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Saving Snow (Prologue + Part 5/?)


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This is the intro to my fic, I haven't quite finished it yet, so this is just a little taster for you guys! It is quite short, so I apologise for its shortness. *pats it on the head*

Anyway, enjoy! biggrin.png


An ancient box swirled and darted in spirals of time and space. Accelarating through stars, planets and galaxies was nothing for this blue, police box.

The Doctor stood inside this strange machine. Quickly running to the table before him. He tapped his feet, which were clicking merrily along the floor.

Featured with ketchup and mustard buttons, bathroom taps which filtered out the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly jelly through the heart of the TARDIS. Levers to move forwards, backwards, and turn left and right; and of course, the brake, which was never used.

He laughed, pulling at various nobs and levers which somehow controlled the contraption. Complimenting his own skills at firing up the 'old girl' to full capacity. Gradually though, the speed of the ship began to slow down. Almost coming to a halt. The smile that had been spread right across his face, slid from his features.

The TARDIS had come to a stop. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Everything had been running perfectly and smoothly; well, up until now! He scanned the screen looking for any virus which may stopped the TARDIS. Nothing. No even a scratch was detected.

"Come on girl! Are you in a mood with me or something?" He cried, apparently to someone in particular.

Multiple slaps came to his forehead. "Think! Think!" He muttered, squeezing his eyelids shut. "The particle energy is running smoothly. I hadn't touched anything that I shouldn't have. So, why are you misbehaving?" Contemplating slightly, he checked around the console again.

A dull trobbing washed over the front of his head. The pain made him feel slightly nauseous. His brain had somehow fogged over, and slapping it harder didn't seem to help.

And then, it hit him.


The Doctor groaned at his own misery. How stupid could he be? Hitting the front of his head was barely going to help in a situation like this! It almost felt like his brain was punishing him.

Leaning against the console, head drooping between his arms, he sighed. He had been feeling like this for some time. That achy thing in his chest had come back; it always did. That sensation which made him think about all of the lives he had taken during times of adventure and so called 'fun'. Times went he could no longer look himself in the mirror, without feeling bitterly sick to his core.

Clouded eyes held nothing more than melancholy.

Then he thoughts turned to his previous companions. The lump in his throat caught him out a little. "I should be used to this by now." He thought aloud. The silent man looked around the spacious TARDIS interior. No one was running, jumping or even squeaking in delight at his impressive ideas. Emptiness both filled him and his beloved ship.

"Oh look, the feeling of guilt!" He laughed bitterly, "Wonder when you will ever abandon me.." He swallowed feeling a slight scratching as he did. The silence was deafening.

Sinking even lower, the pounding of his mind would not escape him. But something else joined in.

A prickling caught his attention; anything did, but this time it was coming from him. Deep in the back of his sinuses, the annoying tingle began to grow, crawling on the very verge of a release. "Heh.. i-ihh" It continued to tease him mercilessly.

Half cast eyes fluttered uncontrollably, forehead wrinking in antipication. The Doctor gasped, and hurriedly covered his face and released himself from the irriation.


Pain shot through his head, the harsh sneeze seemed to rattle his skull. He needed to calm the pain. A hand clasped at his forehead, as hair merely flopped into his eyes.

Eyes wide. Heart racing. Was he sick? How did he get sick? What exactly had infected him? He pushed the worries to the back of his mind. Then the TARDIS groaned. He looked up to the pulsating column.

The TARDIS made an even more unhealthy sound as it lurched about through the Vortex. "Only one thing can made the TARDIS flip out like that." Staggering, reaching for support from a railing, he cried "An stowaway!"

Running down to the deck below, pushing his way through a jungle of wires and manically trying to untangle himself, he found the main systems. Taking out his sonic screwdriver, he soniced the clutter of wires. The being became visible, only light sucking could be heard.

"Lunarspawn?" Rounded, grey-shelled and ghost-like creatures, tough enough to survive in the vaccum of space. With the help of its powerful nasal senses, it had found its food supply, the Doctor watched feeding off the time radiation of the TARDIS.

Dark eyes stared back at him. "How did you even get on here? I hadn't been to Sector 7 of the Solovei star system in months! How did I not notice you?!"

Before he had a chance to continue his one sided conversation, the TARDIS let out a shrill grinding noise and flung itself in action. Sparks flew, equipment exploded and wires unhooked themselves, falling limp right before his eyes.

