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So I'm starting a drabble thread! They are pretty long because I find it really hard to condense things but they are still pretty much plotless. Mostly just sneezing situations in various fandoms.

I'm planning on having drabbles from the following fandoms: Harry Potter, HBO's Girls, Sherlock, Downton Abbey. Maybe Avengers? We will see! There will also probably be some original stuff thrown into the mix. Pairings will be m/m, f/m, and f/f. Hope you enjoy!

First two drabbles in the HP universe with some creative license. Also these have not been proof-read! Read at your own risk!


A Harry and Hermione Christmas

It was one of the rare Christmas’ that Hermione stayed at Hogwarts but Ron went home. Granted it was far from regular school year what with most of the seventh years making up the year lost to the Carrows. Harry was looking forward to the holiday quite a bit but poor Hermione had caught a cold just days into their break. As such Christmas eve saw them both curled up on the couch in the Gryfindor common room both feeling a little put out.

“I’ve ruined Christbas.” Hermione sighed from Harry’s shoulder, her hot breath moist against his neck. She was sitting beside him with her head feeling warm and heavy in the crook of his neck. Harry sighed as well and worked an arm around her slender waist, pulling her even closer.

“Course you haven’t. You’re ill, you can’t help it. It’ll just be a bit more of low-key holiday. We didn’t really have plans anyway.” Harry said reasonably before letting his head fall to rest on top of hers. Hermione snuffled sadly for a moment.

“No sledding though. I know you w—were look—looking—h’itshh!” Hermione trailed off shakily before convulsing with a wet sneeze into Harry’s sweater.

“Bless you Mione.” Harry said with a grimace. She wasn’t being very careful to cover her sneezes and coughs and that had been one of many sneezes that dampened his neck that evening.

“Thags.” Hermione said with a gurgling sniffle. Her breath caught and she lifted a hand a few inches from her face as her breathing became shaky again.

Rather despite himself Harry couldn’t help but notice that Hermione was leaning against him quite heavily, her breasts pressing into his side with each shuddering inhale.

“Hih…hih..h’tchsshhoo! etchishh! tchishhoo!” As Hermione’s itching nostrils twitched out each tired, wet sneeze, her hand only hovered vaguely in front of her mouth and Harry’s neck was once again misted with her sneezes. She gave a weak, sad sounding cough and then pulled a tissue from her sleeve and gave her nose a long, gurgling blow. Harry put aside his disgust as Hermione whimpered a little afterward and snuggled closer still.

“Jesus bless you. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sneeze this much before.” Harry said sympathetically.

“I dow. Madame Pidnce kicked be out of the library because of id. I accidentally sdeezed on ode of the rare books and she was so angry I thought she was goig to curse be. But it wasn’t by fault!” Hermione cried hoarsely.

Harry snorted out a laugh at her despondent expression afterwards and gave Hermione a squeeze, enjoying her warm, albeit snuffly, weight against his side.

“Of course you would be most upset about being kicked out of the library. Nevermind missing the snowman building competition.” He laughed and Hermione cracked a reluctant smile. She wrapped an arm around Harry’s waist and it was so warm and lovely that Harry barely noticed that she was clutching her soggy, spent, tissue against his side.


In which Harry has a fall and Ron comes to the rescue

“Merlin’s balls Harry are you alright?” Ron cried, after Harry had a rather spectacular fall down one of the hills by Hagrid’s hut. Harry looked dazedly up into Ron’s face and winced.

“Yeah, yeah course.” Harry made to get up but immediately sprawled back on the ground.

“Ow, ow, okay maybe, ow, maybe not great.” He admitted tightly through a grimace of pain.

“What is it?” Ron urged, kneeling next to his fallen friend.

“I think my ankle.” Harry said a tad woozily. “And maybe, a bit, my head.”

“Crap, crap. Okay lets get you to the infirmary. Don’t, er don’t fall asleep?” Ron said quickly and then without warning hooked his arm under Harry’s shoulders and knees and scooped him up from the ground. Harry bit back a nauseous moan against Ron’s chest and prayed he wouldn’t get sick all over Ron.

“Don’t worry Harry we’ll be there in no time.” Ron said trying to walk as evenly as possible to avoid jostling Harry.

Harry looked woozily up at Ron and didn’t say anything, instead furtively enjoying the unexpected closeness with his friend. Ron was fairly tactile but not to the extent that Harry could spend extended periods of time like this curled up against his strong chest. He couldn't enjoy it as much as he wished though, as his head was pounding vicously and he suddenly felt rather debilitatingly tired.

'Most likely a concussion then,' he thought ruefully.

“Ok what’s your name and where did you grow up?” Ron asked, interrupting Harry's woozy musings.

