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Finally a school ob!


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So, my ninth grade started about 3 days ago. The first two days, and not a single sneeze was heard! But luckily one of my female classmates decided to fix that...biggrin.png

So, before I go to the sneezing part, I'll tell you something about the girl.

The girl, let's call her S, has a small body. And when I say small, I really mean it! Her hair is dark brown. She has kinda large button nose, I think...

So, back to the sneezing. Even though S is usually a multiple sneezer, today she only sneezed once. It was her typical Heh'tchew kind of sneeze. I didn't actually watch her back then so I couldn't see the sneezy expression... That was too bad since her pre-sneeze expression is really nothing to sneeze at (get it?wink.png ).

Anyways, I'll let you guys know if I see her sneeze sometimes. Maybe I could describe her sneezy face for you...

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