Jumping rapidly to the upper level, the Doctor tried to take control again. "Emergency landing! Steady girl, come on!"

The TARDIS eventually followed his orders, not without flinging the Doctor to the other side of the control room. The hiss of grey smoke and the high-pitched sucking was all that was heard.

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ELEVEEENNNNNNNNNNN all the love... (P.S. one week until he is back in our lives :) )

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Hello everyone! Long time no stories! Haha! I have finished my exams so I guess I wanted to relax and improve my writing techniques, and why not show off here!

This is a fanfic of Doctor Who, (River, Amy and Rory-less), where he meets a new companion, but not the one Jenna-Louise Coleman is acting as. Confusing eh?

Thank you for all the lovely comments, they make my heart do cartwheels!

Enjoy my lovelies!!


Part 1

The merging of paths

She wondered why. What force had drove her to this very spot. A place she spent many happy childhood memories; surrounded by death. A cemetery. Spending days just wandering this place, looking at the nature of this forgotten land. She loved those memories; they were gone now, and reliving them was merely a tortuous dream.

Today, it was a warm, welcoming place. Different jade hues formed the colour of the leaves, as some lay scattered on the emerald blazes of grass. They thrived in the sunlight. It seemed they were oblivious to the aged tombstones which lay beside the paths.

She liked this place. Death welcomed her, she almost felt at home here.

A slight breeze whispered along the trees, as more leaves began to release their tentative hold on the blazes of grass. The neatly, trimmed hedges made it easier to see the wisps of clouds as they speedily ran away. Lengths of blue silk made up the sky, where rays of sunshine bounced on forever. No horizon. No depth.

It created a pellucid azure dome, which encased her in own quiet world. Looking up from her feet, a whirring, metalic noise echoed continuously, like a magical chime; to the girl, it reminded her of a baby crying.

Quite a loud thump startled her, listening carefully, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she heard a hissing noise behind her. Unfortunately, a tall hedge blocked her view.

Beginning to stand, she decided to walk to the end of the hedge, to see what or who had made such a strange noise. The girl almost jumped right out of her skin from the booming, male voice coming from the other side. "No. No. No. No!"

The bang of a wooden door slammed hurriedly, "You--! Oh, you are something else! Come back here, now!"

'Oh god! Something's wrong!' Shuffling frantically back to her seat, she began to grow fearful, slumping down, frozen on the bench.

The swinging of a metal gate clanged, "Think you can run onto my ship, do you?! Stupid... little... p-parasite!!"

"Wait! No-- stop! Come back! What are you doing?! Don't go in there!" The scuffling of peddles could be heard. Now this just confused her even more.

"Bloody creature! You are not going to ruin the TARDIS generator system; and then go scuttling off!"

The owner of the voice suddenly came into view. She sat upright from the bench nervously, she gazed a little closer at the stranger a few feet away from her.

Deep-set, bottle green eyes studied the grounds, eyebrows furrowed in frustation of whatever had escaped his grasp. His shoulders hunched just the slightest bit, and his fingers fiddled with a small, mechanic gadget in his hand. His outfit consisted of a plain brown tweed jacket with leather elbow patches; underneath a dress blue shirt, a burgundy bow tie, and bright red braces attached to navy-blue trousers, which were rolled up at the ankles.

Silently standing up, knees rattling and heart fluttering slightly, she leaned to get a better view of the man. Finally becoming untongue-tied, she called out,

"Can I help you?"

The man dramatically span on the heel of his boot to face her. When the man noticed her, his eyes widened, utterly astonisted at that he had been caught off guard, and hadn't been able to detect her presence. A sudden change in posture and expression, the corners of his lips tugged into a smug grin. Thin, seductive lips spoke. "That's awfully kind of you," He replied, "But I think I can manage."

The flow of the air, carried his words towards the girl. Their eyes merged together. The soft flow of the wind, made his own hair flutter like liquid fire.

As their eyes locked, hers grew wider, and her lips faintly moved, "Oh no, I-I didn't mean... in that way..." She trailed off, not knowing what exactly she wanted to say.

The device in his hands flashed and buzzed strangely, he turned and waved it behind him. "Of course you didn't! What kind of person would help a stranger.. in n-need..."

His speech slowed to a gradual stop. A strange senatation began to build right between his eyes. His heavy lids began to sink to half-mast. Hitching, helpless gasps caught in his throat; long fingers crushed the distinguishing nostrils of his bulbous nose. The flinching shudder of broad shoulders. The noise he gave off was almost inaudible, except for the relieved sigh he let go afterwards.