“Harry Potter and Surrey—is this really necessary?”

“Hermione would know what to do.” Ron muttered, biting his lip.

“You’re doing fine Ron.” Harry assured him sleepily. Then Ron’s step seemed to falter a bit. Harry looked up and saw Ron making a rather odd grimace.

“Hold on mate. I have to—itchoo!— have to sneeze—heiish! Ish! Ish! h'eeisshoo! huh... ishoo! Ugh..Sndff!”

Ron had come to an abrupt halt and tried to turn his face as far from Harry’s as possible, tightly clenching his stomach to avoid jostling him any further. In the silence that followed the rather violent fit Harry could see the spray illuminated by the afternoon sun falling to moisten Ron’s arm.

“Wow. Bless you Ron.”


“Bless me?” Ron said curiously, trying in vain to rub his twitching nose against his shoulder with enough strength to quell a still brewing tickle.

“Oh, figures. It’s what muggles say when someone sneezes.”

“Whh-why? Hrrishh!”

“Bless you again. And it’s got some long superstitious explanation but nowadays it’s mostly to be polite and to let someone know you hope they’re okay. You know, not falling ill or anything.”

“Oh. Well thanks then!” Ron smiled warmly and Harry melted just a little inside. They kept walking, or rather Ron did, and Harry felt himself become sleepier by the second. A few seconds later though they paused again.

“huh... huh... h'russhooo! hurrusshhoo!Snnf! Damb—dambit—h’tiscchuh! idjsshhhh! ITSCH! Fug. Sorry Harry.” Ron muttered.

“Hmm? Oh. No problem.”

Ron snuffled wetly, once again trying to rub his nose into his shoulder. “Some hero I am. Keep jostling you with these stupid sneezes. See why I’m the sidekick now.”

“Ron don’t be ridiculous. I would never have made it back to the castle without you. I don’t care if you’re a bit sniffly while doing it.” Harry murmured, still looking a bit dazed.

Ron gave a clogged sniff and shrugged before continuing toward the castle.

“Hey,” he said suddenly. “You didn’t say it that time.”

“Huh? Say what?” Harry asked, not opening eyes as the light had begun to aggravate his pounding head.

“That muggle prayer or whatever, for when I sneeze. You know, to let me know you care and all that.”

“Oh sorry. Bless you Ron.”

“Thanks. Hetchishh! Itshhoo!”

“Bless you again. Say you’re not coming down with something are you?” Harry asked concernedly.

Ron sniffled and shook his head. “Nah I always sneeze my head off when we go through this field. I’m allergic to something here. It’s why I like taking the other route. But this is quickest to the infirmary.”

Harry smiled at him gently. “You know you’re much more of a hero than you give yourself credit for.”

A/N: So that's all for now. More to come soon!

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Terrific! There's oddly little stuff involving Physical contact from sneezy Ron and Hermione, indeed Hermione is oddly neglected in the sneezy stakes altogether, especially her hankie use....

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Hooray! I love Harry Potter drabbles :) I'm very much looking forward to others too (Downton Abbey? Yes please!)

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Wow love it! Your writing is fabulous!!

Pretty please write some Avengers stuff - namely the gorgeous Mr Stark...

(God I love that man....Mmmmmm!!!)

Keep up the good work :-) xx

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Those were great! I'm loving all the Potter revival going on here. Hermione's turn was sweet and lovely, and I don't normally go for allergy fics but that second one with Ron and Harry was perfect.

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Ah sorry for not updating this in forever. I had such grand plans but then school started up and they all went out the door. The next drabble is the most finished so voila. It is also vaguely f/f but not really.

Fandom: Girls (HBO)

Disclaimer: characters belong to HBO's Girls

When Jessa trudged into Marnie and Hanna’s flat, Marnie sprawled out on the couch in her pajamas, furiously scouring Charlie’s facebook page. Jessa gave a sigh of disappointment, followed by a damp cough. She was ill and all she wanted was to camp out on Hanna’s couch and be miserable but Marnie was bound to be an awful germaphobe and throw her out with the first sneeze. And considering how many sneezes there had been that afternoon there were doubtless more to come. Before she could contemplate this further Marnie seemed to notice her arrival.

“Jessa what are you doing here?” she asked, startled and guilty looking.

“Don’t worry Marnie I’m not going to judge you for facebook stalking that sad excuse of man. Though really all you need is a good lay to set you straight if you ask me.” Jessa laughed hoarsely.

Marnie rolled her eyes. “You would think that.”

