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Ob at the sprint store.


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So i got a new phone the other day and i finally got around the activating it yesterday. So my mother and I went to the sprint store to activated.. (it wouldn't activate via online for some strange reason >_>) so anyway we have this nice guy help us out. He was about 5ft 8-9ish, early-mid 20s, causation, and bald. but like shaved bald. He was very helpful in activating the phone and such. He was very nice and funny lol. so he was helping out 2 other customers (i give him major props for multi tasking and his patience..some of these customers were assholes lol)

anyway so he activated the phone but he was also going to just transfer my contacts for me from my old phone so i was just sitting on the stool and he went to the other side of the store to finish helping another customer so anyway out of nowhere, i hear a sneeze. it was half cough-like but not really if you know what im saying lol i can't really spell it out. and i heard someone say "bless you" to him. I turn around after the bless you was said. i couldn't tell who sneezed at first but when he came back over to me, he was sniffling so that pretty much confirmed it was him :P

so anyway about like 5 minutes later he takes out like a paper towel out from under the desk and then blow his nose with it..usually im not a huge fan of noseblowing but this one was nice...xD idk maybe i liked it because he was a cute nerd lol

anyway, yeah that hour of being there was enjoyable..i may have to go back there again this weekend because my phone is being dumb with not downloading apps...maybe ill see him... xD

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