The girl neither didn't hear, or didn't acknowledge it. She asked, "Why are you here?"

"That's... exactly the same question I've been asking myself." Rubbing the back of his neck, he wondered "Why am I here?"

The girl pointed hesitantly to him, "What's that?"

"It's," Concerned eyes stared at the unusual mechanic pen, before shoving it quickly inside his jacket pocket. "Nothing, don't worry! No need to panic." The muscles in his forehead tensed a little, causing his lids to squeeze shut momentary.

The man continued to scan the area, he admitted quickly. "Only I just so happened to release a very nasty, little creature into your pretty acre of land here."

He moved forward, drinking in the girl's appearance. A soft, cotton, greyish baby blue dress caressed the girl's small frame, detailed with stitches and tiny flowers. A vintage golden necklace swayed across her delicate neck, and her feet wore brown dolly shoes.

"And what are you doing here?" Raking a hand through his hair, he angled his head lower to become level with the girl's, "A young woman, completely alone, sitting on a bench, in a very old abandoned cemetery? That's a bit questionable, don't you think?"

"I could be visiting someone."

"So, why aren't you standing by their grave?" His tone became lower as he questioned her, searching through her eyes.

As he challenged her, her own mind began to doubt itself. "What were you doing here?" He waited for an answer.

Strands of flickering brown escaped silently; the slight waves within the strand of hair almost distracted her, if it wasn't for a small creeping figure darting behind a gathering of trees.


Another thing, I was wondering if Marielle should actually have the sneeze fetish or not? It's up to you guys really, thank you!

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Ahhh whofic for the win! Always interesting to see the Doctor breaking in a new companion. I'm personally not a huge fan of sneezekink characters, but it's your story, do with it as you wish turned.gif

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Hello everyone! Part 2 is up! Each part should take about 4 to 5 days to write and upload here for you guys. This part has a few more sneezes than the last parts! I hope you enjoy! :D


Part 2

Walking out the comfort zone

Eyes widened. Heart-rate increasing. Her curious nature got the better of her, as her eyes followed the strange creature.

She peered, shuffling on the spot to get a better view. But no, the creature turned out to be nothing more than a mere fawn. The rising and falling of soft fabric. The baby deer rapidly scuttled off into the overgrown hedge beside. The girl sighed deeply in relief.

The man, slightly taken back by the girl's short attention span, he repeated himself, a little louder this time, "What are you doing here?"

She turned and smiled, "I love this place. It's… beautiful." Her words almost caught him off guard.

He grinned, looking around, "It's falling apart."

"It's old. I love old things, they make me feel sad."

"What's good about sad?"

"It's happy for deep people. You know."

"I'm not sad."

"I never said you were." She swallowed quietly, as she sat down, gazing more intently "Who are you?"

Slumping down beside her, he replied "I'm the Doctor, and you?"

The wind stole one curled lock of hair, delicately playing with the strand, he noticed the innocence beaming from of her hazel eyes. She whispered, "...Marielle."


Blinking out of her trance, she shook her head, "No, Marielle."

"Murielle, Maribelle?"

"What? No--!"


"What the--?!"


"Where did that even come from?!"

His eyes brilliantly glistened with amusement. "I'm just teasing!" He sniffed, feeling his nose run a little.

"Yeah, well don't." Lips were pressed together, Marielle reminded the Doctor of a shrinking violet, with a sweet-but-silent expression plastered on her face.

"You have a lovely name, Marielle." He smiled politely.

"Call me Maria. Everybody does."

He leaned closer, "No, I like Marielle." 

She noticed the way he spoke, and how these words seemed to curl and roll off his lips, she found interiging.

Silence fell on both of them. Sniffling he began looking across the scene, doing anything to distract himself from the awkward situation and the burning itch deep inside his nose.

Taking out another box-like gadget out of his jacket pocket, it automatically began beeping and flickering manically, then slowly. 

Marielle perked up, "You said something about a ship before, didn't you?"

"P-Possibly." His mind wandering, It would appear my big mouth has got me into trouble again... He slowly reached up his fist and attacked his nose with a knuckle.

"A ship, like a boat. Possibly a boat? I assume that because the river Thames isn't very far from here, but getting a huge ship sailing down there is pretty much a feat in it's own right!"