Jessa suppressed a cough and sidled over to the couch, throwing herself next to Marnie with a rush of jasmine perfume scented air. Sitting her aching body down shifted the congestion in her nose horribly and she quickly swiped a finger under her nose to catch the discharge before Marnie could notice.

“Alright let’s see the new chick then.” She proclaimed hoping Marnie wouldn’t notice her scratchy voice in her haze of bitter jealousy.

Marnie looked at Jessa consideringly then nodded and to Jessa’s shock curled close against her and placed her laptop atop both of their legs. Apparently jealousy made Marnie clingy.

“This is her.” She said shortly and Jessa coughed against a closed mouth.

“Ugh, awful whore. Who wears a feathered bra as a top?” Jessa said, trying to sound scandalized rather than appreciative. Because she would really.

“It’s beyond tacky. Could she be trying any harder?”

It went on like this for the next twenty minutes and Jessa had to try harder and harder to cover her sniffling and wet, choking coughs. This was made increasingly difficult by the fact that Marnie had despondently leant her head on Jessa’s shoulder while listing her increasingly disdainful critiques of both Charlie and his new girl.

Marnie shifted a strand of her thick dark hair brushed against Jessa’s wet, sensitive nostril.

Heh…” she inhaled sharply but then the feeling faded leaving her stupidly squinting and teary eyed.

“Jessa?” Marnie said inquiringly and shifted again to try and get a look at Jessa’s face. Another soft strand of hair pressed up into Jessa’s twitching nose and she turned her face as far from Marnie as she possibly could before letting out a wet, half-stifled sneeze.

“hitchmmph-ah! Cgntchew! Snf! Pardon, pardon! Your hair was up my nose!” she sniffled quickly.

“Oh sorry. Bless you.” Marnie said, petting Jessa’s arm comfortingly and moved on to her next complaint. “Did you see her linkedin? She worked at the Buffalo Exchange, probably thinks she’s God’s gift to Williamsburg.”

Jessa nodded vaguely, eyes falling at half mast, a bit of moisture dripping from her right nostril.

“Yeh-yeah ittchew! Hih-ASHIEW! ATChchoo! Bloody fuck sorry Marnie.”

“Bless you again. Are you alright?”

Marnie didn’t wait for an answer though, simply pulled back and pressed a perfectly manicured hand against Jessa’s forehead.

“Why didn’t you say you were sick?” she cried when she felt the feverish warmth there.

“Sorry.” Jessa sniffled tiredly. “Shoshanna isn’t at the flat and I lost my keys and I was sent home from work after sneezing all over the girls and I’m just really tired and wanted to chill somewhere.”

“Hey don’t apologize! Come on we can move to my bed. Do you want pajamas? I have some really soft ones. Not that that outfit doesn’t look comfortable.” Marnie said doubtfully looking at the stiff sheer fabric of the shift Jessa was wearing.

Jessa rolled her eyes and made to reply but instead coughed deeply and harshly—the mucus that had accumulated while she had suppressed her coughing finally freeing up—and Marnie pulled her into the bedroom before she could catch her breath and answer.

She let Marnie help her change though, enjoying the surprising attentiveness more than she thought she would’ve. Finally the two of them were curled up on Marnie’s bed, Jessa under the blankets, Marnie atop them.

“Barnie?” Jessa began congestedly. “Can we stop talking about Charlie and thad chick and watch a filb?”

“A what? You need to blow your nose.” Marnie said, passing Jessa a tissue from her bedside table. Jessa blew thickly and felt her ears pop. Before she could do anything Marnie took the damp tissue and dropped it into her wastepaper basket.

“A film.” She tried again.

“Oh.” Marnie said sounding disappointed but then she nodded slowly. “Sure. You’re the sickie, you get to decide.”

“Anything Miranda Jul—hih—July—itchew! Itschew! Ishoo! Hah-itchew!” Jessa got out before erupting into an uncovered fit of sneezes that sent her long blond hair falling around her face. She belatedly raised a hand to cover nose and snuck a hesitant glance at Marnie.

“Pardon be I always sdeeze like this whed I’b ill.” She snuffled behind her fingers which were quickly becoming disgustingly damp. Marnie gently pushed Jesssa’s hair back again while Jessa subtly wiped her hands off on the duvet.

“Bless you Jessa. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to get you tissues and orange juice and a decongestant and you will be better in no time alright? Now go to sleep. We can watch the movie after you nap and your fever is down.”

Jessa groaned miserably. Now there was the controlling Marnie that Jessa knew.

A/N: After writing this I decided that Jessa wouldn't be a stifler, but by then it was too late. :( Also the whole thing is generally out of character. Soz.

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

There may be more of these to come because Stiles is adorable.

