absolutely adorable; reading this has brightened my day :D

I'm very excited to find out exactly what Tamaki has up his sleeve :drool:

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[[[Thank you to everyone for such positive feedback on the story! I didn't think it would get so many comments on the first day biggrin.png Another bit of a slow chapter, I assure you it'll get good in the next one ^^]]]

Rin seemed to be a little bit out of focus through her past three classes. All she wanted to do was write. She had hoped she wasn't too obvious to Tamaki about how she responded from the twins' actions. She wanted to confront him, but the fear of being embarrassed was too much for her to go through with it.

As she started out of her last class, she saw Kyoya down the hall, typing quickly at his calculator. She had been an acquaintance of his for the year, and she knew he hung out with Tamaki probably more than anyone. Still, she was damn shy to talk to him, but she knew she had to. She walked up to him and smiled softly, trying to gain confidence.

"Uhm, Kyoya," she started a little nervously. "Can I talk to you about something?" He looked down to her from his calculations with a nod.

"Alright, shoot," he responded simply.

"Uh...well, it's about Tamaki," she said, walking down the hall. "Does he have to please every woman in the school, or just the pretty ones?"

"Well, he just likes seeing them happy. Why, do you have a problem with it?"

"No, I'm alright with that, it's just...it gets a little annoying sometimes," she said, squeezing her notebook close. "Just how obvious it could be."

"Most girls don't mind. Perhaps there just hasn't been anything we could do for you~" he said with a small chuckle, causing her to blush.

"Th-That isn't my point!" she stammered a bit, looking away. "I don't care about how I feel, some of those girls can take it seriously and get really heartbroken."

Kyoya sighed, knowing about how some of the women could get. He looked back to her with a small nod.

"Some women do. But it sounds like you're smarter than most, aren't you?"

"No..." she responded softly. "You're more right than I am. I guess...just nothing you guys do appeals to me."

"You seemed a little interested earlier today," he said as they turned a corner. "With the twins' behavior in the lobby."

"N-...Not really," she said, clearing her throat, her blush growing. "Did he say that or something?"

"No, why? Am I right?"

She stopped. She felt as if she let out some giant secret, unaware that the cool Kyoya already was able to see right through her.

"I-..." she began to say before turning and seeing him quickly reach into his pocket, his eyelashes fluttering behind his glasses.

"S-Sorry, I..." he struggled a little to say. He quickly brought his hand from his pocket to his face, burying his nose into the kerchief he pulled out. "Ihh-Schu!!"

Rin jumped a little at his sneeze, blushing that much deeper. She had greatly hoped it was just a coincidence, but wasn't quite sure when he refused to bring the kerchief back down.

"Hih~...sorry, Rin, I-...I don't know wh- Kchu!! Nhh..." he groaned a little and shook his head, sniffing a bit and bringing the cloth back to his pocket. "Heh...didn't know where that came from..."

Rin stayed looking down, blushing horribly, the grip around her notebook tightening that much more.

"I-...It's alright..." she managed to mutter out. "I...have to get to my next class, anyway." Before Kyoya could respond, she darted down the hall quickly, hoping to come off more as a case of germaphobia than anything else.


She had no idea how to react. He was beyond anything she could have imagined. But she was scared of how she got around him. It would ruin it if he ever saw.

Rin looked around a little nervously as her class started filling in. She dismissed the story in her notebook to continue writing at another time. However, through all of her class, that was all she could think of. As well as just why Tamaki would want to read it. Probably just to try and see what would 'please' me... she thought. Heh, nice try, but no one's gonna know about this...she sighed a little sadly at that thought, returning her focus to the class.

At the end of class, she knew she was going to have about an hour break. She thought of going back to the lobby to write, but the thought of the twins being there got her nervous. She also thought of going back down the hallway to humor the blonde host. As she thought about where to go, she stopped, not from spotting anyone, but from feeling the ground beneath her start to shake.

"A-An earthquake?!" she jumped, trying to get to the wall of the hallway.

Beneath her, a 'Powerful Motor' whirled and separated the ground, a high pitched giggling coming from it as a platform started to rise. Rin watched as a young woman remained on the platform as it spun her around slowly. Once it stopped, the girl's eyes opened and the laughter stopped.

"Wait, huh? Where are my boys?!" she shouted with a growl, looking around the abandoned hallway. She glared over to Rin and groaned, stomping on the platform angrily. "Stupid thing, I thought I got it fixed!" Rin merely watched in strange awe at what was happening.

"Uh...hello?" she choked out, unsure of what else to say.

"Hmph...sorry, I have to be going now, I have an important meeting to attend to," she said before starting to laugh once again, platform lowering. As it descended, some of the whirling stopped, where other springs and gears sounded like they were snapping. And after a brief moment, the platform stopped, where the girl was just left laughing. She opened her eyes when she realized she hadn't moved and looked back to Rin. "Ah..."