"It's not really a boat, and I didn't come t-through the r-riihhver Thames." His breath betrayed him and began to hitch desperately. Blinking rapidly, he tried to concentrate on getting rid of the tickle, but Marielle continued to speak. 

"So, what kind of ship? I mean, it can't be like a space ship!" She began to laugh, it sounded like a musical, delicate chime; far too fragile for the air to hold for a moment, but long enough for the Doctor to imprint it inside his caverness memory.

Holding back the growing sensation with a liquid sniff, he pretended to fiddle with his device some more, pressing buttons and flicking switches. He swallowed quietly, trying to think of how to reply. 

His nostrils were beginning to quiver with the need to be relieved from its torture, eyelids were beginning to succumb to their instinct to shut. Then the prickling intensified.

He could not hold back the sensation any longer. The Doctor turned away, shielding her from the full force of his sneezing, he pressed his damp nose against his wrist, and released a harsh fit into the cloth of his tweed jacket.

"Eh-Heptchh! HEH!--Ih'nNXKtsh!" His chest seemed to rise one notch higher before letting out another: "Hn-KSHHiuu!"

He felt her jump a little beside her, feeling a small wave of guilt for frightening her.

"Bless you." She murmured.

"Thank you." He hesitantly turned back to her, sniffing quietly, "But, why don't you think I have a space ship?" He continued hurriedly.

"Because it's impossible!"

"But, what makes you think that?"

"Because it is!"

"What if I do have one?" A nervous stare is what had answered him.

The colour seemed to drain out of her face; as if a dreadful realisation had hit her like a hot wave. She shuffled away, pressing her body against the armrest. Still thinking she wasn't safe, Marielle stood up. She trailed off, moving away down the path. 

"Where are you going?" The Doctor cried out. Getting no reply stunned him, it seemed she didn't even want to acknowledge him. He wanted to find out the reason for her odd behaviour.

"Hey!" Jumping up and taking quick, long strides towards her, Marielle didn't even bother to look over her shoulder. Feeling more frustrated, a large hand reached out to grab her shoulder. At his touch, she flinched violently.

He could hear her inner voice. He's real?! The fear and surprise in her features showed it all. Confusion flooded through him, wondering why she had thought that.

He mumbled, "Sorry. I'm so sorry, silly me. I didn't meet to... Well, you know." A warmth blossomed over his pronounced cheeks.

There was a pause. Just a short one. But long enough for Marielle to gape and wonder. It hit her, and it hurt. Like she had forgotten something important and that she depended on her thoughts to get it back. Her heart throbbed, and then her eyes watched.

Corners of his pale lips seemed to be ever so slightly pulled up. Marielle blinked, "Okay, why are you looking at me like that?" To which he softly replied, "You remind me of an old friend of mine. Someone I lost a long time ago." Soft eyes gazed over while reminising of better times. She couldn't reply. How could she? Have they met? If they did, she couldn't remember, and she doubted she'd ever will.

"Listen, there's a few things you should know." Swallowing a little bit of air in his throat, he continued "But it's easier to show you first than to tell you." He beckoned her to follow him, gradually she obeyed, trailing behind. 

A moment passed, the Doctor snapped his head back round, eyes searching for her. The sun began to shyly hide behind the cluster of towering trees, scattering a flush of glimmering colours into the sky. Swirls of orange and blue shades merged, like the fleshy insides of a tangy peach colliding with the cool-blue shards of icicles. Clouds began to steadily grow over the small catherdral, encasing it in a vivid glow.

"Move along, Marzipan!" The Doctor's cheerful voice snapped her back into reality once again.

She looked around, her eyes saddened a little, not noticing the Doctor waiting for her. Marielle's eyes cast down to stare at the ground below her. The Doctor gradually stopped. Swallowing, he began wringing his hands timidly before he tentatively moved her direction, tilting his head to glimpse at her.

Thinking that calling out to her might not have been enough to catch her attention, the Doctor went back for Marielle; he softly slipped his hand inside of hers, and guided her gently out of the cemetery.

And there was the large wooden box in the middle of the path that hadn't been there before, a vibrantly blue, police box.

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Mmmmmmm *_*

You spoil me <3

I love it so much, you are actually turning me into an eleven fan right now!

