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Giant Steps

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Buongiorno! bye1.gif

So I've recently returned from a week's trip to Rome with the family, and since I was quite pleased with the sneeziness during my Paris trip last year, I decided to make a note of the more memorable sneezes while I went along. A bit of a disappointing haul though, so this will probably read more like a diary than the usual novels I write. tongue.png

Alrighty then, one of the first attractions we went to see was the Colosseum (of course! medieval.gif ) and while overlooking the arena inside an English girl and her friend caught my eye, mainly because they kind of stood out from the subtle Italian allure with their obvious fake tan and 3 inches of make-up. heh.gif Still, they had nice bodies which were flaunted well with denim shorts and a loose black crop top. We were on the lower level overlooking the ancient battleground - or, slaughterground jerry.gif - when I saw her from behind taking a picture into the arena. Suddenly she stood still and let loose "Hiittt-CHOOOOO - CHUUHHHH" back to back and uncovered into the arena. Sneezing over an ancient monument? Nice. Heads would've rolled for that back in the day! nono.gif ...probably not. rolleyes1.gif

A little further round the same area of the Colosseum we came across the ubiquitous Japanese tourist group. Two young girls had broken away from the group to take a quick picture of themselves in a similar area to the English girls. One of them moved backwards into the sunlight that was peeking over the lip of the ruins, to take a picture of herself. Unfortunately (for her) her sunglass just couldn't overide her photic reflex and she stifled a double HEHH-KKKKCHHTTTT with no hands.

Flashforward a few days and we're at the bottom of the Spanish Steps (famously the widest steps in Europe). Having just finished my descent I decided to take a rest by the fountain at the bottom and have a contemplative look back up when, like that picturesque scene from Beauty and the Beast, I saw a blonde figure making her way down. She was carrying two black shopping bags in her right hand and a small satchel on her left shoulder, when I noticed her pause just before the bottom to bring up her left hand in an attempt to cover the impeding "Haa-CHOOOOOOO". Forceful, a little wet, uncomfortable and all that good stuff! drool.gif

Later that day we visited the Piazza Del Popolo, the "People's Square", which was a large unshaded area historically used for executions. hang.gif A fountain towards one end of the square provided some shelter from the sun, though it was almost sunset now so it wasn't as crazy hot as it had been. So there we were, chilling by the fountain with the sun to our back with an Italian threesome to my right talking away and taking pictures. The prettiest one (black pony tail, red cap, short strapless flowery dress, probably early 30's) got up to take a picture of her friends at the fountain when, unbeknownst to her, the sun is still very bright and must have caught her off guard as she couldn't help but let loose with a "Heehhh - CHUUGHHH" *sniff* *cough cough* uncovered and towards the floor like before, as her hands were busy with the camera. Quite a common way to sneeze in Italy, eh?

And finally, inside the Sistine Chapel I caught sight of blonde mum in 3/4 navy shorts and a loose pink top (shoulders and knees must be covered in the Chapel, of course, can't have men being driven to sin at the sight of naked knees! omg_smilie.gif ). She was looking a little distracted and agitated - which stood out quite a bit in a building full of solemn spectators - with her fidgety son tugging and pulling and generally looking for her attention. She sneezes once UUUSSHHHHHHHH, harshly into cupped hands, with that wonderful reverb you'd expect in such a building. But the agitation hasn't subsided. She still ignores her child who is now dancing around her and getting even more grabby. She twists and turns as the sneeze builds, trying to avoid sneezing all over him. Eventually, she sees a gap and lets go with another UUUUURRSSSHHHHHHHH into cupped hands. That powerful echo resonating all over the Chapel. Heavenly! twisted1.gif

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I've been to Italy at least five times, and I never got any good obs. :(

My trips to Italy will probably be remembered for my attempts to speak with the natives in some mixture of my not-at-all-fluent Latin and all of the ten Italian words I know. :lol:

(crosses out Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Austria, Slovenia and Montenegro from the list)

Maybe I should try somewhere else? Britain, perhaps?

Nice obs. Really nice obs, indeed. :)

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Excellent obs! In fact, I feel as if I got a history lesson AND some superb sneezing ;) Cheers Giant Steps, that sounds like quite a holiday...

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I didn't see too many obs when I was in Rome a couple of years ago but I am going to Paris next month so I'll report back with what I see.

Thanks for sharing! Lovely obs of lovely ladies.

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Sounds like you had a great time Rome-ing around the city......

A great haul for the week :)

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Hmm, well it sounds like I got pretty lucky, then!

Britain is quite sneezy, LocaLocaBoka, (especially around cold season) but the people in Europe are much better looking! tongue.png

And I look forward to reading your report pfsf2010!

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed. Same time next year, then?

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Oh, I totally agree with you. XD I can't stand a lot of Brits. Caked in makeup, wearing short shorts, stupid hair... it annoys me, to say the least. It's so common and unnecessary. The Italians are far prettier. XDD

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