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Oh hell, I can ask, right?


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Yeah, well, I know. I'm never into the same fandoms everyone else are. heh.gif

Anyway, I've been getting very into the Devil Wears Prada fanfiction lately, and while there are loads of deliciously smutty femslash fics to devour, something's missing. Which would be sneezing, obviously. So, I just thought I'd throw a request out here and see if anyone would do one for me? I'd so very much like a Miranda-being-allergic-fic.

Anyone? Pretty please? *puppy eyes* heart.gif

ETA: I'd like it to contain a hint of (or maybe even obvious) MirAndy pairing, but no serious smut, really. Desperate allergic sneezes is smut enough for me at the moment.

(desperate fetish high, much...? heh.gif )

If you feel you could give it a shot, PM me. Pretty please...? :bounce::wub:

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