You know what's the strangest thing? I don't even mind =D

Loved your update <3 <3 <3

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Thank you for all the comments again, I forgot to mention last time that I am not going to make Marielle have a sneeze fetish, it's more fun without I think! :D

Anyway, in this part we're going into the TARDIS!! And, of course, even more sneezes from our beloved Doctor! :) Sorry that this part is a bit short, it's because the next part is quite long!


Part 3

Meeting the old girl

Marielle held her breath as she stood before it, bathing in its cerulean glow. The box was wooden, painted a almost navy blue and towered about a meter over her. There were two doors and two clear, glass windows. On the top of the box was an encased bulb, which was giving off the white-ish blue light, and bordering the rim of the box were the words 'Police Public Call Box'.

She peered around the tall box, grazing her fingers against the dark blue wood. "This is your ship?" She questioned, eyebrows raised bewilderment. "Yes she is!" The Doctor grinned, jumping on the spot. "And her name is the TARDIS- Time and relative dimension in space!" He scooted over towards her, grinning widely. "Basically, it's a time machine."

Hazel eyes lit up along with his own. Whenever she saw him smile or smirk, she couldn't help but do the same. "A time machine?!" Her heart ablazed with overwhelming joy, looking back and forth from the man and machine, she could only but grin at him. "What kind of time machine?"

"A TT Type 40, Mark 3 TARDIS."

"Wasn't this broken or something? I heard you shouting before."

"Oh, no, no. That's, umm... She's all better I think. Need to check out the lower vents though." Shoving a hand in his pockets, he patted the dark wood. "She's a bit unrealiable, bless her."

Marielle made a noise between acknowledgement and agreement. Eyes peered around the road, noticing a flash of movement to the right of her.

And to Marielle, she saw, what seemed to be a human-sized, hunched shadow in the middle of the road.

The Doctor noticed her absent gaze, wondering what could be more interesting than his beautiful TARDIS. Odd, it appeared that Marielle was not any ordinary person. Even when faced with the most extraordinary thing known to man- well, any kind of species, yet she looked away to stare at nothing.

She wasn't normal. No one was, really. That was the one of many faults in the human race. To the Doctor, there was no such thing as normal.

The Doctor's glassy eyes snapped away from his observation, squeezing shut, his shoulders jumping with shaky gasps that he was desperately trying to control, yet he ended up turning away, bending sharply at the waist.

"Eh'pTXCHtch! EHH!--NGXTtschhu! -ugh." Becoming frustrated with his constant sneezing, he sniffed harshly, gently rubbing a watery eye.

His thoughts flicked back to his new friend a few feet away from him. The back of her head still greeted him. Hazel eyes fixed on one specific spot of the gravelled road; never moving nor showing any glimmer of emotion. Looking back again, he cried out to Marielle, "What are you looking at?"

She turned to face him, blinking. "No one."

She turned a little defencive at his quietness. "What?"

"Nothing," His jade eyes moved down to his boots, "You haven't been properly introduced." The Doctor was about to open the TARDIS door, when Marielle gave a apprehensive stare in his direction.

"Oh, I get it," the Doctor drawled, "The alien stereotypes. Don't worry, I'm not going to abduct you. Or probe you. Or whatever you were thinking about. If you really want, I'll just show you her--"

"I wasn't… thinking that," she said softly.

"Then… do you want to take a ride? Anywhere you want to go! Whatever you want to do!" the Doctor grinned.

"I don't think…"

"Okay," he said quickly, catching her drift. "Sorry."

"Wait, you didn't let me finish." He blinked, watching her snigger at him, "What kind of girl goes whizzing off into the universe, without even knowing about the man standing right in front of her, and how came to get this amazing machine?"

In quiet amazement, he confessed, "You're good."

"I know. That's why I'm coming with you." She laughed that bell-like laugh of hers again.

She looked to see the Doctor giving her a warm smile. "You'll be great. Brilliant even! Here Marzipan, let me show you the old girl!"

He was about to click his fingers, when Marielle merely pushed the door open, grinned brightly at him, and peered around the wooden door.

