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The Once-ler


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Aw, did someone catch a cold from falling in the ri-vurr~?

C'mon, you totally wanted him to sneeze when he fell in the river. Either you're an exception, or lying. eue

I watched The Lorax tonight~ Someone asked me to draw the onceler in a thneed, so what better way to get used to the character design than a fetishy picture? uwu

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Teeheehee! :wub: I haven't seen the movie either but this adorable little guy is convincing me to rent it...

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Oh my goodness, he's a cutie~ <333

I've only seen the old (1972, I believe?) movie of "The Lorax" where all you see of the Once-ler is his creepy-ass hands. It seriously scared me when I was little. D: His new design is so cute~! I love his hair, and that fedora~ <333

Another great job, K-K!! (Loving your new icon too, btw~)

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Awww~!! This makes me want to see the movie now >.< So cute! I love your art style :D

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I was TOTALLY hoping he would sneeze, and then he didn't, and I was like, "NO" xDDD

This is lovely <3

More please, if it strikes your fancy~! ;3

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I just saw this movie yesterday, and I was thinking to myself..."Omg, I want to see this cutey-pie semi-villain with a cold!"

I just stumbled upon this thread by accident. Its so crazy! I love it.

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