"Uh..." Rin looked to her as she looked back, both of them confused at what was happening.


After the initial awkwardness of the malfunctioning machine, Rin convinced the girl, Renge, to walk with her for her next class. She told her the classroom she was going to, which was on the way in the abandoned hall Rin was in earlier that day.

"Do you always travel by that thing? How did you manage to get it installed?"

"It's much more efficient than walking, though lately it's been popping up at random places in the school," she groaned a bit in thought, then smiled a little, brushing it off. "Well, I'll just bring it up at this meeting. Probably gonna run slow anyway." Rin nodded at Renge's statement, naturally clutching her notebook tighter.

"What's the meeting for? If it's ok if I ask," Rin said under her breath, unsure if she was crossing a boundary she couldn't.

"Ah, I'm the manager of the school's Host Club!" Renge started, stunning Rin. "Some of the members called an emergency meeting and I was hoping to get there before the others, but that ship has sailed...or sank, whatever."

"R-...Really?" Rin's mind pulsed. "You're their manager? Why?"

"Well why on Earth not?" Renge started, holding up a fist to the air. "It takes true devotion to do what those brave men do everyday! And it's an honor and a privilege to aid them in every way!"

Rin sighed. It was extravagance like that, her overboard attitude, that was perfect for the host club. She shook her head with a smile and was about to turn for the hall again. It was at that time that Rin spotted something behind the large, red bow in Renge's hair. From her angle, it seemed to be a stuck stem of a flower.

"U-Uh...Renge...you have something stuck there..." she pointed, tilting her head slightly. Renge eased and reached up, grabbing a small daisy from behind the bow.

"This? I was told to bring it to the meeting today for some reason," she held it limp with a little confusion. "Though why I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it said in Tamaki's health file that he was severely allergic to these."

Rin's eyes widened. She felt her breathing stop after she said that. He knows... Her mind raced in a panic. She backed away from her a little and tried to manage a smile.

"S-Sorry, Renge, but...I think I'm late..."

"Wait, but, you said you had time! I hate walking by myself!"

"You told me, I know, but I really have to hurry!" Before Renge was able to respond once again, Rin was gone.


Rin sobbed, the embarrassment far too much. She kept herself in a private spot in the lobby, clutching her notebook in her sobs. He had found out about her, and worse, he was probably telling the rest of the members. At least, that's what brought her into the brief rage she was in.

She tried her best to ease the sobs and get her vision back. Thanks to Renge, she knew where the meeting was. She knew where Tamaki would be. And even with her usually shy nature, she knew when she had to defend herself.

She pushed herself from her seat and stormed for the hallway. She remembered how to get there, down the main corridor, up the stairs all the way and down to the very end of the hall. Once she found the doors and looked up to see it was, in fact, the abandoned music room, she tightened her fists in determination. And with one swift motion, she pulled at the handles of the doors, a bright light and a flurry of rose petals welcoming her, as well as several voices at once.

"Welcome to the Host Club~"

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Oh ho ho ho~!

Some Kyouya sneezes, and now a possibly severe reaction from Tamaki? Oh yes >w>

I'll be waiting with baited breath for the next update, dear~!

Cannot WAIT OwO

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"S-Sorry, I..." he struggled a little to say. He quickly brought his hand from his pocket to his face, burying his nose into the kerchief he pulled out. "Ihh-Schu!!"
my favorite part :3

i cant wait until the next part!!!

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Wow, is Tamaki really doing all this? It's so delightfully....not evil, but mischievous? Yes, thats it, mischievous. :razz: Kyouya ngggghh is he in on it too!!?!?! And the way you're developing Rin, I really like her. I'm loving this whole story way too much for my own good. Next part is going to be EPIC!!

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surprise.gif You are one of my new favorite people. Thank you soooooo much for posting this story. It's so well written! Excellent job with the characters. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif I can't wait to see what you do in the next part!
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This is really awesome, but I feel really bad for Rin. If I was her I would never go back there again. Avoid it, and completely ignore the members whenever we met. I think I'm a scardy cat guys...oh well. I applaud her, she's got some balls :D

Keep up the good work!! :3

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Please, PLEASE post the next part! I'm seriously dying to read it!! You're a great writer, and I've always loved Ouran fics. Seriously want to read the next part as soon as you can submit it!

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I'm not postin until I get 5 gud repliez~ :trollface:

xD jk, It'll be up either later today or tomorrow ^^

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C_C Little miss troll. <3

No you >>

And what are you doing, reading an anime fanfic of mine? xD

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UWAAAHHH~! Some epic Ouran wrong!!! happy.png May I say, I LOVE where this is going. Seriously. aaevil.gif lolol this is awesome! I hope you post more soon! biggrin.png

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:D I love this so so much~ I haven't been into Ouran for a few years now, but all my memories of Renge and the club room and everything just came flooding back with this, and I loved every moment. :D I can't wait to see what awaits her in the club room~ ewe
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