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AHhhh!! I didn't even notice there was a third part!! Thank youuuuuu for writing <3

It's awesome :) And I love how the Doctor keeps calling her Marzipan x)

I hope you continue soon :)


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I hope you all enjoy this next part, it was very fun to write! I swear it takes me forever to get these parts finished, so I hope you like this one! biggrin.png


Part 4


As she entered, she felt her heart stop. It was so large, vastly bigger than the blue box appeared to be. It was impossible, this thing, that gleamed in front of her, that shone with every inch of its being. Yet, it felt somehow right, as if it was meant to be. She heard the door give a click as it shut behind her, and the Doctor stepped in, looking rather pleased with himself. She didn't really notice through. There was something else in the air, something that drummed within her blood, filling her ears with continous ringing. It felt oddly, familiar. Like it was calling out to her. She locked her eyes onto the walls and let them run across the interior, covering every bare inch with bewildered eyes.

"Say hello, she won't bite!" Marielle glanced above at the upper deck, the Doctor was waiting for her, catching at slight glimpse at the screen, as she came up. Noticing her gaze, his bright green eyes became hazy, swirling across the console, snapping and bending at the waist. "Hhk!--NGXtshu! -uhh."

Eyes followed to the bits and bobs which made up the controls. Marielle give the Doctor a jittery smile, and he gave a thick sniff in return.

Her hand pressed against the smooth surface of the glass and felt the warmth radiate and pulse into her own skin. Home. It said to her. Marielle just froze to a point where the Doctor could hardly see her breathing. She trembled as she felt herself overloading with emotion. Whether it was joy or fear, she couldn't tell. She gasped and pulled her hand back, afraid of it; it kept calling out to her. "It's alive."

"And isn't she beautiful?" He circled back around to Marielle's side and watched her curiously. "How about we take a closer look?"

Springs and cogs, twisty bits and shiny buttons filled the plate of metal. Levers pulsed and parts clicked together as if the time machine was but a mere clockwork device. He pushed his whole body weight against a lever, then flicked another. He pulled a long handle out that looked like it should have been on a rowing machine. Marielle kept stopping and starting, trying to keep up with the Doctor's enthusatic drivel, while gawking at the TARDIS' body work. She leaned over the console at times, looking at what the Doctor was so fasinated about. She smiled brightly, looking up to the strange man. The top of Marielle's head only came to about the Doctor's broad shoulders, meaning his frame would always jumping in the way what she was supposed to be looking at. The Doctor placed a hand on her shoulder and moved her closer towards him. He smiled at Marielle wanly, looking a little frail, young and somehow shy.

"I bet you have a lot of brain power to work to get this thing to work, eh?" She spoke in a flirtatious way, "I guess you could say that," The Doctor replied, twisting another dial, "It is actually meant to be handled by six of me."

"Well, why haven't you got any help?"

Marielle went to speak again, when the Doctor signaled her to wait a moment, holding one finger in the air. "Hhh.." His voice went all stuttery and thick, holding back all that he could, before a "Hp'NGgTSChu! -hh." escaped him. His hand left her shoulder, shakily stepping away from her frame, he clung onto the steady framework of the console. "Uh'NGKchuu!" The explosion rattled through him, another one to make his throat that little bit more sore.

The Doctor began violently rubbing away at the organ, with soft coughs echoing around the room. His breathing became ragged, slower and faster, more shallow then heavy. The Doctor gripped the bridge of his nose, wiggling it for some aided relief.

Spreading the thumb of one hand away from the fingers, using the sharp edges of the nails of his other hand, he pinched the flap of skin between his thumb and fingers; continuously muttering the words 'Pineapple, Pineapple' over and over again.

Only one thought went through her head.

He's having a breakdown.

Marielle shrieked, "What the bloody hell are you doing?"

"I'm trying to stop--! Ehh.. s-stop," He paused, finally calming his nose down, he spoke again. "Stop sneezing."

Realisation hit Marielle, eyebrows furrowed with it, "Yeah, why are you sneezing so much? What, are you like allergic to something?"

"Dho.." Flushing harshly at his sudden stuffy voice, he quickly turned away from her.

"Then what, does your... species sneeze a lot? I'm guessing you're a alien."

"Yes, well no! I mean, I am an alien but my species doesn't sneeze this much. Snf." Both wanting to hide and check the generators again, the Doctor ducked the console, pulling out a few wires and whipping out his sonic screwdriver.

"So what kind of alien are you?"

"I'm a timelord." His head popped to childishly smirk at her.

"Timelord? What a weird name for an alien."

The Doctor's mouth gaped open, gawking rudely, his spat back at her, waving his screwdriver about, "Well human is an even weirder name for an alien!" He pointed at her with his screwdriver, before cautiously putting it back in his jacket pocket, as he heard the TARDIS moan in disapproval; almost tutting.