Warnings: hints at mess, Stiles-angst/centric

Stiles sniffled thickly and rubbed tiredly at his nose. He felt like crap and did not want to go to school but he’d already used up more than his fair share of sick days on pack business and he was so not going to summer school over a cold. So here he was, waiting for Mr. Harris to show up for class. Probably infecting everyone. Stiles sniffled again and laid his head on his desk, wishing the day was already over instead of just beginning.

“Hey are you okay?” Scott’s gentle, concerned voice pulled him out of his near doze and Stiles jerked up, eyes bleary. “Stiles?”

Stiles stared at him blankly for a minute because wow, Scott really?

In the end though he just swiped at his nose again and nodded. “I’b fide.”

Scott’s brow furrowed. “Ok even without the, you know, I could tell that was a lie. You should go home, rest. You’ve seriously earned it.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Scott I have absoludely zero sigk days left.”

Scott frowned and god now he was looking guilty of all things—and like, yes please, finally, but Stiles did not have the mental energy to deal with this.

“Id’s fide. Odly a code.” He sighed. Scott bit his lip though and continued to look upset. “Look there’s dothing you cad do aboudt id. I’ll sur..survive—Hih-HEGHTSSHHuhh..Snf!

“Bless you.” Scott muttered moodily as Stiles ran his sleeve under his nose which felt precariously full.

“Hey mbad, you want to do sobethig for be? Get be a tissue ad seriously we are good for life.” Stiles said giving a burbling sniff that made Scott wince, because, yeah sounded bad enough for Stiles without super hearing.

Scott slid out of his seat and grabbed a tissue from the box on Mr. Harris’s desk and then paused before grabbing about a dozen more and brought them back to Stiles who smiled at him gratefully.

“Are your super ears ready for the sdot flood that is about to cobe out of by dose right dow?” He asked with a grin. Scott grimaced and Stiles grin widened at the sight. He was freaking tired of feeling like Scott was treating him with kid gloves just because he wasn’t, you know, freakishly supernaturally strong or whatever.

“Yuck man. I will never be ready for—ugh gross. Stooooop. You do not want to know how wrong that sounds—ugh ew Stiles ok you need to stop. That sounds freaking disgusting.” Scott moaned piteously while Stiles let what felt like ten gallons of snot free from his sore nose.

“Knew there must be some price for all your spidey skillz.” He smirked. The expression faded though as his sore, wet nostrils gave an ominous twitch. His eyebrows drew together and his damp lips parted involuntarily. Recognizing the expression, Scott winced.

“Tissues man, tissues. I just brought you like, a crap ton.” He said weakly, disgust clearly coloring his tone as well as a bit of concern again.

“Sh-shhhhit…I thigk…I’b…sd—sdeeze—Ahh…hih—ih—” Stiles breath stuttered in his chest and his eyes fell to half mast, only watery irritated slivers of iris showing through his trembling lashes.

Stiles quickly put a wavering hand in front of his nose and mouth, just in time to catch most of the spraying sneezes that shuddered through him, making his curl in on himself a bit.


With his eyes still clamed shut Stiles pressed his drenched hand tightly against his face while blindly reaching around his desk for the tissues.

Mortification painted his cheeks a bright red and when Scott pushed the tissues into his searching hand—which was still disgustingly damp from mopping up his nose not minutes ago—he just wanted to sink into the floor.

Why did no one ever see him being cool? Just like, snotty? Or failing at lacrosse? Or pretending not to be scared when everyone could hear his heart going a mile a minute?

Stiles shakily opened his eyes and quickly shoved the tissues up to his face and prayed no one saw the mess he’d made of himself.

“God bless you Stiles jeez.” Scott said, and Stiles gut clenched because his tone was pure pity and worry and Stiles was so tired of being the weak one.

A couple of other soft, ‘Bless you’s were murmured from around the class and Stiles scowled and blushed behind his tissues.

“Thags.” He sighed hoarsely, just as Mr. Harris finally walked through the door. He was so done with this and he still had another five hours to go. Stupid cold. Stupid Scott. This day could not end soon enough.

A/N: there may be Sterek schmoop on the way.

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Adorable! Oh my gosh, Stiles. :heart: He's just so cute and funny and adorable and ljgdjivxfjbd! More soon please. :)

bye. :wub:

P.S. Umumum, sorry for the request, but any chance we'll be seeing some sick-Scott from you? I can never find any stories for him and the one I tried to write failed sooo, yeah. Any chance? :)

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Although I don't really watch Teen Wolf - thanks to Tumblr I do know the characters relatively well... And I think this is absolutely adorable! Poor Stiles, but he is way too funny and cute to not torture just a little bit.

Please carry on, and absolutely yes to Sterek schmoop :3

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