"I'm not an alien!" Marielle blurted, crossing her arms across her chest.

"You are to me." Grinning, he span away to the opposite side of the console. He began typing on what appeared to be an old fashioned typewriter, turning two bathroom taps as he did.

"How come you look... human?" Marielle peered through the glass central pillar which sat between the couple. The Doctor's eyes fixed onto her own. "I don't look human, you look timelord. We came first."

She laughed at his comment, "Well, what's your planet called then?" His clear green eyes suddenly filled and glowed with pride, "Gallifrey."

"Gallifrey? That's such a pretty name, a lot better than 'Earth'." She pouted. "Yes, it was a pretty name, wasn't it?" Eyes glimmered as they scanned the high Gallifreyan text along the controls. Tender fingers traced the perfect, gold circles.

Feeling light-headed and possibly disoriented with the sudden memories filling his mind, the Doctor took a step back and breathed a little. Yeah, breathing seemed good right now. Especially since that consistant itch had gradually returned. His long, wide nose was sniffing with damp nostrils which were slightly flattened by his fingertips. "Eh-- nNGgXT!" Gosh, that one shuddered straight through him. "S-Sorry." His throat began to burn a little more. Quivering nostrils were quickly hidden by cupped hands, "--Hn'NGXtsh'Uu!" Flushing warmly with embarrassment, he did the only thing he could do.

He groaned.



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Arghhhh, you are killing me with this! In the best way possible <3

I love how he mutters "Pineapple" to keep himself from sneezing.

Oh, and this part was sooo effing hot!!!

His long, wide nose was sniffing with damp nostrils which were slightly flattened by his fingertips. "Eh-- nNGgXT!" Gosh, that one shuddered straight through him. "S-Sorry." His throat began to burn a little more. Quivering nostrils were quickly hidden by cupped hands, "--Hn'NGXtsh'Uu!" Flushing warmly with embarrassment, he did the only thing he could do.

He groaned.

Thank you for the update :)

Don't worry about the time it takes you to finish the chapters, compared to me you are as fast as lightning!

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Part 5

Open doors

Her brows drew together and she bit her lower lip. Even though she had only met this strange man a few moments ago, she didn't want to see him in any pain. To be honest, she couldn't bare it.

Her chest lurched with sympathy at the scene before her. She noticed how dim and lifeless his eyes were, how the whites of his eyes seemed ever so slightly bloodshot.

It started again; the burning. He sighed, trying to coax out another. Eyes concentrated, he seemed to be in a trance, gently rubbing his nose beckoning the sneeze to come out. He blinked once, irritated tears swelled and eyes fluttered closed. "Hh'nNxtschu!" His hand couldn't quite make it to his nose in time, his slowness caused his cheeks to flush with colour. "Hihh...? Ih'gKXtchh! -ughh. Excuse me."

The timelord shivered a little underneath his tweed jacket, his undersides of his nostrils glowing with a pink tinge. Catching her eyes only for a brief moment, the Doctor lowered his gaze sheepishly and fiddled with his whitish fingers.

She moved a little closer, her voice lowered to a caring tone, softly uttering one single word;


"Ah, you used my name!" He answered waverly, drawing great agitated sniffs of air in through his pale, twitching nose. "I like it when you use my name." He scrubbed the itching organ against the back of his wrist.

"Yes, well... I like it when you don't call me Marzipan."

"But Marzipan is a brillant name!" He exclaimed, surprised at her dislike for the nickname.

"And you said Marielle was a nice name too!"

"I did, didn't I." Green eyes casted off into the distance, shaking his head. "Well, they're both brillant, so I don't know why you're complaining."

"It's just weird."

"What? And 'the Doctor' isn't?" Smirking, he questioned her again, "What about Margerine?"

"It sounds like an old lady!" Marielle cried, becoming slightly frustrated.

"Well, Marzipan it is!" He confirmed his decision, Marielle just sighed.

"Are you alright, Doctor?"

The comment caught him off guard, his voice softened against her concerned tone. "Yes, why wouldn't I be?" The rise of her eyebrows made him quickly rethink his answer. "I'm alright, really."

"Okay." Nodding, her curled locks flowed over her shoulders, to lay flat against her collarbone. "Anyway Doctor, as I was saying, why is the TARDIS a blue, police box? I mean, it says police box on the front, why not 'time machine'?"

"Well that is an interesting question! It's all to do with the TARDIS' cloaking device," He moved only inches from her face, hands gesturing with excitement, "Everytime the TARDIS materializes, within the first nanosecond of landing, it scans the area; including all of the dates, times, cultures and civiliations, and determines what exterior would be most suited to its environment!" He paused, taking another breath of air. "And then it turns into a police phone box from 1964..."

"Oh." She said dryly.

"Yeah, I've been meaning to check on that. Something's wrong with the chameleon circuit... probably."

His words trailed off into silence. Marielle could see him being to lose control. Jamming a tightly squeezed fist underneath his nose, his eyes half-closed, his mouth went slack, his breath hitched, and he wrenched to the side as a powerful sneeze erupted from him. "--gGSChTtch!"

She didn't even manage to open her mouth before the Doctor cried, "Oh, sorry!" Slapping his head once again, "We haven't even taken off!"

"Taken off? Where are we going?"

"It's a ship which travels through time and space, where do you think it goes?"

"Everywhere?" Light brown eyes glimmered at the thought. "Exactly!" The Doctor beamed, turning back to his beloved TARDIS, twisting multiple dials. He gestured for her to hold on to something; Marielle quickly obeyed him.

"How about we go for a little trip?" The Doctor pulled one last lever before the TARDIS shivered, roaring to life. Marielle gripped the console, trying to force her vocal chords to work; just to say something, anything! But nothing came out. All she could do was smile.

Then TARDIS began bursting upwards, faster than anything Marielle had ever experienced, an invisible force pushed against her chest, her flight resembled moving upwards in a giant lift, the sudden acceleration made her knees feel like jelly.

"Steady dear!" The Doctor punched a few brightly lit buttons, and the TARDIS began to slow in speed. Marielle let go of the metal machine, muscles aching from both keeping balance along with the adrenaline rushing through her.

"Ugh, that ride made my nose all runny!" Laughing a little at himself, he reached into his inside jacket and pulled out a soft cotton-white handkerchief. His nose trickling with warm fluid managed to make his sinuses even more sentitive.

He noticed Marielle looking at him concernedly, he rapidly and consciously changed the subject, "Have a look outside."

"Why? What's out there?" Her head swirled to face the door.

Both hands managed to grasp the fabric, before releasing several ticklish sneezes. "Hh'ngGXtchu! Huh..?! Eh-- GgNxGTchh!" His chest climbed twice before releasing another, "Hhk'NGHXtchu! -hh." He exhaled, removing the saliva from the corner of his mouth with his knuckle.

Returning the handkerchief to his coat pocket, he hopped to the wooden door, the brown-haired girl quickly followed. "Come on, let me show you Marielle!" He held a door handle, yet she held the another, together they opened the TARDIS doors.

The bursting of stars that uttered no noise at all petrifed her with joy. An abundance; incandescent orbs drifted, and she looked in awe. A icy breeze blustered. The heart of this sanctuary breathed and murmured to her. Caressing her skin and the specks of fibers, it swirled across her. A speckled collection of crimson, azure, cantaloupe, aureolin and blossom swirled through a couple of great, magnificant, grey stones. A cluster of meteories bounded over, shuffling together and rolling into the oblivion.

Tips of thin hair lifted as she leaned out, anti-gravity took affect. Her dress twirled as she came to face him, eyes glittered softly.

"It's... Wonderful."


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Aw, poor Doctor. Sneezing fits do tend to get in the way of trying to be impressive. I am curious why Marielle still hasn't called him on it, though. He's not allergic to anything and sneezing isn't normal for his species, so... a cold? Looking forward to more.

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love love love it!!

It started again; the burning. He sighed, trying to coax out another. Eyes concentrated, he seemed to be in a trance, gently rubbing his nose beckoning the sneeze to come out. He blinked once, irritated tears swelled and eyes fluttered closed. "Hh'nNxtschu!" His hand couldn't quite make it to his nose in time, his slowness caused his cheeks to flush with colour. "Hihh...? Ih'gKXtchh! -ughh. Excuse me."

The timelord shivered a little underneath his tweed jacket, his undersides of his nostrils glowing with a pink tinge. Catching her eyes only for a brief moment, the Doctor lowered his gaze sheepishly and fiddled with his whitish fingers.


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I might continue this, however, I still trying to think of where I am going to go from the last part and also I want to finish my Sherlock fic first.

No promises of anything, but I will try and continue this for you guys! :D

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